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18 Stylish Bedroom Office Combo Ideas

Discover a variety of bedrooms with office design suggestions for your home. For ideas and aesthetics, see our other styles selection.

A minimalist style bedroom with an office.

When you want to try to make the best use of the space in your home, you may think about a bedroom office. You may have an extra room, a guest room, or even want to add office space to your primary bedroom. 

No matter the space or the reason, there are numerous ways to create an office that will help you be productive, increase your organization, and keep it low stress. It may be as simple as adding a chair and desk to a small room. There are creative and efficient ways to add an office to any space you have. 

One significant consideration when combining a bedroom and office is striking a balance to prevent you from getting too much work or too much sleep. Consider these bedroom office combination ideas while looking for the best option for you and your home

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The key with a bedroom office is to keep it stylish yet functional. You want to find furniture that fits your space while inspiring you to work. You also want to ensure this space does not take away from your life. Layout and design are also critical when you are combining your office and bedroom in one space. You do not want the workspace to bleed over into your sleeping space. This article gives you great ideas for an office bedroom combo.

Bedroom Office Combination Ideas 

Master Bedroom Office Combo Ideas

For some, having an office in their bedroom is a great idea. Others may not like it at all. Your main bedroom may be oversized to provide you with more than enough extra space to create an office. 

If you plan carefully and think ahead, you can create an office space in your bedroom that creates separate areas that do not take away from each other. 

1) Choose Furniture That Blends In 

A white-themed office in a bedroom
A white-themed office with a bedroom in modern style.

When creating an office space in your main bedroom, you can create an area with furniture that matches your existing decor. If you choose well, you may be able to get your desk area to blend into the background.

If you have white walls, you can purchase a white desk. If you place the white desk next to a wall, you may not notice the desk right away. The more minimal you keep your desk space, the less noticeable it will be. 

This works well when your space is already white and has natural tones. Your office furniture is able to blend into the background.

2) Make Use of Odd or Awkward Spaces

A workstation next to a closet
A workstation placed neatly next to a closet

A desk may be the perfect answer if you have an oddly shaped space in your room that you just do not know what to do with. However, depending on the shape and size of the space, you may need to select furniture to fit carefully. 

However, when you find the perfect pieces, you can make this a comfortable working space. This allows you to upgrade your workspace while making the best of an odd area in your room.

3) Office in a Corner

An attic with a corner office
An attic in the rustic style with a corner office.

All rooms have corners in them. Some corners are pronounced, and it allows you to make use of the space. For example, if you have a wider corner in your bedroom, you can use it for your office.

You can purchase a corner desk to fit perfectly in that area. They are streamlined, so the desk will not stick out too far from the wall. 

This is a great way to make use of a corner space that would most likely otherwise go unused. However, you may have to get creative with the furniture that you pair with the corner desk. These desks tend to be a little smaller, and if you have a lot of computers or multiple monitors, this may not be the ideal solution for you.

4) Make Good Use of Furniture

An office with furniture serving as a partition
An office behind the bed with furniture serving as a partition.

No matter how much space you have available in your bedroom, you can create separation with furniture. You can use bookshelves, dressers, or anything that will create a dividing line to create a fake wall within your room.

When you use the right furniture and approach it properly, it looks like a natural break in the room. For example, you can place your bedroom furniture on one side and office furniture on the other. This allows you to have some amount of separation without one space slipping into the other. 

The furniture on both sides of the space can match, so they flow naturally. You do not have to create two distinct areas with contrasting furniture. You can, if you want to, but you do not have to. 

5) Buy Matching Furniture

A well blended furniture as office area
A well blended furniture in the workspace area.

You may have no choice but to place your workspace in the middle of your primary bedroom. If not in the middle, then against a wall. You may not be able to create a true separation between your office and bedroom spaces.

If this is the case, you can still work hard to create a nice office within your bedroom. For example, you can purchase office furniture that matches your bedroom. Or you can purchase bedroom furniture and turn it into office furniture. 

While this may not be ideal, you can always dress up your office furniture to make it cozy or at least blend in with your existing space. 

Small Bedroom and Office Combo Ideas

If the only space you have available for an office is a small bedroom, guest bedroom, or spare bedroom, you may have to get creative. This could mean putting less office furniture in the room. It may also mean purchasing furniture that has more than one use. 

6) Loft Bed with Desk in Small Bedroom

A loft bed with an office area underneath
A loft bed with an office area underneath appears to be practical.

You can use a loft bed if your room is too small to fit a bed and a desk. A loft bed is a great way to get a bed and a desk in the same room. You can put your desk in the space right under the loft bed. 

You can find a loft bed with a desk or purchase a separate desk to fit in the space. You will be amazed at the workspace you can create for yourself under a loft bed. 

This is a great option for children, especially teenagers, or if you have a child that is away at college. You can still provide them the space they need without taking away from other areas in your house. 

7) Small Bedroom with Nightstand Desk

A bedside desk as an office table
A bedside desk works perfectly as an office table.

If you only need a small desk space, turning a nightstand into a desk may be an ideal option for you. However, if you require a large space for multiple computers, this may not be ideal.

However, if you need a space to write or read, turning a nightstand into a desk just might work. But, again, you can keep it simple and minimal so as not to take away from the rest of the room. 

You can put a lamp on the nightstand to provide you with extra light when needed. Depending on the style of the nightstand, you can place a chair there to add to the office feel. This is a great idea if you are using a guest room as an office space. 

8) Small Bedroom with Area Rug Zone

A rug divider in a bedroom office
A rug divider in a bedroom office adds beauty to the space.

You may not have a lot of space, but you need a desk anyway. This may be the situation where many people find themselves. One of the ways to address an area where you do not have a lot of space is to create two specific areas in the room. 

You can have a sleeping area and a work area. You can do something simple as adding an area rug under the desk. If you do not want to do that, you can add an area rug that separates the space between the desk and the bed. Using shelves or storage systems is also a great way to get the spaces separated.

9) Use a Portable Desk

A portable and easily accessed laptop table
A portable and easily accessed laptop table on the bed.

You may find yourself without any extra space to spare, especially if you live in the city and have minimal space. Even though you may not have the space, you may still need some type of space to do your work.

You can set up a spot to work in your bedroom by getting a laptop stand or tray that fits in with your current decor. 

One of the great things about using a tray or stand is that you can leave it on your bed or take it away when you do not want it there. It can be part of your decor, or you can hide it when you do not want it visible. 

10) Use the Entire Wall Space

A space-saving workplace facing wall
A space-saving workplace area that faces the wall.

Another option to make use of a small bedroom space is to take up the entire wall for a desk. This is a way to keep the office space from taking up too much space in the room. 

This type of desk is longer than it is wide. This means that you will have a narrow desk. Therefore, it gives you the perfect opportunity to make use of the entire wall space that you have available. 

Bedroom with Adjoining Room For Office Desk Ideas

Many homes, both new and older, have adjoining rooms. They are typically intended to be a sitting area. They are visible but have framing that gives them a separate vibe to them. These spaces are often large enough that they can be used as an office. 

11) Use Adjoining Room in Older Home

Older houses can have sitting rooms, too. In some older houses, you will find a sitting room that is technically its own room but still attached to a bedroom. These rooms are often small and sometimes hidden gems.

If you have an old house with one of these old rooms, you can easily convert it into office space. You can keep the old charm by purchasing antique furniture, or you can completely renovate it by adding modern furniture. Just make sure you buy furniture that will fit in the space. 

12) Use Adjoining Room in Newer Home

An bedroom with an office connected
An bedroom with an office connected to it.

Many new homes have a sitting room or area that is attached to the master bedroom. Sometimes these areas have doors that can be closed, but not always. The walls may be cut in somewhat, so there is a differentiation between the two spaces. 

This is a perfect place to add an office setup. Even if the sitting area does not have doors, there is enough wall to make them clearly defined spaces. This way, your office furniture does not blend into your bedroom furniture. You can even purchase completely different furniture, so the distinction is clear. 

13) Create a Room

A bedroom office with a furniture room divider
A bedroom office with a furniture room divider for seclusion.

You can create a room in a room, no matter how small. You can use pieces of furniture to divide the areas in your room. This is the perfect way to keep the moods of each one separately. 

You can use anything from drapes to clothing racks to a bookshelf or a screen. You want to make sure that any furniture you are using faces in the direction of the room you plan to use it. For example, if you plan to use a bookshelf as a separation piece, be sure that it faces your office and not your bedroom. 

You want to make sure to keep both sides of the new room organized and neat. This helps to prevent one area from spilling over into the other. 

Small Office Space in a Closet Ideas

Many of us use every bit of closet space that we have available for storage. Despite that, a closet, especially a walk-in closet, is a great space for a closet. If it is big enough, you can close the closet door without feeling claustrophobic and have a nice office space. This could be a great solution to your office space needs. 

14) Closet into an Office Combo

A closet cut in half for an office workplace.
A closet cut in half to create an office workplace.

If you think that you will have a difficult time having a desk in your room, the closet may be a great option for you. But unfortunately, some of us are not able to separate work from pleasure when work is staring us in the face. 

A great solution is to place your office in a closet and behind closed doors. Then, even if you do not use the space with the doors closed, you can close them when you are not in the ‘office.’ This keeps your office out of sight and, hopefully, your work out of your mind. 

Other Unique Room Ideas for Home Office Space

15) Vintage Decor

A vintage-style home office
A vintage-style home office in the corner of the room.

You can use older-style decor to create a retro room that is multipurpose. When you have style and make the space appealing visually, you may be able to overlook the fact that your bedroom is also an office space. 

For this to work, the key to remember is style. First, you can select a desk and chair that have a similar design. Then your bedding can pick up or match the colors in the desk or chair. 

When done well, you could use this workspace as a reading nook or a place to enjoy your morning coffee. It does not have to be contained to only an office. You can use bookshelves to store any work supplies you might need. 

Retro furniture is not difficult to find. It influences everything, including modern design. You can go into most furniture stores to find this look. You can also shop at antique or resale shops. They are sure to have some retro options that suit your needs. 

16) Use the Window Sill

A window sill used as a table in an office
A window sill used as a table in an office environment.

Another great idea is to make use of a window sill you have in your bedroom. This is a great way to provide natural light while working at your desk. It is always nice to have the sun shining on us while we are working. Even if you live in an area that is overcast most of the time, you can still enjoy some natural light.

If you live in the northern hemisphere, you can use a north-facing window to help prevent glare from bothering you because you will have low light exposure. 

With this type of design, you can consider using the window sill as a bookshelf. This allows the window sill to frame the desk. 

A great option to consider is creating a natural and clean look with white walls and a white desk. Or you could decide to use a warm wood tone for your desk. 

You want to be sure to position your desk between north-facing windows. If you do not have those, you want shaded windows. 

Display books, photos, or work tools as the space allows. If you would like a glow behind the desk, you can use stick adhesive and adjustable LED lights at the back of your monitor. This can provide a nice glow in the evening. You may get one on

17) A Green Workspace

An office surrounded by greenery appears
An office surrounded by greenery appears to be pleasant and peaceful.

Plants can act as a wonderful divider for a workspace. In general, they are a great addition to your home and any space in your home. They can also be functional by breaking up the areas of a room. 

Even the smallest workspace can benefit from the addition of greenery. For example, you can hide your workspace with plants. 

You can pair up a natural wood desk and warm chair to help blend in amongst the greenery surrounding it. Also, if there is subtle light coming in from the window, it may be helpful to prevent glare on the screen. 

Using plants in an office space can also provide many mental health benefits. However, you do want to make sure you know which types of plants will do well in your space.

You can do some research or find a local plant specialist to help you with your goal. For example, you want to know the amount of light that comes in and the location of the windows in your room.

If you determine that the light in the room is not best for tall plants to act as dividers, you can consider using fake plants instead. They can serve the exact same purpose. 

18) Bed and Desk in Opposing Spaces

A bedroom and an office hidden behind a huge wall
A bedroom with a gray motif and an office hidden behind a huge wall.

While you may have to share your bedroom space with your office, you do not always have to see your desk. If you place your desk behind your bed, it creates an effective workspace and separation. 

When you can see your desk when you are in your bed, it may prevent you from truly resting. When you place your desk behind your bed, you most likely cannot see your bed from your desk. 

To do this properly, you may want to consider a custom bed frame that also serves as a desk. You can purchase a bed with a built-in desk. However, this may not be in the budget for you. If it is, you can use built-in storage and lighting. Check out some here in build with FERGUSON.

Another option is to purchase a tall headboard for your bed frame. If you can get on one that stands high above the desk, you will not be able to see your bed. In this case, the taller you can find, the better.