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Inground Pool Designs

Need new ideas for inground pool designs? Look no further! Here are a few great inground pool ideas to make your future pool the best on the block.

As summer approaches, you may be considering how to keep cool but keep enjoying the sunshine at the same time. If you have a patio, deck area, or a large backyard, an inground swimming pool might be just the thing to add in order to enjoy the hot months to the fullest.

There are many different inground pool designs to choose from. Depending on your preferences and the amount of space you are working with, you can create a custom pool area perfect for enjoying the weather and entertaining friends and family. What kind of pool can you imagine having?

Inground pool designs for backyards

There are countless inground pool designs that are easily customizable to fit the space you have available for an inground pool. Your pool doesn’t have to be too small or too big; rather, you can choose the size, shape, and depth of your pool to best match your needs and preferences. You can also design your pool create a backyard oasis.

Here are a few traditional inground pool designs for you:

Lap Pool

A lap pool is a standard, rectangular shaped pool. This shape fits well in most spaces and can allow you to have a place for resting, exercise, and entertainment. A lap pool typically is shallower on one end than the other, and can easily accommodate a diving board or a small waterslide.

Just because the lap pool is a rectangle doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Lap pools often leave you with enough space to keep a grass area and other landscaping.

Infinity Pool

An infinity pool has a contemporary look, blending well with modern architectural designs. Utilizing glass, metal, and other streamlined materials, an infinity pool can add glamor and style to your outside space.

Geometric Pool

Geometric pools are part of a more customized style of inground pool designs. Using geometric patterns, your pool can be created to fit the space you have without crowding out your existing patio or landscaping. These kinds of pools utilize squares, rectangles, as well as other rounded patterns to design the shape of your pool.

Freeform Pool

A freeform pool utilizes round edges and varying depths to create a smooth, welcoming look to your pool. A freeform pool often has multiple sections that can be created, along with ladders, steps, and other pool entries and exits.

Custom inground pool designs

There are many other custom pool designs that you can use to create the perfect inground pool in your back yard. If you want to attach a hot tub or waterfalls, add in fountains or other unique features to your pool, you can!

Once your inground pool has been installed, you can add in landscaping, fire pits, seating areas, and more in order to make this space comfortable and inspiring. Who wouldn’t love a dinner out on the patio, seated by the sparkling pool, enjoying the warmth of a summer evening?

Your inground pool should be a place you love to spend time. Although there are many options for inground pool designs, you should pick one that you can imagine yourself swimming in for many years to come.

Make your inground pool work with your space

Inground pools can accent existing landscape features.

Lap pools don't have to be boring

Lap pools can be a good addition to a patio area.

Geometric pool designs

You can customize your pool’s depth and shape.

Customize the depth and look of your pool

Your geometric pool can be designed to fit the space you have.

Grecian-style inground pool

Unique pool shapes can be a great addition to your backyard.

Tile can make a great pool boundary.

Your pool can be integrated into an existing patio area.

Oval inground pool designs

An oval pool is a classic pool style for your backyard.

Geometric inground pool designs

An inground pool can utilize different depths.

Create a spa in your backyard

A hot tub can be integrated into your pool.

Use your space wisely

An L-shaped pool can make the most of the space you have.

Differing geometric designs for pools

Circular designs can also be used to create your pool.

Add in water features to your pool

Waterfalls and other features can be added to your inground pool.

Geometric shapes can improve upon a standard lap pool

A lap pool can be extended to create more pool space.

Integrate your pool into the rest of your space

Your pool can be an extension of your interior design style.

A freestyle inground pool can capture your best interests

A freestyle pool can expand your entertainment space.