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37 Unique Pool Ideas (Pictures)

Check out these awesome pool ideas for your home. These backyard pools ideas will give you a head start on this huge home improvement.

Outdoor pool ideas for your backyard

Are you looking for awesome inground pool ideas for your home?  Inground swimming pool designs can be very overwhelming.  That’s one reason we have come up with our gallery of pool ideas and pool design plans for your enjoyment.  Feel free to point your pool salesman to this post to share the pool ideas you like the most!

Owning a house with a pool is the absolute pinnacle of luxury for most homeowners. It’s certainly not a necessity, but it is a fun purchase and investment that can transform the lifestyle of your family.  Part of the fun with any large purchase is researching and dreaming of exactly what you want.  So, if your looking for great backyard pool ideas, you have come to the right place.

The size of your pool is important. Too small, and you won’t be able to make the most of it. Too large, and you’ll feel lost and it will cost an awful lot to run. Get the size right by checking out examples of other home swimming pools for an idea of what you need. If you have some extra space, turn space close to the pool into a poolside relaxation area, complete with stylish and comfortable lounge beds, a permanent barbeque or outdoor kitchen and bar area, and an external dining area so you can enjoy your pool as you entertain guests and your family. A square pool is traditional and certainly easier to install, but a pool with free flowing soft curved edges will give your pool a more tropical getaway feel.

Pools with lights look fascinating and sparkling up close and from far away. This is the way to go if you want to use your pool at all hours of the day, and if you want your pool to stand out and look glamorous. If you want a more bohemian and understated look, surround your pool with solar powered fairy lights or string lights for alternative twinkling.

If you really want luxury, invest in an infinity pool to make your pool feel limitless, or build your own island getaway with waterfalls, caves, diving boards, and slides for family fun. If you don’t have the space outdoors or even the climate to build an outdoor pool, indoor pools can look just as impressive and do the same job. Covered by superficial walls and roofing, or built into an existing space in your home, indoor pools can give you your own spa-like getaway just a few steps away from your living area or bedroom (see pool ideas below).

Pool Ideas (Gallery)

shutterstock_15013579This lit pool looks outstanding and is an extra source of light in the garden even when it’s not in use.

Indoor Pool ideas for a pool roomThis indoor pool is small, but perfectly formed. This plunge pool is a perfect addition is you want your own private indoor getaway.

pool ideas This lagoon shaped pool idea provides plenty of space for the whole family and reminds us of a luxury tropical hotel.

shutterstock_88399096 No pool could be more inviting than this rounded and bright blue pool surrounded by gorgeous terracotta tiles and greenery.


 No holds barred on this home swimming pool complete with waterfalls and rockery.

shutterstock_274371854 In a contemporary twist, this infinity swimming pool has added a dry seating area in the centre, to add even more fun and style.


This small lagoon pool is an awesome pool idea and has plenty of privacy for a midnight swim.

40 beautiful pools_2

Designed for a family home, this freeform pool with slide and rocks for diving bring fun into the garden with lots of space to relax, and supervise!

40 beautiful pools_9

If swimming for fitness is your thing, size and straight lines are important. A wide swimming pool will let you get some lengths in, but there’s still plenty of space for entertaining.

40 beautiful pools_11

This no frills swimming pool is pure and simple and perfect for entertaining, family fun, and fitness. This is a gorgeous, one size fits all swimming pool!

40 beautiful pools_13

Proof that indoor pools can be just as striking as outdoor pools, this wooden outbuilding houses a stunning pool and relaxation area that any spa would be envious of.

40 beautiful pools_14 This Mediterranean inspired terrace surrounds the simple pool with colored stones and an outdoor dining terrace for year round outdoor fun.

40 beautiful pools_16This simple and narrow pool is best for people who want to get their lengths swam on their own and uninterrupted.

40 beautiful pools_17

THis rounded pool looks inviting and fun. A small dining terrace means that the entire family, and friends, can enjoy this vast garden and pool.

40 beautiful pools_18 Although relatively modest in size, this outdoor swimming pool is stunning in its simplicity.

40 beautiful pools_20 If you can’t justify building a swimming pool outdoors due to your colder climates, an indoor pool can provide you with the same amount of fun and space for dining and entertaining.

40 beautiful pools_23 The darker colour of this pool and minimal underwater lighting make this pool reminiscent of the sea. The stone terrace looks inviting and perfect for evening entertaining.

40 beautiful pools_24 This deep blue pool with white surround matches the all white exterior of the main home.

40 beautiful pools_25This tiled swimming pool surrounded by glass panels and lots of clean lines makes this pool a striking and contemporary relaxation space.

40 beautiful pools_26 This infinity pool is inviting and lives up to its name. The backdrop of tall palm trees and a wonderful sunset make this pool and sun terrace perfect for early morning or late evening swimming.

40 beautiful pools_27 This gorgeous home looks outstanding set against rolling hills. The pool set inside a spacious garden is the perfect private getaway for entertaining, or valuable family time.

40 beautiful pools_28 Inspiring to modern hotels, this bungalow home with a small pool has a sun terrace.

40 beautiful pools_29 A classic mansion swimming pool, perfect for late night entertainment with a large number of friends.

40 beautiful pools_30 This north African inspired home looks superb with a warmly lit pool and lots of sharp edges and interesting spaces. A wooden terrace and plants turn this pool into a fantastic summer escape inside your own home.

40 beautiful pools_31 Turn your swimming pool into your garden’s main feature.  Simple add two staircase entrances into the garden, both leading you straight to the edge of your pool.

40 beautiful pools_32

Looking out of your home and past your pool, a fantastic view will help to improve your poolside atmosphere. This one will struggle to be beaten.

40 beautiful pools_1

.This light and airy pool area uses light colors and natural sunlight to create a soft and relaxing pool.

40 beautiful pools_33

 Need a spa-like escape in the comfort of your own garden? Cool additions like this waterfall and pool bar will transform your garden pool into holiday escape.  A great pool ideas for the luxury home owner.

40 beautiful pools_34This large Mediterranean style home uses ornate décor and lots of greenery to surround the infinity pool. The pool is a gorgeous luxury for adults, but the separate pool turns up the fun for the little ones.

40 beautiful pools_35A garden path leading to a small but glamorous pool and shaded terrace area keeps this pool area completely separate from the main home.  These small pool ideas make a huge difference in the final out come of your backyard

40 beautiful pools_4

Larger gardens offer you more space to create a large garden pool. This home has added a simple and modest pool that doesn’t limit the size of the garden.
40 beautiful pools_36  A contemporary sun terrace and pool might look simple but will have maximum impact on any home. We love the creative design of this pool terrace, which is surrounded entirely by swimming pool.

40 beautiful pools_37

Can’t decide between swimming pool or whirlpool? Sacrifice a small area or your swimming pool like this one so you can install both, and keep everybody happy.

40 beautiful pools_38 This infinity pool has no barriers on the furthest edge so that the pool size feels endless. An infinity edge pool also means that the home’s wonderful view doesn’t need to be sacrificed.

40 beautiful pools_39 Pillars give a nod to Ancient Mediterranean luxury, but also make a pool idea that is a little more private.  Perfect if you like to relax while you swim!

40 beautiful pools_40Better suited for hotter climates, this shaded sun terrace comes with soft drapes for sun protection.