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River White Granite (A Gorgeous Countertop Option)

Countertops are a huge part of any kitchen. River White Granite is a beautiful addition that goes well with many different styles, colors and themes.

river white granite

Looking for granite to put in a room at home and want a more vibrant, light variety? River white granite is exactly what you are looking for. It has no other name on the market and comes from the country of India. It is a light grey color that appears to be creamy white with hints of red and darker grey sprinkled throughout. Each slab has its own unique patterns and colorings.  There tends to be small variation in the overall appearance in slabs of this type of granite, therefore, your slab will look very similar to others. The grey and red veins that traverse the stone creates an aesthetically pleasing contrast against the granite’s natural off-white color in which river white granite is famous for.

A Positive Side to River White Granite

A large upside of river white granite is it does not change color depending on the light of the room. Many other types of stone will look different when in natural versus artificial lighting. River white granite will not look like its color has changed based on the lighting of the room. Its steady color makes this type of granite easy to pair with a variety of different cabinet and appliance colors. River white will compliment a light colored room with white or beige colored cabinets to make the room look flawlessly blended together. On the other hand, it can be used to contrast darker woods, creating a stunning look, while bringing in light against the dark. River white granite is a perfect pairing for nearly any color in a room.

Granite Durability

Like other types of granite, river white is very durable and highly stain resistant. It is very unlikely that your granite will receive many scratches or absorb coloring from spills. Granite’s heat resistant properties also make it perfect to place in your kitchen. River white granite’s light coloring prevents smudges, fingerprints, and spills from being seen easily. River white’s smooth surface is easy to maintain and clean. It should be resealed every year and can be cleaned with just soap and water. This type of granite is rather low maintenance and is very easy to clean overall.

The Wide Variety of River White Granite

River white granite comes in a variety of forms from countertops to floor tiles to back splash, though large slabs for countertops is the most common. It is considered a medium to high priced form of granite. Slabs that are 1/8 of an inch thick averagely costs between $30 and $45 per square foot, including installation costs and fees. Thicker slabs continue to go up in price from there. Customized cut outs for sinks and other appliances range from around $100 to $200 each in this stone. River white granite is very high quality stone and is well worth what you will pay for it. Other forms of granite exist that may look similar, but they do not meet the same standards that river white do. It is less expensive than marble and is more durable as well. River white granite is a great choice to place into any room.