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King vs Queen Bed: How It Really Works for Your Home

If you want to get a great bed and you want something larger, you definitely want to consider a king vs queen bed for your room.

Finding the right bed for you or for anyone in your household can be a long process. It can also take a bit to figure out just what you want out of that bed. Luckily, if you’ve decided you want a larger bed you’ve already finished half the battle. That’s because you’ve already knocked several size options off the table in favor of the king vs queen bed debate.

Queen Size Bed

A queen size bed is one of the most popular sizes available right now. Where many people used to choose a full size bed when they became a couple, they now choose a queen size as the smallest option. That’s because people have started to want more of their own personal space. Actually, we don’t know the definite reason for this, but we can assume that’s the reason. After all, people who sleep by themselves are now considering a queen size bed as their favorite option when looking at queen vs king bed sizes.

King Size Bed

A lot of couples are starting to opt for a king size bed now as well, because it’s a way to get even more space all to yourself even when sleeping with someone else. This is even more true for those who have children crawling into the bed frequently. If you’re debating on king vs queen bed size beds then you’ll want to take that into consideration before you make a definite choice.

You’ll also want to think about the size of the people who are going to be sleeping in the bed. After all, a king size bed is going to be bigger all the way around, and that can be important for some. If you’re especially tall you may need the extra length, after all, though you’ll get even more if you opt for a California King, which is the largest size unless you have something custom built. So think about queen vs king bed options.

King vs Queen Bed Size Bed

The queen size bed is definitely a large option, but it’s still quite a bit smaller than a king size bed. Where the queen size is 60” x 80” or 5’ x 6’8”, a king size bed is 76” x 80” or 6’4” x 6’8”. This means you get a slightly more square bed with a king size (or close at least). You also get an extra 1’4” in width when you go up from queen to king size. That’s definitely a lot of size difference.

For those people who do share a bed with someone else and/or with their children or pets, it can be a great benefit to have that extra foot of space to work with. Everyone gets a little more space while they’re trying to sleep and that can definitely be an important aspect if you don’t like to be crowded. The best thing you can do is try to figure out if you have the space you need for a bigger bed, however, as it’s quite massive. A lot of bedrooms don’t have the space required to even consider a king vs queen bed.

Which Bed is For You?

Queen vs king can cause a little bit of trouble if you’re not sure for yourself. If you need a lot of extra space then you may want to opt for the largest size available. If you don’t need a lot of space, or you like to cuddle close together, you may want to go with the smaller one. The main thing to consider here is that these beds are not different lengths. If you need a taller bed you’ll need to look at a California King.

  1. Do You Have the Space? The first thing to think about is the amount of space that it takes to have a king vs queen size bed. If you’re increasing the width by a foot you’ll also be increasing the amount of space you need total in the room.
  2. Do You Need the Space? If you aren’t going to be using that extra space in the bed then why both getting it? Do you really want to take up all that extra space in your bedroom when you’re not even going to care about how it’s used or that half of the bed is going to stay empty? In deciding on a king vs queen bed, this is important.
  3. Do You Want the Cost? A larger bed is going to mean a larger bill for you and jumping from queen to king can be quite a big step up. You don’t want to make that step up unless you really know you want that larger bed. An extra hundred dollars now turns into an extra $10 to $20 every time you need sheets or blankets, plus the cost of mattresses and everything else.

Take a few minutes at least to consider the different sizes of beds that are out there and which one is really going to be the best option for you, your partner and your family.