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Super White Granite Countertops

White kitchen countertops are all the rage. If you're looking for a classic look with a modern twist, consider the versatile Super White Granite stone.

Super White Granite is a unique countertop option that can dramatically change how your kitchen looks and feels. Super White Granite is a popular countertop choice for many people because it goes with a lot of popular interior design choices for kitchens. If you want your kitchen to be unique while using products that are tried and tested, consider this stone for your countertop options.

Super White Granite details

Despite its name, Super White Granite is actually a type of quartzite. Super White Granite is mined from a quarry in Brazil, giving the stone a unique pattern that often resembles an aerial view of an icy ocean. Light colored, compact, and course, Super White Granite can have a variety of veins of different colors running through a slab.

As the name does suggest, Super White Granite is super white. Up close, it can have veins of color that range from light beige to dark gray.  Larger slabs of the stone may look very different from one another, which can add unique character to different parts of your countertop.

If you want a more uniform look, make sure to check your slabs before you buy them to make sure there aren’t any big differences between the look of the different granite slabs. However, these differences can add a twist to the typical Granite look.

Benefits of Super White Granite

This kind of stone is naturally stain resistant and incredibly tough, which means it will last longer and stay in shape better than other kinds of countertops. If you want to install Super White Granite countertops in your kitchen, you can finish them to increase their ability to kill germs, resist scratches and stains, maintain heat resistance, and more.

Having white granite countertops can open up a world of interior design opportunities for your kitchen. If you aren’t sure what color you want to paint your kitchen cabinets, a lighter countertop can give you more leeway in choosing what colors will blend throughout the kitchen space. White countertops can go nicely with white or off-white cabinets, just as they can offset the color depth of a brown wood, dark gray, or black cabinet.

No matter what you envision for your kitchen, white countertops can open up a space and create a lightness that makes your kitchen look and feel bigger. If you are trying to take advantage of limited natural light, light-colored counters will reflect the rays and brighten your space.

You can also use this granite countertop stone for your kitchen island or smaller china cabinets for a twist on a durable surface.

Super White rarity

Super White Granite, or Quartzite, slabs are relatively scarce. However, the popularity of this kind of stone is growing, and more is likely to come on the market as the word gets out. Light and white countertops are very popular in interior design for their ability to lighten and brighten a room, in addition to matching with a majority of other kitchen design styles.

Stainless steel and super white granite

Super White Granite matches with stainless steel appliances.

Monochromatic Super White Granite

This granite slab adds texture to a monochromatic kitchen.

Patterned veins of dark gray.

White granite can have veins of gray in it.

Granite bathroom countertops

White granite can also work in bathroom spaces.

White granite versatility.

Light granite can offset wood tones in a kitchen.

Granite countertops for kitchen islands

A granite island countertop can provide a tough surface for cooking preparation.

Granite slabs vary in their patterns.

Granite can often take on a marbled look.

Dark cabinets can create contrast with granite countertops.

Light countertops can offset the depth of a dark cabinet.

Open plan kitchen space

Open concept kitchens can benefit from the airy feeling of light colored granite.

Light fixtures can bring a room together.

Hanging light fixtures can emphasize the granite’s details.

Countertops for kitchen islands

Smaller kitchen spaces can utilize a custom granite slab.

Light countertops can make dark cabinet colors pop.

Granite countertops can benefit bathrooms, too.

Unique countertop shapes.

Light granite edges can have unique shapes.

Custom kitchen countertops

Custom granite slabs can fit curved countertops.