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32 Luxury Kitchen Island Ideas

Looking for beautiful kitchen island ideas and designs? Visit our gallery featuring luxury kitchen island plans that will leave you ready for a remodel.

Welcome to our gallery showcasing luxury kitchen island ideas! There are a lot of options to consider when choosing between luxury kitchen island plans.  Should you hire a kitchen remodel contractor or do the work yourself? Some people choose to take out a loan, like home equity line of credit, while others save for years.  Keep in mind kitchen island plans vary greatly based on the size, shape, and budget of your kitchen project.

No matter what your financial situations we feel it’s important to consult with an interior designer and hire the right kitchen remodel contractor.  Tackling a kitchen island design takes a lot of planning and skill.  Since adding an island can fundamentally change the look and feel of your kitchen design, we suggest you take you time and get a lot of kitchen island ideas before “pulling the trigger”.

We hope our interior design website gives you the inspiration you need get the luxury kitchen plans you have always wanted!

Kitchen Islands have become the norm in new kitchens for good reason. They offer so many positive additions to a kitchen… they are capable of storing pots and pans, concealing appliances, provide additional seating by adding a few bar stools, and some extra counter space when preparing food and entertaining.

Islands are especially useful in luxury kitchens with open floor plans and can open up a dialogue between the kitchen and the living room, the cook and the guests.

Kitchen Island Design Tip

Resist the common urge to stuff 10 pounds of island into a 5-pound kitchen. It’s natural to want to gain as much storage and counter space as possible, but an oversized island interferes with appliance and cabinet doors and doesn’t offer room for cooks to maneuver.

Industry guidelines recommend at least 3 feet between the island and a wall and 3½ feet between the island and surrounding cabinets and appliances.

We hope you are as inspired by these luxury kitchen island ideas as we have been. While choosing your kitchen island plans for remodeling, we suggest you keep the great functions and features of a kitchen island design in mind!

Kitchen Island Ideas

luxury kitchen island designs

This striking stone island creates a stunning kitchen feature piece and doubles as an informal breakfast bar.

Kitchen island plans with light wood

The double level island provides a mask for working and unsightly parts of the kitchen with shelving space for decorative items.

kitchen island design for large islandsThe dark and intense color of this wooden island’s base contrasts with the light and neutral color palette for maximum effect.

Luxury Kitchens

32 kitchen islands_28

This traditional kitchen island plan looks natural and effortless, bringing order to the kitchen at the same time.

Large kitchen island plansThis square island is unusually shaped to add a quirky twist to this traditional luxury kitchen.

Marble and granite island worktops look fantastic directly under lighting as they sparkle and diffuse light.

Kitchen Island Plans

32 kitchen islands_25This white island is a design tool used to turn up the level of white in the kitchen.

32 kitchen islands_24Mixing neutral tones will maintain your kitchens stylish and calming atmosphere.

32 kitchen islands_23This ornate kitchen island with bold chairs does its job of bringing fun and drama into the room.

32 kitchen islands_22This bespoke corner island is an alternative shape which turns the L-shaped kitchen into a stage.  Remember, beautiful luxury kitchens come in all shapes and sizes.

32 kitchen islands_21Wooden floors look incredible but continuing the shade as a workbench will multiply the impact and contrast.

32 kitchen islands_20The legs on this island contrast with the cabinet base and make one of our favoite kitchen island ideas of this post.

32 kitchen islands_19Curved corners on an island like this one can soften the impact and bring a more futuristic and alternative feel.

This u shaped kitchen island design is perfect for a family gather spotA curved island separate luxury kitchens from the dining area and is perfect for informal family dining.

32 kitchen islands_17A central island is a great way to turn up the intensity of colors and materials.

luxury kitchensThis oversized island fills the space perfectly and provides a space for communication and sharing. As well as a perfect view from the large bay window.

32 kitchen islands_13This rectangular kitchen island design does well to elongate a kitchen and make full use of its space, including quirky ceiling storage.

32 kitchen islands_14Kitchen islands are perfect to bring fun and personality into a traditional kitchen, just like these mid-century style chairs.

Kitchen Island Designs

32 kitchen islands_15This brown wooden island helps the existing tall cabinets of the same material become an ingrained part of the color palette.

32 kitchen islands_12Here, the striking black and silver contrast is amplified by the presence of a vast silver worktop and futuristic stools.

32 kitchen islands_11Create a statement kitchen island design by making sure the worktop is extremely large.  You kitchen island plans don’t have to be over the top as long as they meet your needs and taste.

32 kitchen islands_10Who said luxury kitchens have to be traditional?  This homely and minimal kitchen island plan maintains it’s Scandinavian style with straight lines and soft curves.

32 kitchen islands_9This narrow kitchen island on legs is superficial and can be moved easily when the homeowners fancy a change.

32 kitchen islands_4Placing a light above is a great kitchen island idea that puts a focus on the room’s key area.

32 kitchen islands_7Sticking to one simple color palette can make your kitchen island plan feel like a subdued and simple feature.

Curved kitchen island designA curved or L-shaped island, like this one, can help you to keep some important floor space in smaller kitchens.

kitchen island ideasThis dark and brooding island brings an intense and Gothic twist to this light and airy kitchen.

32 kitchen islands_8This luxury kitchen is the perfect mix of traditional and contemporary, mixing a traditional wooden island with funky color accents.

32 kitchen islands_3The shape and position of your island can alter how your room feels. This long and narrow shape elongates the square shaped kitchen.

32 Kitchen Islands_1The size of this giant island makes it the main style and functional feature of the room, turning the main kitchen fittings into a subtle accessory.

32 kitchen islands_2Red leather chairs and an intense island worktop bring fun and dramatic energy into this soft, traditional home.