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Delicatus Granite (A Unique and Bold Counter Top Choice)

The Delicatus Granite is a beautiful choice for any counter top in your home. With it's rich colors and beautiful patterns it is sure to make a statement.

delicatus granite

Delicatus granite, also known as kodiak, delicatus hiperion, juparana delicauts, and romano delicatus, is a stone that is found in a quarry in Brazil. This pure white stone contains dark colored mineral veins that are typically a dark black, caramel, or light grey color. Certain slabs contain a golden color speckled throughout the veins. Others can contain a peachy color. An even less common color is a deep blue that adds a luxurious feel to the stone. Finding a slab with the blue color may be difficult. Delicatus granite is often called a “tricky granite” since some slabs contain colors that others do not. This type of granite can also contain small, white quartz stones. The combination of the many colors and the crystals give delicatus granite a very distinct and dramatic appearance.

Unique Coloring and Look

A giant upside to delicatus granite is that the mineral veins are noticeable even if you are a good distance away from them. The veins come in many patterns ranging from long, thin lines to patchy spots. Depending on the lighting in the room, the granite may seem to be a slightly different color. The overall appearance, however, is highly dependent upon what colors are found in the specific slab you have.
Like many other types of granite, delicatus is very durable and does not stain easily, despite it’s light coloring. The darker colors found in the veins also aid in hiding any fingerprints, smudges, or dirt that might be on the stone. This type of stone is low maintenance and is easy to clean. Due to it’s natural composition, delicatus granite may make it’s polished finish look uneven. Often times, people will blame the fabricator for this flaw, but it is actually completely due to the stone’s natural appearance.

Choosing Where To Use Delicatus Granite In Your Home

Delicatus granite can be used for countertops, backsplashes, walls, and flooring. The overall light coloring of the stone blends homogeneously with lighter colored and white woods. The light tones create a soothing atmosphere. This color combination is very popular among those who purchase delicatus granite. The contrast from the overall light color and the complimenting dark tones found in the veins make the stone pair well with darker colored woods as well. The dark wood will pop and have a strong presence when paired with this stone. Delicatus granite countertop comes in a polished finish that reflects light perfectly whether it is natural or incandescent. This type of granite can also be used outdoors. It will go perfectly with outdoor furniture as the sun shines on it and makes the many colors glisten.

The Cost

Delicatus granite is in the mid-range price zone. For a 2 centimeter thick slab, you can expect to pay between $30 and $40 per square foot. For a 3 centimeter thick slab, the price goes up to a range from $45 to $55 per square foot. Since the colors and patterns vary from slab to slab, going to the warehouse you are getting your stone from is very important. Whether the stone is being used for the top to an island or backsplash for behind the sink, picking out the perfect piece with the exact coloring and pattern you want is essential. This stone is very versatile and has a variety of choices for you to consider.