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Inspiring Bedroom Design Ideas For Decorating A Stylish Space

The average cost of hiring an interior designer for design work and furnishings in the bedroom ranges between $1,000 and $2,000 per room according to price estimates on HomeGuide. There’s no doubt that your entire home is a sanctuary where you feel at peace after a stressful day at work or school. However, the bedroom is the one place where you want to enjoy maximum comfort, feel more rested and relaxed. Because of this, you should make your space beautiful and welcoming.

After all, creating a bedroom that enhances sleep quality isn’t as tricky as it sounds. Given the bedroom has fewer practical constraints than other parts of the house, decorating it is easy once you have fitted a comfortable bed and enough clothes storage. Below are some inspiring bedroom design ideas for decorating a stylish space. 

Keep Your Palette Neutral

After a long day, the bedroom is the one place in the house where you want to relax. Therefore, create a serene, bright, and energetic spot for improved relaxation by choosing a neutral color palette. Many homeowners choose a neutral palette because it keeps spaces from feeling plain and gloomy. For instance, soft whites, grays, and tans add warmth to your room, making it an ideal place for relaxation. 

Painting your walls with an off-white hue that’s not too gray or beige is a perfect idea to create an elegant bedroom. A lovely off-white backdrop gives you the freedom to add colorful shades that suit your taste. For example, colorful accessories and beddings are easy to swap, giving you flexibility. Also, don’t be afraid of dark neutrals like black and purple, as they make spaces appear calm, simple, and sophisticated. 

Make Your Bed the Centerpiece 

The bed is the centerpiece in any bedroom, but too often, people overlook it like any other piece of furniture in that room. For many individuals, installing a bed with a simple metal frame for supporting the desired mattress seems perfect. However, the style of your bed can transform the aesthetic of your bedroom significantly. With this in mind, commit time and effort to decorate your bed and ensure it’s the show-stopping piece in the bedroom. The good news is there are many bed decorating ideas you can steal to enhance the overall bedroom decor.  

Start by selecting beddings that blend with your bedroom’s overall color scheme and use decorative pillows to add contrast and texture. It’s also advisable that you pick one color to be an accent shade for your pillow shams and a prominent hue in a fitted sheet, comforter, or throw blanket with matching pillowcases. Layering is another excellent decorating technique that gives your bed a designer-like style. So, layer with sheets, comforters, and throw pillows of all sizes, designs, and colors.  

Decorate With Air Quality in Mind

In a typical bedroom, allergens, scents, and chemicals fill the air, increasing the risk of respiratory allergies like asthma, eye and nose irritation, and coughing. Poor air quality also interferes with your sleep. Therefore, make a point of designing your space with air quality in mind. This means getting rid of clutter to ensure there is enough room for air circulation and also checkout the best organic mattress for side sleepers.

You may want to install large windows to make your room appear stylish and help enhance indoor air quality by increasing ventilation. Also, add plants to create a perfect environment for improving your sleep quality. Since plants have the natural properties of purifying the air to eliminate chemicals and other contaminants, your bedroom will always be free of pollutants. Fitting furniture made of wicker or bamboo and installing ceiling fans and HVAC can also enhance the air quality for better sleep. 

Mix Antique and Modern Decor Pieces

Whether you’re looking to design a bedroom that doesn’t feel one-note or prefer both contemporary and traditional styles, you can mix modern and antique decor pieces. Mixing vintage and modern interior decor makes your bedroom appear elegant. That’s because antique pieces add warmth to a space, while contemporary ones prevent rooms from looking or feeling stuffy. When mixing styles, decide how you want your room to feel, pick a color palette that matches your taste, and ensure every piece is unique and beautiful. 

Decorating your bedroom with inspiring interior designs should be a top priority because it’s the one place in the home you want to enjoy maximum comfort and relaxation. You can achieve the best outcomes by picking a neutral color palette, decorate the bed, and mix and match vintage and modern styles. Also, improve air quality by building large windows, adding indoor plants, installing HVAC, and fitting wicker or bamboo furniture.