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Blue Granite (Making a Bold Statement in Your Home)

Blue Granite is a bold and unique choice for your counter tops. Whether your beach house or main house, blue granite is sure to brighten up a room.

blue granite

Granite is a durable, stain and heat resistant stone that is commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms in a home. Granite is very low maintenance and is easy to cleaning making it an ideal type of stone to have in a household. Granite comes in a huge variety of colors and has a wide choice of patterns. Though many granites are predominately white, pink, or gray, a less traditional color option is blue. Blue granites come from all over the world and are mostly found in Africa, Norway, Brazil, and Ukraine.

The Look of Blue Granite

Blue granites come in many different shades that range from very light to very dark. The blue tones give this stone a sense of luxury. Blue granites can either be veined with other minerals scattered throughout or homogeneous with a uniform pattern of minerals besides the base. Many of these patterns are very bold and have contrasting colors that make the stone very eye catching. The most common colors found on a blue base are white, gray, brown, and other shades of blue. The secondary colors also come in an ample assortment of shades as well. The colors and unique patterns found in blue granite make it the second most popularly bought color of granite.

The Variety of Blue Granite

There is over 200 varieties of blue granite available on the market. Some of the most common are blue pearl, louis blue, bahama blue, and blue fantasy. The most rare and sought after type of blue granite is azul. Its distinct light blue coloring is hard to find and is known for its beauty. When looking for the perfect type of blue granite to go in your home, keep in mind how light or dark you would like the overall appearance to be. Blue granites are available in almost any shade of blue and will contain other minerals that aid in making the stone’s overall look light or dark.

Making Your Choice

Since blue granite comes in a immense selection of shades, it compliments any room well. The bold blue colors available will add an extravagant feel to a lighter colored room. If your room is darker, a lighter color blue with white patterns will create a calming atmosphere. Regardless of the room’s color scheme, there is a type of blue granite that will go perfectly in it that will get anyone who enters the room talking. Each individual slab of each individual type of blue granite has its own unique patterns and colorings making it very important for you to pick the exact slab you want from the warehouse you are purchasing it from.

The Cost of Blue Granite

Since there is a huge assortment of blue granites, price ranges vary largely. The blue varieties of granite tend to be a bit more rare, so they are traditionally a bit more expensive than other types of granite. The commonly bought blue pearl variety can range from $50 to $100 per square foot. Blue volga, another popular variety, is priced from $30 to $40 per square foot. Azul macaubas, an expensive, rare type of granite, is priced at $120 and up per square foot. Since there are so many different types of blue granite, finding one that fits in your budget is possible.