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13 Center Hall Colonial Ideas: Interior and Exterior

What is a center hall colonial home, and why do people like it so much? Take a look at a few center hall colonial exterior, center hall colonial kitchen, and center hall colonial foyer ideas.

Blue sky, large colonial style home, blue with white trim and black window shutters, black front door and  white columns, large front lawn and walkway, gray roof, large pink spring trees al around the house, green shrubs and bright pink trees and bushes out front

There are numerous styles of houses, ranging from ranch houses to French houses and even Cape Cod-style homes. But, what is a center hall colonial home, and why do people like it so much? Here is what you need to know.

This is a style of home that was popular when European settlers arrived in the New World. Typically, there is a hall leading from the front door down the center of the home. Then, there are two rooms to the left and two rooms to the right in a center hall colonial floor plan.

Take a look at a few center hall colonial exterior, center hall colonial kitchen, and center hall colonial foyer ideas. 

Buying a Center Hall Colonial Home in Real Estate Listings: Check Out the Exterior and Interior

If you believe your center hall colonial home is your dream home, make sure to take a close look at the exterior and interior of the home. There are numerous stylistic choices, color schemes, and aesthetic options available. Here are a few examples of features you might notice!

Center Hall Colonial Home With Yellow Exterior

Blue sky, large green trees, yellow colonial stlye home with white trim and a green front door, white picket fence around property, fall leaves on the ground

When people think of home exteriors, they usually think of white, grey, and red brick. This picture goes to show that a center hall colonial home can be just about any color.

This home has a gorgeous yellow exterior with an even number of windows on either side. The symmetry creates a beautiful appearance. Then, the light yellow exterior of the home matches perfectly with the tall trees and red chimney. 

Overall, the exterior of this colonial home is gorgeous. There are plenty of options for accents regarding the trim. It is possible to change the color of the roof, the color of the gutters, or even the door frame to create a symphony of beauty that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees this home. 

Center Hall Colonial With Dark Hardwoods in the Foyer

Home entryway, white walls and dark hardwood flooring, all woodstairs leading to upper level

Another important part of the center hall colonial design is the foyer. As soon as you walk in the front door, you will enter the foyer, and you want to make a positive impression. One of the ways to do that is to create a contrast between dark and light.

In this foyer, you can see that there are dark hardwoods that give the foyer a stately feel. You immediately have access to the second story, and you are struck by the contrast between the dark color of the floors and the white walls. It is easy to see how the rooms are laid out, and the banister has an impressive level of attention to detail. This is a popular, functional, and aesthetically pleasing layout for a colonial foyer in the center hall. 

Center Hall Colonial Home With White Exterior

Blue sky, tall green trees, old white home with lots of windows and 3 red brick chimneys, sunny day

Even though a center hall colonial home tends to have two rooms to the right and two rooms to the left, there can be other rooms in the house as well. For example, this house appears to have a second portion that may have been added after the first part was initially constructed. It has a white exterior, and it still looks beautiful.

Anyone who likes contrasting colors will immediately appreciate the striking appearance of the white flag with a black roof. Then, the red chimneys on top accent the structure beautifully. There appears to be a front door, but also a ramp on the side that leads to an additional entrance. There is also a white picket fence running along the exterior of the home that matches the white front. This is another beautiful example of a center hall colonial home. 

Center Hall Colonial Foyer With Glass Doors

Long entryway, white walls, light brown wooden floors, large glass pendant lighting hanging from drop ceiling, bench on one wall and a entryway cabinet on the otherm wood and glass double doors leading into the next room

Another way to lay out a colonial foyer is to use glass doors. In this foyer, the front door is not made of glass, but there are two larger doors at the end of the hall that clearly has glass. This is a great way for people to see through the end of the hall. Even though the glass doors provide some layer of privacy, it also allows the brain behind the doors to play a role in the image people get when they walk through the door.

Furthermore, there are several beautiful accents that bring the entire forward together. There is a nice light at the top of the front door that acts as a nice decorative piece without dominating the hall. Then, the ornate runner rug adds another layer of sophistication. This is a beautiful layout for a colonial center hall foyer. 

Center Hall Colonial Home With Blue Exterior

Blue sky with white fluffy clouds, blue house with white trim, yellow front door and yellowwindow shutters, fall trees all around, green grass, white picket fence, A merican flag flying above front door, colorful flowers in yard

Blue will also work well on a center hall colonial home. Take a look at this house, which has several colors. You can see that the dominating color is navy blue. On the other hand, the front door is a bright yellow color. There also appears to be a wreath on the door. There is a beautiful white archway around the door that also matches the upper trim of the windows. In contrast, all the windows appear to have yellow shutters. Finally, the house is topped by a dark roof with a red chimney. The house looks absolutely beautiful as the trees around it begin to change color. Even the American flag adds a nice touch.

Even though many homeowners try to stick to one or two colors, it is clear that you can incorporate multiple colors as a part of your decorating scheme. This colonial home has clearly done wonders with multiple colors each playing an important role. 

Center Hall Colonial Home Kitchen With Hardwood Cabinets

Old kitchen with tile floors and cherry wood cabinets, wood trimmed window above sink, small square tile backsplash

The colonial kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean leaving behind the comfort of modern appliances. In this beautiful colonial kitchen, there are hardwood cabinets that have been designed in the colonial style but still match beautifully with the comforts of the modern kitchen. There are high-quality countertops that work well with the overall feel. The drawer pulls and cabinet handles have impressive attention to detail, and even the range hood above the stove has been designed to match the cabinets.

Furthermore, the round sink draws a nice contrast with the square and rectangular design of the cabinets, drawers, and counters. There is also a beautiful window that provides a glimpse of the backyard, which is another common feature in colonial homes. 

Center Hall Colonial Home Kitchen With Yellow Cabinets

Old farmhouse kitchen with wooden walls and old exposed wooden beams on ceiling, off white colored cabinets, wooden table with 4 chairs in the middle of the kitchen with a flower and candel centerpiece

Another way to design a center hall colonial home kitchen is with yellow cabinets. You can see that this kitchen has a wide variety of colors. The yellow cabinets are clearly the most important feature, but they contrast beautifully with the dark countertops. Then, even the table has been designed in a colonial manner, as it appears to be made with hardwood. The rafters going above the ceiling create a rustic feel, which is also common in colonial homes. Then, there are some light decorations scattered around the kitchen that bring the entire design together. 

Center Hall Colonial Home With Beige Exterior

Beige exterior with brown window shutters, home right on street, blue sky and green trees

There are plenty of other colors that will work well with the exterior of a colonial home as well. This is another great example of a center hall colonial home that has an even number of rooms on each side. The front door is in the center of the home, and the house itself is symmetrical with three total stories.

Even though beige is the dominating color, there are other colors that clearly play a role as well. For example, the red shutters, white window trim, and darker roof all match well with the beige front. Even the orange on the side of the street appears to play a role in the appearance of the home. This is just another example of the versatile nature of the center hall colonial home design. 

Center Hall Colonial Foyer With Curved Archways

Inside entryway with wooden brown front door and wooden floors crown moulding along ceiling and wainscoating on lower half, light fixture hanging from center og the ceiling, arched entry into rooms off entryway, area rugs on the floor

This is another gorgeous way to lay out a foyer. As soon as you walk through the glass front doors, you are immediately struck by the beauty of the rooms on either side. The curved archways represent a unique architectural choice that adds another layer of luxury and sophistication to the foyer. Then, there is a modern, square lamp hanging above the doorway that contrasts beautifully with the curved arches.

There is also a sophisticated rug in the center of the foyer that appears to match the rug on the side. The impressive attention to the trim on the walls also works well with the slight tray ceiling, creating a lovely appearance in this colonial home’s foyer. 

Center Hall Colonial Home With Gray Exterior

Blue sky, large green trees, three story gray cloonial style home with black shutters, sunny day

When these homes were being built during colonial times, many of the houses were relatively close to the center of the city. Therefore, it is not unusual to find these homes in an urban setting. You can see that this center hall colonial home has a sidewalk right in front of it. It is possible that it is close to the action, and the gray exterior matches perfectly with the setting of the home.

You can see that the tall trees provide an extra element of privacy, but there are still plenty of matching windows with black shutters and trim that goes well with the grey exterior. One of the advantages of choosing gray for the exterior of the home is that it will match well with just about any color. Then, there appears to be a beige picket fence in front. The beige, black, and gray all work well together to create the perfect appearance.

Center Hall Colonial Home With Pink Exterior

Blue sky with white fluffy clouds, pink colonial style home with white trim and lots of windows, green front lawn and shrubs, tall green trees, sunny day

Even though pink is a bit of an unusual choice for the exterior of the home, it clearly still works well with this center hall colonial home. The pink facade works well with the beautiful green exterior, particularly the bushes and trees that are scattered around the building. Then, the pink also works well with the white trim that frames the house beautifully. You can see that there is white trim around the front door, the windows, and even the chimney.

Furthermore, the pink also works well with the black roof. The dark color creates a nice contrast with the white and pink on the front. Even the round window at the top of the home works well with the entirety of the appearance. This is another way for a unique color scheme to work well with the center hall colonial design. 

Center Hall Colonial Home With Front Porch

Cream colored colonial style home with white trim and brown window shutters and a brown roof, green grass and fall trees all aroun, sunny day

Another important element of many center hall colonial homes is the front porch. You can see that this colonial home still has a symmetrical design on either side. It has a beautiful brown roof with brown shutters along with a beige exterior. Then, there is a white fence that lines the front porch as it goes around the end of the home. This is a nice place for family members and friends to relax at the end of a long day.

The color scheme of this colonial home still works well. There are white accents scattered across the front of the house along with dark shutters and a dark roof. The beige exterior helps to bring the light and dark colors together, creating a gorgeous appearance. 

Center Hall Colonial Home With Pretty Natural Exterior

Old colonial style home with a large fron porch and grand pillars, brick paver entryway, stairs with ivy and flowers leading up to front door, lots of tall green trees and shrubs all around home, candle chandelier hanging from cneter of the porch

This is a beautiful design choice for a center hall colonial home. This home has a beautiful front porch, a dramatic entryway, and even a beautiful, circular lamp on the front porch to create a luxurious feel. Then, nature plays an important role in this design scheme. The brick steps create a nice contrast with the white front, and the plants along the side welcome everyone who comes to the home.

We can also see that the light front of the home is accented by dark shutters on the windows. This creates an additional layer of contrast that contributes to the overall appearance of the front of the house. This is just another demonstration of the versatility of the center hall colonial home design and a demonstration of why the design scheme is still so popular to this day.