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Wall Art for Living Rooms


The final decorating stage of hanging wall art in the living room can be one of the most difficult. Should you hang one large, solitary piece of art or a gallery of family photos? What about an eclectic mix of decorative objects, vintage signs and framed photos? Or have you considered installing a long shelf instead to house those precious memories?A large mirror hung about a piano or loveseat can be a great way to reflect natural light throughout the space making it feel larger.

The following image gallery, as well as the advice below, will help you in deciding the ideal way to install your artwork, whether it be a collection of photos or one expansive piece.

1. The Surrounding Design Style

First, consider the space in which you wish to install your artwork. What style have you chosen for the room? To ensure that your wall art reflects the atmosphere of the space it is important to take into account your personal design style. For example, an eclectic space can accommodate a variety of mixed media pieces, as well as framed pictures and decorative objects. Traditional spaces are designed with an emphasis on balance and symmetry; therefore your wall art will need to reflect this style. This is achieved by incorporating artwork with frames of a similar color and displaying in a symmetrical fashion.

2. A Personal Art Collection

In successful design it is important that the homeowner(s) unique style is represented. This can also help you to determine what wall art to include in the living room. Do you have a variety of family photos that are important to you? Do you wish your living room to be a space of inspiration? Are you interested in local artists and different types of art? Use these types of questions to determine the type of art to display. Don’t worry about what others prefer. This is your space and it should reflect your interests and personality.

3. The Installation Process

If you are hanging a collection of artwork it can be beneficial to establish a layout ahead of time. To begin, trace the shape of each piece of art on newspaper and cut it out. Then you can easily move and adjust the layout on the wall without hammering in nails. An excellent way to hang each piece of art, without making holes in the wall, is to use 3M™ picture hanging strips. These are a great option for renters.

If you are hanging a couple large pieces the process is simpler. A large piece of artwork should be hung at eye level. This means that when you stand to view the piece your eye should rest in the middle. Resist the urge to hang art too eye as it requires people to crane their necks upward to view it. A large piece should be hung roughly six inches above the back of a sofa or loveseat.


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