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How to Get Your Living Room Ready for Summer

As Spring brings the final snows in some areas and the heat begins to melt it all away, Mother Nature’s message is clear: the summer season is almost upon us. With this change of seasons comes the opportunity to do a little bit of interior home improvement at the same time. Home improvement doesn’t have to be centered around tools, large projects, and contractors; it can happen on a smaller scale inside your home. The physical environment can have an impact on mental health. Sometimes, all you need to do is enhance a single room—preferably one in which you spend/plan to spend considerable time—within your home. Here are a few tips for getting your living room, bedroom, or other commonly used ready for the summer with a few minor home improvement tricks.

Declutter the Area

It happens to everyone; you get a little bit busy and throw some clothes over a chair or leave mail piling up on the table. Eventually, your room or space becomes a bit cluttered with various odds and ends from your daily life. A cluttered area can be stressful and the prospect of cleaning it isn’t typically pleasant. But removing clutter can actually be quite beneficial for your mental health and well-being. It helps increase your productivity and it might make you feel better physically. It’s easier to work or enjoy your free time in a clutter-free space. As you prepare for enjoying a nice summer at home, consider decluttering the area and implementing a schedule to keep it that way. That way, both you and your family can take advantage of a comfortable living space without the anxiety associated with too much stuff filling up the living space.

Add Some Plants or Flowers

Another excellent method of preparing your living room for the summertime is to add

some plants. A nice flower arrangement or a vase of flowers here and there adds some personality to a room while making it a friendlier and more inviting space. The addition of a few houseplants isn’t just aesthetically pleasing; it’s useful for improving one’s mental health and happiness. Another useful advantage of adding some plants to the room is air purification, as houseplants can purge up to 87% of VOCs from the air each day. This alone enables better breathing and a nicer atmosphere. With just a few houseplants or flowers strategically placed around the room, you can transform your otherwise drab room into a lovely, cozy living space.

Install a Remote-Controlled Ceiling Fan

Once you’ve opened up space a bit and added some botanical accouterments, you may want to consider installing a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans are an excellent way to increase the airflow in a room, decrease air conditioner usage, and provide a cooling effect for individuals occupying the space. The ceiling fan size depends on the room, so be sure to measure the room, ceiling size, and fan-blade diameter appropriately to ensure you get the best fan for the space. Then, add an extra bit of convenience to your life by getting one of the many great sleek ceiling fans with remote control available on the ceiling fan market today. Remote-control is a handy means of controlling a fan that doesn’t require you to get up to make adjustments. It’s also easy to keep track of a remote with designated remote holders and since it’s an RF frequency, you don’t need to rely on wi-fi or other wireless technology to keep your fan working like it’s supposed to. Say goodbye to pull chains and wall switches, because remote-control is the best, most convenient method to control a ceiling fan.

Enhance the Rooms Lighting

Light is important.  Decent lighting can do wonders for your mood and energy. Poor lighting and excessive darkness, on the other hand, might contribute to depression or other problems. Ensuring your home has enough lighting is never a bad idea—even in the summer. Letting natural light pour through your windows for a bit can help, but adding a lamp or sconces can provide decent additional lighting for any space. Ambient lighting can also be a prudent investment, especially if you install a dimmer to control the light levels to your own specifications/comfort. Lighting is another great accessory you can incorporate into your ceiling fan, as most models have options for LED lights, dimmable lighting, and various light coverings/lantern style.

Invest in Repainting

Nothing makes a room pop like a fresh coat of paint. A repaint has the potential for transforming the entire living space. Some designers recommend painting the room with white or lighter hues to give it the appearance of having more space—that is assuming you don’t plan on making any significant renovations to physically increase the space. On the other hand, darker colors can make the room appear cozier. There are numerous variations of this concept that you can explore to totally enhance and overhaul the colors of your living space. A repaint doesn’t just make your room more comfortable—it also increases the property value of your home.