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14 Different Calacatta Quartz (Home Inspirations and Ideas)

Discover Calacatta Quartz's style and design concepts to get ideas and inspiration for creating your ideal home.

A calacatta quartz used in the kitchen area of the house

Calacatta quartz is a well-known stone almost identical to Calacatta marble in its looks. This popular quartz has highly prominent veining in shades ranging from gray to gold on a lovely bright white background.

Because Calacatta quartz resembles Calacatta marble, it is an excellent choice if you love the marble look but want a stone that’s easier to maintain. Calacatta quartz is famous for both kitchen and bathroom counters because it combines the beauty of marble with excellent durability.

The soft natural feel of this stone countertop gives a timeless look to the entire space it is in. Anyone who makes Calacatta quartz the focal point of their home understands the value of a comfortable life and surrounding themselves with beautiful materials.

If you love Calacatta quartz as much as we do, keep reading because we have all the best ideas and the most popular ways to use Calacatta in your home!

Calacatta quartz countertops

The kitchen quartz style clean interior appearance
The kitchen quartz style provides a clean interior appearance.

Quartz countertops are still the most popular material for kitchen counters, and Clacatta quartz tops the list as a popular option.

Calacatta quartz is an excellent choice if you want the same look as Calacatta marble but with a stone that is easier to take care of. Because it combines natural marble’s beauty with excellent durability, Calacatta quartz is very popular for kitchen and bathroom counters.

Calacatta quartz, like most quartz, gives the same natural look as Calacatta marble but without drawbacks. Calacatta countertops give marble a run for its money due to its durability, chip, stain, and heat resistance.

Quartz does not etch, making quartz countertops far more durable than marble. Furthermore, unlike marble, quartz countertops are non-porous, which means they will not absorb moisture or liquids.

Quartz countertops require little to no maintenance. They don’t need to be sealed and don’t require any special cleansers. Because they are unlikely to etch or stain, you do not need to be as concerned about the surface as you would with a marble countertop.

A quartz countertop will look beautiful year after year with little to no maintenance. A beautiful Calacatta quartz countertop will help you achieve the look and style you desire while providing the durability you require.

Characteristics of Calacatta quartz stone

Calacatta quartz is white quartz known for its clear and dazzling white background color. It also has spectacular veining that ranges from grey to gold. Some types of Calacatta have different shades and tints of white or brown gray veins instead of the more common blue-gray veins.

Quartz stone has long been recognized as a material resembling other stones, such as marble and granite while retaining its own characteristics. With quartz, you get the best of both worlds, the beauty of marble with the durability and sturdiness of quartz. There are many types of Calacatta quartz. While there is not too much variety in the quartz material, the pattern and amount of grey veining will change in thickness and length.

Because it can withstand pressure and high impact without breaking or cracking, Calacatta Quartz will be durable and sturdy no matter what you use it for. Quartz can be used for kitchen flooring, bathrooms, and hallways, as well as wall cladding and countertops… The only disadvantage is that it is only intended for use indoors.

Popular types of Calacatta quartz

While Calcatta is a type of quartz, there are also subcategories of Calacatta with slight differences in colors and veining. Calacatta quartz varieties are unique, stunning stones that will turn any kitchen, bathroom, or bar into a work of art.

When used as counters in kitchens and bathrooms, most varieties resemble marble worktops and have a high-end appearance. However, each type does have its own unique characteristics and style. We’ve listed the most popular colors and kinds of Calacatta quartz here.

Classic calacatta quartz

Imagine enjoying dinner with friends and family gathering around this unique Calacatta table. White quartz is always warm and inviting. We think the Calacatta quartz on this table looks especially inviting paired with the modern brown chairs.

Calacatta is a type of white quartz stone that is characterized by a pattern of blue-gray veining. Some variants include a neutral white background with various white tones and tints that add depth in addition to veining that is warmer and more brownish-grey.

Calacatta gold quartz

Calacatta gold or Calacatta gold veined quartz is one of the most popular countertop colors. Gold Calacatta quartz is similar to the basic Calacatta quartz style, but with the addition of gold. It has the same grey and beige veins Calacatta is known for, but with gold veining mixed in that cuts through the white surface.

Calacatta Gold’s large patterns make it ideal for large and small kitchen and bath spaces, including backsplashes, counters, and waterfalls. Calacatta Gold quartz is a neutral color that looks great with gold, nickel, chrome, black, or even silver decor accents.

Calacatta Nuvo quartz slabs

Calacatta Nuvo is a lovely interpretation of natural stone, with wide, elegant, cascading grey veins flowing across its polished creamy white base.

Bianco Calacatta quartz

Bianco Calacatta quartz has a dramatic and modern look. This stylish and contemporary-looking quartz has extra thick grey to light brown veining with dark brown outlines on bright white background. It adds contrast and personality to any room it is in.

Botanica quartz

Botanica quartz is a type of Calacatta quartz that is softer and more subtle in style. It has a softer white background with tiny light grey veining, which differs from the dramatic veins of some of the other types of Calacatta quartz.

Its smooth and straightforward style is often used in timeless design styles, from traditional to modern, sleek design. Because of its subtle tones and style can be used with many decor styles and color trends.

Calacatta Classique quartz

Calacatta Classique quartz has a bright and clean white background with light grey veining. This quartz, with its polished finish, is a timeless classic style,

Calacatta Venice quartz

Calacatta Venice Quartz countertops have a warmer white background, giving them a softer feel. With a subtle but thicker pattern, the veining resembles that of Italian marble. This combination keeps the counters neutral while remaining a luxurious focal point in any kitchen.

Calacatta trevi quartz

Calcatta trevi quartz slabs give marble a run for its money. It is inspired by Italian marble and shows off delicate and elegant veining on its soft white structure. Unlike marble, Calacatta trevi quartz is highly durable and easy to maintain.

Calacatta leon quartz

With its broad and delicate veining, the stunning white background of Calacatta Leon Gold Quartz allows it to make a bold statement in every space. White cabinets look gorgeous paired with this special quartz. This predominantly white kitchen has been given a beautiful and welcoming vibe because of the warm tones.

Calacatta verona quartz

Do you adore the timeless beauty of white marble? Meet Calacatta Verona Quartz. It makes a dramatic backdrop when used as a slab on a shower wall and will be equally at home as a countertop in the kitchen.

This imitation marble quartz is guaranteed to attract a lot of attention thanks to its creamy white backdrop and delicate veining. It makes a stunning focal point but is also simple to clean and long-lasting.

Calacatta Ultra

Calacatta ultra is the brightest white of the bunch. It is outlined with delicate linear veining, which evokes the timelessly elegant appearance of natural marble.

Calacatta ultra quartz is a great way to brighten up a dark basement when used for a bar countertop or table. The bright white background lightens up any space and can help it look light and airy. Calacatta quartz countertops with a stark white background often look even more brilliant and more dramatic when contrasted against dark cabinets.

Calacatta Vicenza

Imagine sitting at the kitchen table or leaning across your kitchen island and looking at these dramatic, bold black windows set off by an elegant Calacatta Vicenza backsplash. With a view like this, making dinner and doing dishes would be something to look forward to.

This Vicenza Calacatta quartz has a light background with subtle and delicate grey veins that appear almost like specks floating across the surface. It blends in beautifully with classic design and quickly takes a backseat when another design element needs to be the focal point.

Calacatta gold veined quartz

Gold veined quartz is an interchangeable name for Calacatta gold. Every piece of quartz has slightly different veining, so you can find a selection with the perfect amount of gold veins for your taste.

Calacatta gold veined quartz is a popular choice because the luxurious gold veins add a feeling of sophistication. It is gorgeous when made into large tiles for the floor and makes a ho-hum tile floor look high-end and luxurious.

Calacatta quartz slab

A matching quartz design in white-gray kitchen island and wall
A matching quartz design in white-gray for the kitchen island and wall.

Because this type of quartz has such unique veining, one of the best ways to make counters out of it is to use a single slab. The patterns of the veins are also different from one type and piece of quartz to the next. Since each slab has different veins, it is harder to make them flow together without noticeable seams when cut into pieces.

You will have a much cleaner look if you just get larger pieces of Calacatta quartz and cut them into the shape you want for your surface. Often, a large slab can be cut for a counter and a backsplash from the same piece.

Most Calacatta Quartz slabs come in a thickness of 2 cm and 3 cm sizes, and some prefabricated options give you more design options and installation flexibility. Where you get the quartz can change how thick they are cut, and it can also change how much they cost.

Is Calacatta quartz expensive?

The kitchen in white and gold with calacatta quartz counters
The kitchen is decorated in white and gold theme with calacatta quartz counters.

Calacatta quartz is comparable to granite when it comes to cost. Calcatta quartz countertops cost less than marble but will be more than a solid surface countertop.

According to the average quartz retailer website, the standard piece of Calacatta ranges from $70 to $100 a square foot. Depending on how you use the quartz, you might need more than one slab. An additional slab of Calacatta will obviously increase the cost. Still, the size, shape, location, and how thick of a piece you need will ultimately determine the final price.

If you have your heart set on Calacatta quartz in your home, but it is out of your budget, an option to consider is Calacatta tile. Tiles cut from Calacatta quartz are less expensive than slabs. Quartz tiles work great for kitchen countertops with a backsplash and are also great for tubs and showers.