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21 Unique Backyard Storage Shed Ideas for Your Garden

Are you are looking for a storage shed for your backyard? We have put together a list of cute, unique graden storage sheds to inspire.

Teal backyard storage she with white trim, potted plants all around, 2 lounge chairs, tall green trees in background, sunny day

Our outdoor space is a wonderful extension of our indoor living space. Patios, decks, gazebos, gardens, and sheds should look decorative while providing functional storage space for gardening tools, lawn equipment, and other seasonal items. They could also add additional rooms like apartments and home offices.

Whether you design a storage shed to blend in with everything in your yard and garden or stand out as a beautiful eye-catching focal point, select a design that will be the perfect fit for your lifestyle and personality. Take a look at 21 creative garden shed ideas, photos and inspiration for your garden.

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1. Small Shed Idea With Big Personality

Delightful Wood Shingle Inspired Garden Shed

Country backyard with small wood shingle shed with dark gray roof white trim and bright blue door, white shutters on 2 small front windows and purple flowers in window flower boxes, tall green trees along backside, sun shining through

Quaint and rustic could describe this small wooden structure with a very big personality. The wood shingle siding with bright blue door and white trim offers eye-appealing elements. The white shutters on the small white trimmed windows on eiather side of the door make this a perfectly semetrical shed. The addition of the window flower boxes with bright purple flowers is the perfect touch.

2. Outdoor Storage with Carport

An Attractive Storage Shed Offers Carport with A View

More space is offered in this roomy contemporary shed design complete with a covered carport. The white structure, red metal roof, and brown doors offer a nice touch to the gorgeous view. This multipurpose shed, not only protects the car outside, it can accommodate both small and large items inside. It could also transform into an apartment or home office space if needed. The carport section could also double as an outdoor dining and entertaining area.

3. A Greenhouse Storage Shed for your Garden

Small Shed Ideas Inside Are Charming

Small wooden storage shed with green trim, green door and small window, green bench in front, hanging flower pot hanging from eaves, green grass and green shrubs, blue sky, sunny day

It’s like a home away from home for any backyard gardener. This custom-built beauty is a garden shed idea that is welcoming, charming, and fits beautifully into this backyard.

The bright green roof and colorful bench by the door create a cheerful exterior. This inside offers plenty of shelves and space that is perfect for growing and nurturing plants, DIY projects, and storing supplies.

4. Covered, Multipurpose Shed Offers Convenient Access

Handsome Structure Stores Bikes and Trash Bins

Wooden storage shed with 2 doors, yellow hose on the side, green trees and shrubs in background

This multipurpose building offers property owners a handy garden shed and so much more. One side is perfect for taking bikes in and out with ease. The other side is large enough to hide trash bins from public view and conveniently access them on garbage collection day.

The handsome dark brown exterior is complemented by stone pavers that are eye appealing and balance the overall look. Notice the garden hose attached to the side of the structure, an additional feature for chores and gardening.

5. A Raised Storage Space in the Yard

Clean and Simple Garden Shed Raises the Bar

Cute white storage shed on wooden platform, lots of potted flowers, white table and chairs, flower window boxes, sunny day

To level the uneven ground for this garden shed, a deck was built in the yard to serve as a strong foundation. This not only levels everything out, but the decking also provides extra room for decorative seating, potted flowers, plants, and a whole lot of charm.

Inside this small shed, shelves, bins, and other organizational items keep small tools, sports equipment, firewood, and craft supplies at arm’s reach.

6. Small Garden Storage Sheds For All The Basics

Small Shed Ideas Offer Functional Features

Small baby blue with white trim in the corner of a yard, tall trees, sunny day

When it comes right down to it, size shouldn’t matter with backyard sheds. It simply depends on how much space you have for the structure and what your needs are. Whatever the size or reason, they should always look attractive on the outside and feature space-efficient storage on the inside. This small blue shed is an ideal example. The light blue paint color coordinates with the sky and its location are perfectly tucked right into the lush green landscaping.

7. DIY Small Shed Idea With Easy Plans

Step-By-Step Guidance Creates Cottage-Style Garden Shed

Open field, light blue with white trim and light gray roof, sky light and lots of windows, gray sky above

Planning is everything for any project, especially a backyard shed. Instead of starting from square one and creating your own building plans, find a kit with premade plans. Get your DIY hat on and follow the step-by-step guides which usually include what supplies and tools are needed. When constructed, you select the color, decor, and landscaping that make it fit right into your property. This shed features a see-through roof on one side to allow the natural light to shine inside. You can also fine-tune the interior for your exact needs and specifications.

8. Storage Space Tucked Away From Main Living Area 

Tucked Away Small Garden Shed Perfect For Storage

Forrest of trees all around a soft green storage shed, wood shingle roof and window flower box with bright pink flowers

Gardens are enhanced with small sheds and are handy for essentials like small tools, a potting bench, DIY items, and other helpful supplies. This wood cottage-like shed is tucked away from the main living area of the property while adding a rustic element to the backyard. It’s the little touches like the colorful flowers growing in the window box and barn door that add character and personality.

9. Small Modern Storage

Clean Modern Lines and A Pop Of Color For Backyard Storage

Well built backyard storage shed painted a nice yellow color and a black roof, small lantern style light above doors stormy night sky, large green trees and green grass

For those looking for a less is more shed idea, go for a more modern vibe with clean lines and simplicity. This bright yellow shed with a yellow door is located out of the way in the backyard offering a convenient interior for gardening tools, garden essentials, and other outdoor living storage. The light fixture above the door enhances the shed and lights the dark, out-of-the-way area.

10. Match your lean-to garden shed to your home

Small and Cheap Shed Ideas With Convenient and Handy Elements

Small natural wood lean to storage shed on the side of a red brick house, stone pavers, green trees

A lean-to-shed is one of the most incredibly versatile sheds for homeowners who love to garden. They are normally constructed with wood and include four walls and a slanted roof that is right next to the house. Lean-to sheds rarely feature any extras like windows and decorative elements and are very easy to construct.

They can be a very small garden shed that stands only a few feet tall or large enough to store lawn mowers, tractors, and snowblowers. Pictured a small size lean to shed adds a nice touch to this brick home with a stone walk.

11. An Add-On Storage Space with Shutter-Style Doors

Backyard Shed Ideas That Add Colorful Decorative Elements

Corner of a backyard with bare winter trees and shrubs, wood shed painted white with tuquoise trim and barn doors, sunny day with blue skies and white fluffy clouds

If you want to make your backyard storage shed complement other features on your property, consider using shutter-style doors instead of ordinary cookie-cutter ones. For example, repurpose double doors from a thrift store or yard sale or custom-build them to fit the shed perfectly. Shudders instantly add dimension and character.

Pictured here, it looks like the homeowner is just getting started with their diy add-on storage space. The deep blue paint used for the double doors and the windows offers a wonderful contrast to the white shed. Imagine how beautiful the space will be when landscaping, a patio or deck, and other decorative touches are added.

12. How to Build a Small Storage Shed

A Small DIY Storage and Multiple She Shed Ideas


Whether you need a home office, living space, a man cave, or a craft area, a small storage shed provides extra space to your home. Simply find a DIY kit that includes a shopping list of everything you need to build one and recruit a few friends and family members to assist.

This whimsical and well-done shed is the perfect example of how adding little touches like colorful flowers, decorative windows, a purple door, a cobblestone walk, and manicured landscaping results in an eye-catching result.

13. Unconventional, Storage Shed With Glass Doors

Repurposed Phone Booth Adds Color and Charisma

Yard with green grass and bushes, gray stone wall and an old fashioned red telephone booth

It’s not every day you find a classic telephone phone booth in an ordinary backyard, especially when it is used as a whimsical storage shed with a red door and lots of glass windows. This is one more example of how repurposing something not needed anymore and transforming it for another reason, simply works! Not only does it look interesting in the yard, but the tall shape will also store tools and backyard necessities with ease.

Stacked firewood, garden tools, and other items found around the house are ideal for one of the more unique garden shed ideas you might ever see. The stone wall and greenery add a picture-perfect background to this creative shed.

14. Unique Wood Storing Ideas for the Winter

Covered Shed Protects Wood From Elements

Yard with green grass, red brick wall, lean to storage shed with chopped firewood underneath

Storing firewood is a challenge but doable with a backyard shed created especially for this purpose. Pictured, the homeowner built a storage shed right next to the brick wall on the property to protect the wood from seasonal elements.

The natural wood and gray slate roof complement the red brick and at the same time store the stacked wood beautifully. A large shed that stores multiple items isn’t as easy to access as this covered shed designed exclusively for safely storing wood.

15. A Cute Cottage Style Garden Shed

Garden Shed ideas inside And Out Delight

Backyard with an antique shed with turquoise door, green climbing ivy growing over it, lots of big green bushes and plants and colorful flowers growing all around, blue sky, sunny day

Just because it’s called a shed doesn’t mean storage is the only thing that happens here. This darling garden shed can serve as a getaway right by the main house. Inside or out an intimate seating area is just the right size for spending time reading, entertaining, or simply relaxing. Shelves are decorated with flowers, garden tools, and other necessities, but in an attractive style. Imagine other shed ideas inside, too.

The outside of this garden shed is as pretty as a picture in a style magazine. The lush landscaping almost hides this home away from home from view. The pop of color on the front door and window creates an eye-catching focal point.

16. Storage Cabinet for All Your Gardening Needs

Rustic Shed Ideas Offer Plenty of Room

Simple wooden storage shed with tile roof, green grass and large green tree and bushes in the yard

If storage is the name of the game, this garden shed fits the bill. It’s a great-looking natural wood building with rustic flair. The trouble-free garage door makes it easy to get inside. There is plenty of room to access tool storage and plenty of space for outdoor storage, too. Nestled into the landscaping provides everything you need.

17. A Tiny House for Your Garden Tools

Red Shed With Red Doors Perfect for Storage

Bright red storage shed with double doors trimmed in white, potted plants and trees all around, wheelbarrow leaned against side

This little red shed is an example of how little things make a great big difference. Of course, the red paint catches the attention of those passing by, but it’s the attention to detail that makes this setting shine bright. The doors are enhanced by the white trim, the diy birdhouse looks right at home beside the red door, and the garden tools like the wheel barrel, garden hose, and workbench are carefully stored outside against the shed walls.

18. DIY Garden Shed Using Old Doors!

Old Doors Make Unique Storage Shed

Yard with green trees and bushes, a small old dark brown with green wood storage shed, plant with white flowers growing across side and roof, blue sky, sunny day

Get creative and build something new from something old. This diy shed is made with unwanted doors. This is a great example of the repurposing trend that is so spot on for backyard sheds. It’s sturdy, and rustic and looks attractive with the flower-covered pergola by its side.

19. A Multi-Purpose Space For Your Backyard

Well Kept Shed Is Part Storage, Part Living Space

Tall narrow wooden storage shed with white trimmed windows, lots of colorful plants and flowers growing around, stone path walkway leading to shed, farm animals in the background

Designing an outdoor storage shed for many different reasons is always a good idea. As lifestyles change and potential new owners enter the picture, the shed can take on many different purposes. This shed is the perfect example. It is ideal for a greenhouse thanks to the windows that offer ample light. The windows could be covered with custom window treatments for overnight guests or a home office.

20. MutiFunctional Storage Shed

Dark wood storage shed with small window in front, attached storage section with stacked chopped firewood, small rocks on the ground, green trees, sunny day

A Storage Shed That Does It All

This is a stunning shed that offers plenty of indoor storage space as well as an attached storage space for your chopped firewood. The finished wood and single swing open door with gold hardware make this not only a perfect place to store firewood, gardening tools and much more but it looks amazing too.

21. A Shed Design With Multiple Doors

Two Doors Are Better Than One

Tall white shed withwindows all around, double doors opened up to yard with grren grass, large green trees and tall yellow sunflowers, sunny day

Sheds offer numerous opportunities for homeowners. Here a Victorian-inspired shed was designed to allow plenty of natural light inside for a greenhouse, for example. The multiple doors and windows provide easy access from different locations making it convenient to find just about anything at a moment’s notice.

Backyard Shed FAQs

What Is the Average Size of a Small Shed

Deciding what size of shed is perfect for your needs can be challenging. There are different sizes, styles, and shapes of sheds. The average size of a small shed is normally 10 feet by 12 feet

Is It Cheaper To Build or Buy a Shed?

If you are considering adding a shed to your backyard and wondering if it is cheaper to build it yourself or buy one, you’ll probably find that on average it costs less to build than to buy one that is already built. This is true especially if you own all the tools and the basic skills needed.

What Is the Average Cost of a 12’×12′ Shed?

This price will vary based on where you purchase the shed, where you live when you buy supplies, as well as the style, brand, and features included. A prebuilt 12 foot ×12 foot shed ranges between $4,500-$7,500.