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20 Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas On A Budget

Are you needing to put a deck around your above ground pool? Check out this article for style ideas, marterials to use and more.

Backyard with above ground pool, brown composite decking, potted plants all around, 2 gray lounge chairs

There is nothing like having a pool in your backyard on a hot summer day. It is easy to think that may not be possible because of limitations put in place by your budget.

It is not surprise that pools are expensive, but there are ways to put in an above ground pool deck while staying in your budget. There are many reasons why you want to consider an above ground pool deck even when you are on a budget.

You will not have to spend money to excavate your backyard because it is designed to sits above ground. It only takes a fews days, sometimes just a few hours, for the installation. Inexpensive above ground pools are usually constructed from steel, but may also be made from aluminum frames with a vinyl liner stretched over top.

Not only are above ground pool deck ideas inexpensive, but they are also easy to clean and maintain. These are great options when you are working with a limited budget. If you are interested in the benefits and features of above ground pool deck ideas on a budget this is the article for you.

Main Above Ground Pool Deck Options

When you are looking for above ground deck options on a budget, there may be a few options presented to you. If may seem difficult to choose which one is the right one for you, your preferences, and your budget.

The options available to you depend on the space you have in your backyard and your budget. The two main options available when you are on a budget are a freestanding deck or an attached deck.

Freestanding Pool Deck Ideas

A freestanding option means that the pool deck is close to the pool and surrounded by a path. This type of pool deck may also be called a floating deck because it is not attached to anything else. 

This tends to be a popular and common choice for an above ground pool. They are easier to build and more cost effective. This type of deck is durable and long lasting which helps to increase the popularity of this type of deck.

Attached Pool Deck Ideas

Another less expensive above ground deck option is an attached pool deck. This type of deck provides a path from your house to your pool. This type of deck option requires less space because it provides a way to attach your pool to your house.

This style gives you more design options. One of the styles you can choose is an elevated attached deck option, which means that the deck is right inline with the top of the pool. You can also have the deck run along one side of the pool. This leaves the other side of the pool unattached to a deck.

Top Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas On A Budget

Composite Pool Deck

Above ground pool with reddish brown composite deck, potted plants, gazebo with sheer curtains around and chairs inside, sunny day

A composite pool deck gives you the look and feel of wood without the expense of a wooden deck. With composite above ground swimming pool decking, you can get the look you want without overspending.

A composite deck is also easier to maintenance and has less long term maintenance costs. It is essential that the ground is level before installing a composite deck.

You can consider putting the deck around half of the pool, or adding steps up one side from the ground. Composite materials provides a beautiful and affordable alternative to other types of decking.

Wood Above Ground Pool Decks

Large above ground pool with redwood deck and stairs, blue sky with white fluffy clouds, sunny day

Wood is the most common type of above ground deck material. You can still achieve a unique look on a budget and use real wood, if that is your preference. Wood decking can have various functions because you can create stairs, or multiple levels.

The walk in steps and levels can act as a seating or to place your items, including beach towels, dry clothes, and drinks. You can create a strategic design if you have a small backyard space. If you have a large backyard, you can create a deck as big as your budget allows.

Patio To Above Ground Pool Transition

Large oval shaped bove ground pool with crystal clear blue water, light brown wood steps and deck, lots of big green trees and flowers around yard

A great way to create a seamless design in your backyard is to blend your above ground pool with your patio. You will not have to worry about having a place to sit around your pool because your patio provides the seating.

If you already have a patio, you have to cut into it to create the seamless look. If you already have a pool, then you build a patio off your house up to and around your pool. If you have neither, then you can easily incorporate them into your backyard.

Typically, this look has only one side of your pool touching the patio, while the other side of the pool remains open.

Above Ground Pool Lighting Ideas

Above Ground Pool Deck Moonlighting

When it comes to above ground pool decking, your lighting choices are almost as important as your deck choice. This is especially true if you plan to be outside on your deck or in your pool at night.

This lighting idea for your pools includes installing an array of white lights that are warm on the trees or along the roof gables.

The purpose of this specific type of lighting is to create the illusion of the moonlight hitting the pool. This creates shadows that give you a more romantic and a warmer feeling. 

Above Ground Pool Deck Undercap Lighting

The purpose behind undercap lighting in a pool is to allow you and others in the pool to see the impacts of the light on the surface of the water. It is not intended to emphases the source of the light.

The source of the light should be muted and not stand out. The way it appears in the pool should be the highlight. This can be achieved with LED lights along the entire edge of the pool.

You can add lights underneath the decking of the pool. This casts light down along the pool perimeter providing contrast to the wall and deck.

Above Ground Pool Deck Structure Lighting

This lighting concepts uses any structure that is around the above ground pool. It can also make use of the ground available around the pool.

No matter what vibe you want for your pool, you can create it with lights. You can have ambient lighting, trendy lights, or just plain Tiki torches. You can find the appropriate lighting to match your style.

You can make use of the pool deck, pergola, even your house and add extra lighting for your pool. You can consider stringing up lights around your pool deck, including an umbrellas or canopies you may have.

If you want to add more lighting but not to the structure, consider floating pool lights. This is a great way to add fun or ambience to your pool with any installation work.

Above Ground Pool Fence Ideas

Wood And Glass Fencing

Fencing is always a good idea to have around your pool. Most likely, it is required by insurance that you have some type of fence or gate around your pool.

If you do not like the idea or look of a traditional fence, consider a glass fence. This is a great way to have a minimalist type of fence design around your pool. When you combine the glass with wood, it creates an upscale look.

The wood provides privacy around some of the pool while the glass gives you a modern vibe. You can use the glass portion to be the entryway into the pool, if you desire. The possibilities on how you can design and wood and glass fence are endless.

Wrought Iron Fencing

Close up of wrought iron fencing around pool, black and gray floaty in the pool

If you like a more traditional type of fencing around your above deck pool, consider wrought iron. It has a classic and timeless look to it. It allows you to see into the pool, so you know who is there.

Wrought iron fencing provides security so no one can fall into the pool. To get to the pool, they would have to undo a latch, or open a gate. This type of fencing is long-lasting, durable, and cost-efficient.

This type of fence does not offer much in the way of privacy because the fence is open, but it provides excellent security. This type of fence can keep those out who may slip on a wet pool deck. Another step to take to create an anti-slip surface is to se pea gravel and create a paver walkway.

Wood Fence With Lattice

Green lawn, wooden fence with latice on top around above ground pool, trampoline next to it, potted flowers hanging above

A horizontal wood fence idea includes wood fencing with a lattice base. This is a great way to incorporate some design into your pool area. If you have a compact yard or minimal space, this is a great fence option.

Using a lattice base is a great way to incorporate your existing deck into your above ground pool. You can seamlessly add in a fence. This makes the pool area safe while providing extra seating around the pool.

Above Ground Pool Edging Ideas

Brick Edging

Close up of the light inside of a pool, turned on

A great way to edge your pool is to surround it with brick. While this may not seem like an affordable option, if your above ground pool is small enough, it could be.

Depending on the size of your pool, you may not need to use a large amount of brick. You can design your brick edging to help your above ground pool look like an in ground pool.

You can choose to create the pool wall with brick. You can also choose to have your decking material be brick. When using irregular bricks, or creating an irregular brick pattern, you can have a rugged look for your pool.

This is a unique type of decking that many might not consider. It gives your pool a different look while allowing you to install an affordable above ground decking.

Wood Edging

Wood edging around blue water pool, gold handles for ladder leading into water, sun reflecting off water

A great option for edging around your above ground pool deck is wood. It provides a multifunctional and multipurpose edging. You can use as a table, for loose seating, or a place to place accent plants.

Perhaps wood seems a bit boring too you or maybe all of your neighbors have wood around your pool. You can pair wood edging with some other material, such as concrete, brick, or stone to give it a different look.

You can even design it in such a way that no one would notice that you have an above ground pool. You can create an in ground pool look easily with the right design.

Tile Edging

Blue water pool, close up of brown tile edging around it, sunny day

Often people think that they are limited when installing an above ground pool. They think they do not have the same options as an in-ground pool. While the options may vary slightly, they are not limited. You can do anything with an above ground pool that your budget allows.

Consider a unique touch by adding tile and stone to your pool edge. This design helps your pool to stand out. This is a great way to give a compact above ground pool a classy look.

Since an above ground pool is typically smaller, you can use less material. This allows you to use higher end materials without breaking your budget.

Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas

Install A Deck

A great way to build an affordable above ground pool area is to build a deck for the pool. Or even better, place your pool next to an existing deck. You do not have to tie the pool into the deck.

You can build steps leading to the pool from the ground. This means that you will have to walk down the steps of your deck and up to the steps to the pool. It is a great way to save money and stay within your budget.

You can use the deck as your sitting area while looking at the pool. This may be perfect for some that want to be close to the pool but not close enough to get splashed by water.

Keep It Tropical

Backyard with lot of gree ivy growing on house and side walls, tile ground, small blue above ground pool filled with water and a little floaty in it, sunny day

When installing an above ground swimming pool decks, you want to create an atmosphere that is fun, welcoming, and relaxing. A great way to create this is with landscaping.

You can give your pool area a tropical flair easily and without spending a great deal of money. You can add dwarf palmettos, shrubs, and tiki torches. You want to have a good amount of green and lush plants and bushes around your pool area.

This helps to create a tropical effect. You want may want to consider surrounding the entire perimeter of your pool with soil and planting ornamentals around it. These are beautiful and easy to maintain.

Existing Vegetation

One of the best ways to keep the amount of money you spend on your pool area low is to use what it already available to you. You can strategically pick where you place the pool in your yard.

Depending on the look and vibe you want, you can pick the best place in your yard to achieve that. For example, look for the place in your yard that has the most dense vegetation. This space is ready for you to install a pool because you will not have to add anything like flowers or shrubs.

You can simply add some patio decorations, like a beach umbrella and create the perfect summer oasis.

Above Ground Pool Enclosures Ideas

Dome Enclosures

One of the best ways to provide protection for your pool is to install an enclosure over it. No matter what enclosure type you choose, they provide comfort, safety, and security.

Most enclosure options are easy to maintain. Enclosures can help to increase the value of your property. They provide versatility and a touch of customizability.

One enclosure type is a dome enclosure. This type of enclosure is often referred to as a sun dome or a pool igloo. These types of enclosures allow you to enjoy your pool regardless of the weather. Whether it is raining, snowing, or the sun is incredibly hot, you can still enjoy spending time in your pool.

In addition, this type of enclosure can balance design and function for your pool enclosure.

Retractable Enclosures

Sunny day, backyard with pool with clear retractable cover over top, plants all around

Another enclosure option for consideration is a retractable enclosure. This particular type can be constructed from glass, wood, or some other typical pool cover, such as a vinyl one. This type of enclosure is not one that you would use while swimming.

This gives your pool a classy look. It also provides a way for your to quickly and easily cover your pool as needed. It is a great way to keep your pool clean and reduce the amount of debris that falls into your pool.

This type of enclosure can add a touch of class to your above ground pool. It is a way to add a bit of style that many do not think of when it comes to a pool that is above ground.

Glass and Wood Enclosures

Glass and wood are the perfect match for an above ground pool enclosure. This enclosure creates a transparent look that is cool and inviting. Your pool will take on a sophisticated apothecary look when you add this type of enclosure.

Other Above Ground Pool Ideas

Narrow Pool

When you have a limited amount of space in your backyard, you might consider a narrow pool. This is a great way to take advantage of the length your yard provides. You can create a unique pool design.

A long and slender pool can give you the ability to swim laps, if that interests you. You can enclose it with stone or concrete to give it a finished look.

When you have a long and narrow yard, it gives you the ability to create a unique experience in your backyard. Your above ground pool may need to be close to the house, because you may not have a lot of space to use.

Corner Pool

When you have limited space in your back yard, you may have to get creative when designing your pool. You can create a corner pool. Basically, this pool turns a corner so that it can wrap around your house.

This is a space saving design that allows you to have a pool even in the smallest of spaces. This type of pool may take up your entire yard which means you do not have to worry about lawn maintenance.

The pool may be close to the house making it easy to walk outside and be only a few steps away from the pool.

Best Design Ideas For Around An Above Ground Pool

For some, it seems easier to install an in-ground pool because it already requires some amount of decking material. Many go with concrete and call it a day.

However, an above ground pool requires more thought and design because most of the pool is above ground. There needs to be some more consideration about what goes into your pool deck. Your budget is a deciding factor in this decision.

There are some common and popular design elements to consider installing around your pool deck. You can consider edging your pool with concrete pavers. This is a tried and true method that many pool owners have used over the years.

For a nice look around your pool, consider planters, trees, shrubs, and ornamental plants. You can find hardy plants that do not need a lot of care and will not mind being splashed with pool water.

When thinking about your above ground pool deck, you want to make sure that it is a slip proof material. The area around the pool is often wet and you want to avoid as many accidents as possible.

Above Ground Pool Ideas To Keep Your Pool Deck In Its Best Condition

Thoroughly Check Your Deck

Every year, you have to do work to open your pool. You cannot take off the cover and just jump in. Well, you could, but it is not recommended. It needs to be checked, cleaned, and maintained before using it each season.

The same is true for your above ground pool deck. It is essential that you spend one day when you open the pool and one day every few weeks to completely check your pool deck.

If you have a wood deck, you want to check for rotting wood to do it yourself and replace it, or contact a professional. You want to make sure there are no holes, gaps, or broken areas in your deck.

You should also ensure that your pool deck is stable. If you had a hard and extreme winter, your pool deck may have taken some abuse. You want to ensure that it is safe to use.

If you wait too long to inspect your deck, it could cause damage that cannot be replaced, or an incredibly expensive replacement. It may also cause a safety issue for those who enjoy your pool.

Clean And Seal Your Deck

When you clean your pool, you should be sure to clean your pool deck. You may need a specific set of tools to clean and check your above ground pool deck. When you clean it, you want to be sure to get rid of dirt and debris from the deck.

These items can be a safety hazard but also make your pool area look dirty and unwelcoming. In addition, you may determine that your deck needs to be sealed.

If that is the case, it must be completely clean and free of debris before you clean it. You do not want to seal in the dirt. Not only will you seal in dirt, but you will seal in stains that you may never be able to get out of your pool deck.

You do not want to look at stains every time you step onto your pool deck. That will most likely ruin the enjoyment and relaxation you get from being in your pool.

Select The Best Sealant

The good news is that you can seal your pool deck yourself. You do not have to have a lot of experience as a do it yourself home owner to properly seal your deck. You do want to be sure to select the best sealant for your particular pool deck.

You can easily find sealant at most hardware stores or pool stores. The basic option is a clear sealer that may not provide a large amount of UV protection.

A pigmented sealer will provide the best type of protection and will last the longest on your pool deck. If you are not sure, find a professional to get expert advice on which is the best sealant for your pool deck. You may want to give some information about the best way to apply the sealant, if you are not sure.

Prepare For Expansion

Depending on the type of pool deck that you have, it is natural and expected that it will expand as it ages. This is especially true for a wooden pool deck. Do not be surprised when you start to see rot in the wood of your pool deck or around your pool deck.

Remember this wood is subject to a large amount of water and external elements. It is a good idea to leave a small gap between any wooden boards. This provides them the room they need to expand and contract.

When you notice that any of the wood boards are rotting, it is critical that you replace them right away. You do not want to cause instability from the boards rotting. For safety and appearance purposes, you want to check the boards often.


Advantages to Affordable Decking For Above Ground Pools

There are a number of advantages to finding affordable decking options for above ground pools. For many people, they dream of having a pool in their backyard but believe they simply cannot afford it. Often people see pools as an extravagance and cannot rationalize the cost.

However, the cost of the pool, while important, may not be a large as a deterrent as once thought. There are ways to have the pool that are affordable while still giving many the ability to have a pool.

The most obvious advantage to affordable deck options is the price. We all have a budget that we must work within and when installing a pool, it is important to stay on budget. Affordable options will not soak up all of your money.

The size and material of the deck make a difference in the price. For example, you may be able to use composite materials and get twice the deck for half the price than other more expensive materials. It is crucial that you explore all of your options when determining what material to use.

It may be worth it to you to get a much larger deck space and to use a more affordable material. On the other hand, you may have a compact space for the deck and you can use a material that is more expensive because you need less material.

When you are flexible with the materials you want to use, it gives you more room to play with design. When you opt to spend a little less on the pool deck, you may be able to get some extras for your pool. You make be able to install a slide, trampoline, or other fun item because you saved money on the deck material.

You have the option of a soft sided or hard sided pool. In general, a soft sided pool is more affordable. Soft sided pools are also portable. You can dismantle it when needed and move it around, if you desire. This type of pool provides you with some flexibility.

An above ground pool is a great option because it is incredibly durable and easy to install. The frame may be constructed from steel, wood, aluminum, polymers, or resin. They are intended to last no matter how much wear and tear they receive. The interior lining is vinyl and made from material that is strong and resistant to punctures.

There are a number of advantages to an above ground pool and affordable decking. Even when you are on a budget, you can get the pool you have been dreaming of.