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White Granite Colors For Countertops (Grey, Red and Black Granite)

Are you looking for white granite countertops? Or are you trying to decide on which granite colors you want in your kitchen? View our guide for help...

White Granite Colors

White granite countertops are an extremely popular option when looking for kitchen and bathroom countertops. While there are many granite colors to choose from, white granite tops our list as the most desirable granite color for your kitchen for several reasons.

First, when deciding on a granite color you must keep in mind maintenance and durability. While you should use a granite sealer, darker granite colors still have a tendency to show wear and tear more than light granite colors will.

Second, dark colors that look like black granite can tend to make your kitchen feel smaller. Lighter colors in your kitchen including white granite countertops will help expand the look and feel of your kitchen instead of diminishing its size.

Lastly, As you will see in our gallery below, white granite colors look stunning and provide an elegant countertop surface for your kitchen any homeowner would love to have.

Follow along as we cover many aspects of granite countertops. From the cost of granite countertops, granite tiles, granite stone countertops, granite colors, installation, and even granite sinks.

What is Granite? (Granite Definition)

granite colors

White and grey granite on a large black kitchen island.  A stainless steel sink finishes off the beautiful kitchen.

Have you ever heard other homeowners talk about granite but not know exactly what they are meaning? Well, you’re not alone. A lot of people write in and ask us “what is granite?” or “can you define granite?”

A basic granite definition: A very hard and dense granular rock that consists of quartz, crystalline, and mica. It is commonly used as a building stone and is known for its varying looks or veins that create beautiful patterns.

There are a lot of different colors of granite when choosing granite countertop colors for your home.  Most light colored granite countertops fall under the whites/beige family of stone color.  While other colored granites tend to be darker like absolute black, red, or gray granite.

Granite Countertops Price

White Granite Slabs

A beautiful piece of a Colonial Cream slab getting ready to be transported for installation.  Another variety that looks very similar to colonial cream is colonial gold granite.

The cost of granite countertops is a very important factor in choosing whether it is the correct natural stone material to install in your house.

So how much are granite countertops? The cost of granite countertops can vary greatly based on one major factor. This is typical if you’re going to have a granite installer fabricate a granite slab to fit your kitchen or are can you find a pre-fabbed installer where you can get more affordable granite slabs.

You may be asking yourself what the difference is. Basically, different granite colors come from the granite quarry in huge slabs. You can purchase these slabs that are completely unfinished and then pay for a granite fabricator to cut, edge and polish your custom piece. This is the most expensive way to have granite kitchen countertops installed. While prices vary you can expect to pay $100 -$225 per linear foot you have installed.

The main benefits of custom fabrication:

  1. You are not stuck with a generic flat or round edge.
  2. With a custom job, they can make the edge of the granite extend down lower and give the appearance of a much thicker piece of granite.
  3. Installers are typically more skilled and less likely to make costly mistakes.

With a pre-fabbed shop, you are less likely to get customizations as the granite is usually already cut and finished. You just have to make sure your kitchen meets the standard requirement sizes for a pre-fabbed fitting.

For an identical kitchen that may cost $10,000 dollars in a custom granite job, you could expect to pay several thousand dollars less. More in the $3,000-$4,000 range.

White Granite Tile

Choosing a granite tile is another great option that can save you money. You will save the most on the price of raw material go thing route. Unfortunately, the installation of granite tile is still somewhat high compared to the pre-fabbed options. If you have experience in laying tile,  you may consider trying your hand with granite tile, but be warned it is easier to make mistakes than a normal ceramic tile. Also because it will be closer to guys’ eyeballs, imperfections and mistakes will be more noticeable if the granite tile is not installed correctly.

How to Install Granite Countertops?

Cutting granite can be time consuming and dangerous.  We recommend leaving the job to professional granite installers.

Alternatively, if you are a big DYI person you can learn how to install granite countertops yourself. We have provided a video below so you can see what you’re up against:

As I’m sure you can see by this video, installing our own granite countertops may not be for you. But if you are considering it, keep in mind the granite edges are the toughest part of the project. Cutting granite is one thing but, getting the granite countertop edges to look nice and line up is a skill I personally will leave to the professionals.

Granite Countertop Colors (Your Options)

There are a lot of different colors of granite when choosing granite countertop colors for your home.  Most light colored granite countertops fall under the whites/beige family and are more common granite colors.  While other colored granites tend to be darker like absolute black, red, or gray granite.

White Granite Countertops

White River Granite

White River Granite

White River Granite in a full slab from the factory.

White Ice Granite

White ice Granite is a beautiful granite countertop color choice to pair with white kitchen cabinets and white subway tiles.

Kashmir White Granite

Kashmir white granite has been very popular over the last few years but is getting more and more difficult to get a hold of as it seems the granite quarry producers are not pushing out these slabs like they use to.

Santa Cecilia Granite

While technically not white granite, santa cecilia is a lighter version that looks great especially if you are looking to add a bit of warmth to your kitchen counters.

Giallo Ornamental Granite

giallo ornamental granite

Giallo ornamental granite is another warmer light granite that goes perfectly with white kitchen cabinets and dark wood floors.

Alaska White Granite

Alaska white granite slab

A pre-cute piece of Alaska white granite.  A granite fabricator will now cut to size and polish it for clean up.  Alaskan white granite is more light than dark but definitely has a full spectrum of contrast. This slab covers a variety of granite colours white, brown and gray.

Delicatus White Antique

Delicatus white makes a great option for kitchens that need more contrast in their countertops.

Finished Kitchens with White Granite

This lovely eclectic kitchen has cream white granite paired with natural stained cabinets.

An amazing all white kitchen finished off with the perfect granite edges.

A mild light granite color includes light greys, whites, and tans.

This white granite has strong dark veins that make it stand out and look similar to high-end white marble.

See our article on granite flooring here.

More Types of Granite Colors

While we have focused primarily on white granite colors there are plenty of types of colors to choose from if white or light is not what you are looking for. Here are other great granite samples to choose from:

Black Granite Countertops

Black granite colors are very popular with white and cream kitchen cabinets.  As you will see by the images below black granite countertops have an elegant and sophisticated look that is hard to match.  The only downside to black for your countertops is the fact that just like a car, black tends to show everything.  So if it’s a must have on your list, just know this color of granite will take a little more love and care than a lighter color of granite.

White Kitchen with Black Granite Countertops.

Absolute black granite and gray marble subway tiles look stunning next to stainless steel appliances.

A great close up look and the detail in black granite.  Some variations of black granite have a gray tent in the direct sunlight.  For more countertop ideas ee our post on honed granite countertops and soapstone countertops.

Grey Granite Countertops

Grey granite is an excellent choice if you are looking for neutral granite colors that will hide stains or scratches on your counters.  A major benefit of grey granite is that it goes with almost any color scheme and finding decor and accessories for your kitchen is a breeze with this mild granite color.

The pattern of this grey granite is neutral yet makes a subtle statement all on its own.

Red Granite

Red granite can be beautiful and rich.  But if your red granite color is not paired correctly with the right choice in cabinet colors you may be very disappointed with the finished result.  Many homeowners choose to stay away from this color as it is a costly mistake if your granite and cabinets clash in the end.

A beautiful example of red granite countertops against white cabinets.

Iron Red Granite Slabs have an industrial look all their own.

A mix of red and brown granite give a rich and unique look.

A mix of red and brown granite gives a rich and unique look.

See blue granite countertops or green granite countertops.

New Caledonia Granite

New Caledonia Granite countertops have become a very popular choice as of recent.  It is a great mix between light and dark giving the homeowner a traditional countertop surface with a hint of modern flair.  Dark or light cabinets both look great with new Caledonia as the countertops have neutral colors that will go with many color schemes.

An open and airy kitchen featuring new caledonia granite.

Black cabinets with new caledonia granite to finish off these stunning kitchens.

New Caledonia Granite against dark grey walls and white accents.

Pink Granite

Pink Granite kitchen counters really make a statement!  Just like choosing red for your counters, pink granite must be paired correctly with the correct color scheme or you may be remodeling your kitchen again as soon as it’s finished.  For pink counters, we recommend you keep it simple and stay with simple white cabinetry.  But then again it’s your kitchen, and if you want pink and even black, being creative sometimes turns out to be a masterpiece in disguise.

For those of you, who love everything pink, you can find pink granite for your dream kitchen.

Pink Granite

A Shivakashi Pink Pink granite countertop.

A finished kitchen with white cabinets and pink granite countertops.

The Granite Kitchen Sink

One way to really make a statement in your kitchen is to have a custom made granite sink.  A granite sink not only looks beautiful in a custom home but is also low on maintenance.  To have a granite kitchen sink made make sure you plan this out before you purchase your granite slab as it will obviously have an impact on the square footage of granite you are purchasing as well as to total fabrication cost.

Granite sink

A  farm style granite sink adds a great look to finish off this luxury kitchen.

Other Sinks For Granite Countertops

Once you have your granite color chosen it’s all about the details.  And one of the biggest details you have to figure out is what type of sink will go with your granite countertop.  There are a few basic options including an overmount sink or an under-mount sink.  The difference is whether or not the sink sits on top (overmount) or sits under (under mount) of the granite countertop.  The most popular option for granite countertops is an under-mount, because of its sleek and seamless look.

A large oversized stainless steel deep sink is a great choice for any granite sink.

A farm style granite kitchen sink is a strong low maintenance option that has become very popular as of late.

A copper granite sink is sure to make a statement but, plan on increasing your budget as a copper sink is one of the most expensive options.