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New Kitchen Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Illuminate your home with the best lighting for every room. Make sure your kitchen lighting is taking advantage of natural and artificial light.

When it comes to your kitchen, lighting is incredibly important. You want to make sure that you are taking advantage of natural light and adding artificial light that isn’t too bright, glaring, or in the wrong place in your kitchen. When it comes to your kitchen’s design, you want to make the room unique and functional while still keeping with the atmosphere of the rest of your home.

Here are a few more great kitchen lighting ideas for your home.

Kinds of kitchen lighting

There are different kinds of kitchen lighting that can influence how your kitchen looks and feels. Common lighting looks include hanging island lights, recessed lighting, chandelier lighting, track lighting, and more.

Recessed lighting often goes on a kitchen’s ceiling. A few lights, depending on the size of the room, can add ambient light that can be connected to a dimmer switch if you want more control over the light’s brightness. Of course, there are usually multiple sources of light in a kitchen that can be turned off or on.

Hanging island lights tend to go over a detached kitchen island, and can provide light for a cooking and food preparation surface. These hanging lights should blend with your kitchen decor and will add in an extra dimension to your kitchen.

Chandelier lighting most often goes over a kitchen or dining room table. Chandeliers can be simple or quite complex, but they should also blend in with your kitchen’s design and the other kinds of lights you have around them. This kind of kitchen lighting depends on where your dining table is located and if you want another major light source above it.

Track lighting provides a soft glow to a kitchen. You can install track lighting in the ceiling or around your cupboards. This can be beneficial for lighting your counter tops in an even and balanced manner so that you have a working amount of lighting all around your kitchen.

Create great kitchen lighting

The light in your kitchen should be comfortable and atmospheric. You want your kitchen to feel homey and inviting, which can be achieved by choosing the right lighting for the space you are working with. Most fluorescent lighting should be avoided, as this kind of lighting often feels clinical and harsh.

However, advanced LED lights, eco-friendly bulbs, and light fixtures can soften the light and diffuse it throughout your kitchen to brighten every corner of the room.

If you have a small breakfast nook or a pantry, you’ll want to light these spaces separately from the rest of the kitchen as these areas won’t often receive as much light. During the designing of your kitchen, installing windows that capture natural light throughout the day can help create an open and airy interior. This light and the interior design choices you’ve made for your kitchen can help determine what kinds of light work best in your kitchen space.

Stylish open plan kitchen with stainless steel appliances and dining area overlooking a pool and golf course

Stylish open plan kitchen with stainless steel appliances and dining area overlooking a pool and golf course


Kitchen in modern home with granite countertops

Kitchen in modern home with granite countertops


Choose your fixtures

Hanging lights can accent kitchen islands


Lighting can accent the colors of your kitchen

Chandeliers can add style to your kitchen lighting.


Choose unique light fixtures in your kitchen

Unique lighting can be achieved with light fixtures.


Combine lighting varieties

A combination of recessed and chandelier lighting can give your kitchen a lovely glow.


Mix and match your interior design

Combine a dark metal chandelier with dark wood stained kitchen islands.


Modern lighting for modern kitchens

Contemporary lighting can be highlighted with antique-looking light bulbs.


Match your lighting and your decor.

Recessed and hanging lights can accent different parts of your kitchen.