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13 Gorgeous White Stucco House Ideas

See where this white stucco home is attractively placed with the right exterior style. Discover a new color scheme for your ideal stucco home.

A white stucco home with a touch of red color

If you’re looking for some beautiful white stucco home ideas, this is the place for you. We have thirteen gorgeous white stucco homes, and then seven off-white or other stucco colors that will inspire you to try something new or bold. You have to see these homes because they are so uniquely beautiful. You’ll want to pull a touch of inspiration from each and every one of these white stucco house exteriors! 

White Stucco House Ideas (Pictures)

White Stucco Modern Houses

Modern Luxurious Stucco Home

A luxurious stucco white house with white entrance and walls.
A luxurious stucco white house with an eye-catching white entrance complements the walls.

Wow, this is one impressive home. This modern home is absolutely luxurious, perfectly designed, and meticulously manicured with lush greenery. The cascading steps leading from the front door make such a statement.

First, lets talk about the color scheme going on here. I love the white stucco exterior that is paired with the black wrought iron, black window covers, black shingle roof, and the stone and concrete style of sidewalk and steps.

This modern stucco house is a tall two-story with many interesting features throughout. Notice the lack of symmetry, the various types of windows, window shapes, sizes, and colors. While these crazy mismatched windows can look messy in some spaces, for this home, it looks polished and luxurious.

My eye keeps being drawn into that grand front door and entryway. Again I say, what a beautiful home and yard.

Southwestern Style Stucco House

A white stucco house with a brick-style roof
A white stucco house with a brick-style roof goes well together.

This home makes me feel like I’m in the American southwest, living my best life under a scorching and unforgiving hot sun. I am in love with those tiny windows upstairs on the left side of the house, as well as that classic red tiled roof.

This home is minimalist, but it really pulls off that homey and welcoming feeling too.

The front yard of the home is small, and the majority of this space is the portland cement driveway that runs up to the two garage doors on the front of this house.

The front door is a class tan or cedar wood. The primary two-car garage door matches the front door, too, tying this whole place together neatly and making the curb appeal very sophisticated.

An Elegant House with Grey Stucco

A stucco home with gray walls and white trim
Stucco home with gray walls and white trim around the windows and door.

This is another modern stucco house that is designed to be luxurious and with a commanding exterior design.

The window trim and trim blocks are the same color of bright white and make this stucco clean and classic look.

The focal point for this home is either the asymmetrical roof or the oversized black front door that is surrounded by dark windows.

The black and white accents against the perfect shade gray stucco makes for great contrast and lots of visual interest.

Of course I can’t help but point out that landscaping here. Not only is the grass well-maintained, but the landscaping is just beautiful. Those ornamental trees placed close to the foundation will require a little more upkeep, but with their beauty, they are certainly worth it.

Sophisticated, Luxurious, Clean Stucco House

Stylish new house with white stucco siding.
A stunning exterior and a stylish new house with white stucco siding.

This bright white stucco home has classic stucco siding and white paint. The black roof gives the space a finished, clean home exterior that really elevates the home’s curb appeal. Then when you add in the colorful shrubs and flowers that adorn the ground surrounding the house, the curb appeal goes to a whole new level.

I can’t help but admire that tan stone wall in front of the front door too. It adds different shades of color while also providing a bit of privacy to the home.

Then, of course, there is that black wrought iron balcony. That is such a great idea because it can allow a fresh summer’s breeze into the home at any time, with ease.

The mature tree in the front yard is also special and makes this home look even more established and elegant in style.

White Stucco Farmhouse Ideas

Vintage Stucco Home with Rural Aspects

A historic stucco home with a country flair
A historic stucco home inside with a country flair.

This interior sitting space has traditional stucco texturing that adds a nice stucco finish to the space. I love the use of wooden furniture.

If you look closely, you can see wooden beams overhead too, which adds to the overall charm and personality of the space. The rug below ties the room together, and it looks like a great place to sit down and read a book.

Mediterranean Style Farmhouse Stucco House

A white stucco home with a black roof
White stucco home with a black roof and a large farm in front.

This countryside home is not the classic American farmhouse style, but it is a classic Mediterranean style stucco home located in the lush and tropical Cape Town, South Africa.

The double chimneys, the bright white stucco walls, and the wood siding on the doors are simply beautiful. This place has a charming, luxurious, and yet rustic modern look.

I would love to see the interior design of this home, simply because the exterior is so thoughtful and attractive to look at.

Scandinavian Tan Stucco Farmhouse

Scandinavian style interior
Interior design in the Scandinavian style with wonderful indoor plants.

At first glance I thought this was a front porch rather than a living room inside the house. The shutters around the windows, wicker furniture, heavy wooden table, and olive trees really made this space feel breezy and outdoorsy.

I love seeing furniture and plants working to be the interesting aspect of the home, while the walls are clean and empty. When life happens and spaces get untidy, they still look relatively put together and neat because of the clean walls and smartly chosen furniture style.

What a cool space!

White Stucco Mediterranean Style Houses

Mediterranean Style Stucco House Exterior

Exterior classic Mediterranean in tan hue looks exquisite.
In the exterior and landscaping, the classic Mediterranean tan hue looks exquisite.

This tan stucco house lives in Florida, where it perfectly encapsulates the breezy vibe that so many love and adore. The fresh coat of yellowish tan stucco paint color is quite beautiful and perfectly blends into its surrounding Florida natural settings.

The pillars give it a relaxed vibe that whispers of the warm tropics and Mediterranean-style glamor.

All of the matching fencing and perfect grass and trees in the courtyard area make the home stand out in a great way, and add a lot of visual interest.

1920s Spanish White Stucco Home

This massive home is dripping with personality and whimsy. The red tiled roof contrasts perfectly to the bright white stucco walls and the gray stone trim that surrounds the front door.

A lot of smart landscaping went into creating this Spanish oasis. It accentuates the style but also provides a layer of privacy and protection from the wind and sun. I see lots of small landscaping lights along the concrete path and on the side of the home. I bet this place feels extra romantic and dreamy after sunset.

Paradise Valley White Stucco with Classic Red Tile Roof

This stunning home has it all, from old-growth trees out front, to lush greenery plants, to the traditional stucco and wood trim walls, to the small Spanish style windows, to the gorgeous desert foothills in the background.

Stylish wooden shutters border all of the windows on the front of the home, bringing in more layers of natural textures, and making the house look more established and regal.

I love this home and would love a tour of the inside because I bet it is beautiful!

White Stucco Houses with Black Windows

Grand Two-Story White-Stucco House with Two Garage Bays

This is one of the most magazine-cover-worthy homes I’ve seen in a while. I adore the transitional architecture and how the black and white complement one another in this white stucco house.

This modern stucco house could fit right into an affluent suburban neighborhood or plopped in the middle of five hundred acres of rolling farmland.

Notice how the window trim, gutters, shingled roof, handrails, exterior lighting, and garage doors are a matching shade of black. Paint colors can make or break a space, so choose carefully and find something that works well for your personality, your house’s style, and its neighborhood.

This home’s exterior is marvelous, I want to see the interior now!

White Stucco Houses

White Stucco Interior Living Room and Bathroom

An elegant white stucco living room with a wood accent and bathroom
An elegant white stucco living room with a wood accent and a glass door to the bathroom.

I feel that it’s safe to assume that only one or two are intended to live in this space, as the living room has a large window that leads to the bathroom. A curtain is available to pull over the windows, but this is a unique design concept.

Behind the drawn curtain appears to be another window that leads to the outside, which lends a ton of natural lighting to this beautiful space.

The designer went with lighter choices, which adds to the bright white natural light aesthetic. I love how the natural wood elements were used above the couch and down on the floor as hardwood. This space has successfully pulled off a primarily white stucco finish that doesn’t look cold or sterile. Very well done!

Wood and Stucco Exterior Home Design

 Stucco white house with a wood accent exterior.
An awesome design of a stucco white house with a wood accent on the exterior.

This three-story home in the Switzerland Alps is remarkably beautiful and full of visual interest.

The bottom two stories look like most other stucco exteriors, it;s bright white, clean, and covered in trim on the edges of the house. What makes this place so different is the third story, which is made of cabin logs.

Each of the windows have wood trim that has been painted a lovely baby blue color.

The smaller painting on the left side of the house adds a little playfulness; the colorful flower baskets on the third story make for other elements that add to the appealing aesthetic of this place.

Luxurious White Stucco Apartment Interior in Traditional Finish

White stucco apartment in luxurious interior design.
White stucco apartment home with a luxurious interior design.

This modern luxe apartment was originally built in the 19th century. Even though it looks sleek and modern, there are a few details that give away its historic past. Those wooden windows that are now painted white, that vintage brick in the other room, and the herringbone wooden floors are all a nod to the past.

This apartment is a great reminder that modern stucco spaces don’t necessarily have to be new to look modern.

Once again, the person who lives here has left the white stucco walls mostly bare, letting their bright color and texture be the work of art and focal point of the home.

Small White Stucco Homes

Small white stucco home with dark green shutters and a door adds character.
Small white stucco home with dark green shutters and a door adds character.

I can’t get enough of this gorgeous little white stucco home. From the faded red tile to the tall and narrow second story, to those dainty little windows on the second floor, to the tiny little chimneys that are barely poking up above the roofline, everything about this house looks so cozy, inviting, and aesthetically pleasing.

Even the overgrown shrub on the corner of the house looks cohesive and suiting for the space. This is a rural cottage dream house.

I love the use of the green front door with two green shutters on the front of the home. It makes the home feel like it really suits the countryside where it sits.

White Stucco Minimalist Bedroom

This minimalist home takes objects that are necessities and somehow beautifies the space with their simple existence. The black corded telephone but the bed, with that matching black lamp, well they both feel like art pieces, rather than simple functional pieces.

I like the colorful runner on the bed too. Without color, all white spaces can start to feel cold or impersonal.

Leaving the stucco walls white and uncovered makes the space feel tall and wide. The walls are beautiful on their own too, so leaving them bare was a good decision.

Fun Stucco House Concepts

Lime Green Traditional Style Stucco House

I can’t get enough of this bright green home exterior. If you have a white stucco house but feel the need to change colors during its next restucco, consider going for a fun and vibrant color.

While this house sits in San Francisco, I can’t help but feel like I’ve been transported into wonderful old Mexico.

I’m loving the large white windows, the glass door gar<center>age, and the large black front door.

The brick and tropical plant landscaping is a great touch that really sells the Latin American dream aesthetic.

Black Stucco House and Backyard

This home was recently painted from classic tan with sage green accents, to all-black stucco with white accents. The wood trim windows and door trim are painted bright white, and it looks so lovely.

The wooden deck complements the space so well too. However, I can’t help but wonder how different this would look if the wooden trim on the house were left natural. Regardless, wow, this is a stunning space.

This is an all black house too, if you look at the shingled roof which is just barely peeking around the edges of the home, you’ll notice that the shingles are black too. This is a brilliant choice, not just for aesthetics, but for practical purposes too. This home is located in Calgary, Alberta, where the winters are notoriously cold and brutal. Having a black stucco house will allow more heat to seep into the home, making it comfortable and more energy efficient.

Classy Black and Stone Stucco House

This home’s exterior and entryway are breathtaking. I can’t get enough of the stone used to frame the door, and chimney, line the foundation

, and make the wide steps leading up to the door.

Black against natural tan stone always looks refined and eye-catching.

I also love the windows used for the home, they remind me of a friendly english cottage on a warm spring day. That heavy wooden arched door looks custom too. It fits into the aesthetic perfectly and adds a nice containing texture to the space. What a sharp design!

Adobe Pink Stucco House with Tropical Vibes

This square little home is so cute and cozy. I love the black stairs and handrails that seem to blend in with the ground. The black trim and chimney cap also blend into the house, while the white window frames pop.

What makes this space so fun and festive are the string lights hanging on the top trim of the home and those tall tropical trees and bushes that adorn the front of the house. I especially love that Camellia tree.