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13 Home Office Staging Ideas to Help you Get Top Dollar Your Home

Learn more about how to maximize the value of your property by setting up your home office best possible way.

An office setup for avid readers in the house.

COVID-19 changed the way that many companies operate. More people than ever found themselves working from home. While the pandemic is over, there are many employers around the country who have discovered that employees can be just as productive when they work from home, and as such, they have allowed their employees to continue to work from home either part-time or full-time. As such, more and more home buyers are looking for homes that have functional office space when they are shopping for a home. 

If you are selling your home, staging a small home office or large home office, can be the key to helping you sell your home quicker and for potentially more money. Staging a home office can help buyers to see the potential that the space has, and helps them to envision themselves working within that space. Here are thirteen different tips that you can incorporate when you are trying to determine how to stage a home office for sale to maximize the value of your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers. 

1. Create a Feature Wall

A simple backdrop color on the wall office
A simple backdrop color on the wall provides the home office with a modern look.

When you are looking to stage your home office, one of the bits of home office staging advice that may help to maximize the value of your home is to create a feature wall in your office. In most cases, this should be the wall that the desk gets placed against, as it really helps to show that this area is the highlight or centerpiece of the room. There are many different options available to you for creating a feature wall. One of the fastest and cheapest options for creating a feature wall is to paint bold or bright colors on the wall. Another option for an accent wall is to use wallpaper or fabric on the wall. Finally, you can use tiles or wood to create an accent wall. As you look to create a feature wall, remember that the space is going to be an office. As such, you should use soothing colors and professional-looking patterns. 

2. Ensure There is Plenty of Storage

Accessible storage cabinet near workstation
An accessible storage cabinet close to the workstation.

Many home offices do not have a closet in them. This is what differentiates a bedroom from a den or home office. However, just because there is a closet does not mean that buyers will not need to store things in the office. As you look to stage an office for a potential buyer, you should ensure that the staged office features plenty of storage space and storage ideas for the potential buyer. This may include placing bookshelves beside the desk or on a wall opposite the desk, hanging shelves where books can be placed, or using cube storage options. You want to show buyers that the space may be an office, but it still has plenty of space to store all of the items you would expect to find in an office without looking cluttered. The ideas you use to create storage in the space may help buyers envision how they can set up the office once they move in. 

3. Take a Minimalistic Approach

Office with a color scheme of earth tones
A basic home office with a color scheme of earth tones.

Any time you are staging space for potential buyers, you should always use the motto that less is more. Buyers do not want to see clutter in a home. They want to see how much space a home has and how open and inviting that space is. As such, when you are looking to stage a home office, you want to take a minimalistic approach. While you can use lots of accessories and office supplies in the space, such as printers, staplers, pen holders, tape dispensers, clocks, and other items that you would commonly see on a desk or in an office space, you want the room to speak for itself. As such, a few pieces really go a long way in making your point. Keep things clean and simple so that buyers can envision themselves in the space with their own decorations and ideas. 

4. Let Natural Light Shine In

Workplace setting with natural lighting in the office area
A cheerful workplace setting with natural lighting in the office area.

Anytime you are looking to stage any part of your home, you always want to be sure to let as much natural light shine in. If there are windows in the office, leave the windows uncovered, or use sheer window coverings. The last thing that you want to do is use dark or heavy curtains or blinds that prevent natural light from shining in. Natural light in a space can help to make a space seem larger, brighter, and airier than it is. Most offices are small, so natural light is a huge deal. Additionally, if your office space is very small and looks cramped and tight, you can hang one or two mirrors opposite the window with natural light. The windows help to reflect the natural light shining in, helping a dark, small or cramped space feel brighter than it really is. 

5. Bring the Outdoors In

Outdoor plants in the home office space
Relaxing outdoor plants in the home office space.

One of the hottest trends in home decor is to bring the outdoors in. There are many different ways that this can be accomplished, but one of the simplest ways that you can incorporate this trend into an office that is being staged is to place either fake or real plants in space. Adding small plants, such as succulents, bonsai trees, bamboo or cast iron plants is the perfect way to incorporate some new colors and textures into your space, while still ensuring your space looks classy and sophisticated. When you are adding plants to a staged office space, try to use plants that are small and can be placed on shelves or desks. If you do decide to bring in larger potted trees, ensure that the trees or plants are no larger than the height of the desk, or they can deter from the focal point of the room. 

6. Incorporate a Unique Office Chair

The working space with special type of chair
The working space is made more dynamic by a special type of chair.

One of the most common mistakes that people make when they are staging an office to help them get dollars for their home, is that they make the office look stuffy or uptight. A home office should not look exactly like a plain office cubicle that people are used to sitting in. The office should have a little bit of personality and flair. On the flip side though, you do not want to go overboard with the personality, or buyers can have trouble envisioning themselves in the space. One of the fun ways to make a home office space look fun, yet still professional is to incorporate a unique office chair. There are many options for unique office chairs, including chairs in fun shapes or unique colors and textures. The chair can bring in a little bit of personality, reminding the home buyer that they are looking at a home office, not a boring office in an office building. 

7. Bring in Color, Pattern, or Texture With a Throw Rug

The home office with its harmonious design
The home office with its harmonious design creates a spectacular impact.

Another way that you can inject some color, texture, and personality into a home office without going overboard is by using a throw run on the floor. If you have decided not to add an accent wall to your space, throwing a throw run on the floor that features a unique color, texture or pattern can help add that pop of color and personality that the home office needs. If you do have an accent wall in your space, you want to ensure that your throw rug compliments that wall, without taking away from it. 

8. Showcase How Much Space the Home Office Offers

A spacious home office couch for lounging
A spacious home office with a discrete comfy couch for lounging.

Another common mistake that individuals make when they are staging a home office is not showcasing just how much space the home office has to offer. Once they put a desk in the space, they may leave it at that. However, many home offices have space for so much more than a desk. They may have space on the wall for bookshelves that can be home to a home library. Or the office may have space for a small couch or seating area where someone can sit as they talk to a person at a desk or sit as they read a book in the office. If you are looking to stage a home office, do not be afraid to incorporate furniture other than a desk in the space. Show potential buyers all of the space the office has and what they can do to make use of that space. 

9. Keep the Space Impersonal

Workspace that nurtures an impersonal perspective
A home workspace that nurtures an impersonal perspective.

Prior to putting a home up for sale, a real estate agent will likely advise you to declutter your home and remove any personal belongings that are visible. This includes things such as family photos or knick-knacks that are personal to you. This tip should also stay in the back of your mind when you are looking to stage spaces, including staging a small home office. You want to ensure that you keep the space impersonal, so buyers can envision themselves working in the office. The staged space should be free of personal items, such as photographs or artwork from children. Keeping the space as impersonal as possible can go a long way in helping buyers to see themselves in the home office. 

10. Consider Adding Metallic Accents

A workstation desk with metallic accents appearance
A workstation desk with metallic accents for a refined appearance.

It is always a wise idea to keep the number of accessories you bring into a staged home office to a minimum. You do not want to make the space feel cluttered or cramped, nor do you want the space to feel personalized for you. However, you cannot leave the space completely empty, and you may need to add certain accessories to pull the space together or to make it look and feel like a workable space. Metallic accents are on-trend for most spaces in the house, including kitchens, living rooms, and home offices. You can incorporate metallic accents into your space by finding a desk chair that has metallic legs or bringing in metallic accessories, such as clocks, pen and pencil holders, or wall art. Metallic finishes reflect light, which helps a space seem brighter. This is ideal, especially if your office is on the smaller side. 

11. Select a Desk That is Properly Sized For Your Space

A long desk with serene lighting effects
A long desk with serene lighting effects for a home office.

If you are wondering how to stage a home office for sale, one of the tips that you should always keep front and center in your mind is that you need to select a desk that is appropriately sized for your office space. If the desk you select for the office space is too large for the space, the desk can overpower the space and make the room feel cramped and crowded. On the other hand, if the desk is too small or dainty for the office space, the desk may not stand out and may not make it clear to the buyer that this is supposed to be a home office. The desk is the one piece of furniture in your home office space that can make or break the entire look and feel of the space, so you need to carefully select a desk that is appropriately sized when you are staging a home office. 

12. Ensure the Space is Well Lit

An ideal home office space with appropriate lighting
An ideal home office space with appropriate indoor and outdoor lighting.

If you are placing your home for sale, another thing that a real estate agent may recommend that you do is to ensure that every room in the home has ample lighting. You may need to place floor lamps, a hanging light, or a desk lamp in every room. Not every buyer will walk around your home during the daytime. Many potential buyers come to look at homes in the evening hours after they are off of work. If your home office is not staged with enough lighting, buyers may miss key details and features about the space. Also, spaces that are not well-lit can look dark and dingy. This deters buyers. Ensuring your home, including your home office, is well-lit, is a must when you are looking to sell your home. 

13. Try to Incorporate a Home Office Somewhere In Your Home

A functional home office area
A functional home office area with a black and brown color scheme.

The last tip that you should follow if you are looking to maximize the amount of money that you can sell your home for is to try to incorporate a home office somewhere in your home. Not everyone has a set-aside room or space dedicated to a home office. However, more and more buyers are looking for homes that already have spaces set aside for home offices. As you stage your home, get creative and look for a space where you can tactfully incorporate a desk and play it off as a home office, if you do not have a dedicated space for a home office. Seeing where a desk can be placed can be the difference maker between someone buying your home and someone passing on your home.