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46 Mirror Above Bed (Ideas and Designs)

Find out the best ideas for the mirror above the bed ideas, the different styles to choose from, and where else you can incorporate this awesome design!

Gray theme color bedroom with a grandiose mirror on the wall

To some people, mirrors are more than just wall decor, they are a lifestyle. No, I’m not exaggerating. The mirror has a very compelling aesthetic appeal for so many different themes and people. The Boho (Bohemian) aesthetic, soft aesthetics, plant or nature aesthetics, dark and light aesthetics, minimalist aesthetics, and even LED/neon light aesthetics.

Basically, mirrors can go with just about anything, and can be further decorated to blend with the rest of the room with ease. The “mirror above bed” trend has been gaining popularity on social media for the appealing aesthetic and look it gives a room – particularly a bedroom.

If you’re interested in participating in the trend, or just adding something not intrusive to the aesthetic in your room but don’t really know what to do, you just clicked on the right article! I’m going to go over the different reasons people include these designs in their bedroom decor, the countless options for designs, patterns and ideas to choose from, and some tips to keep you from making a mess of things – which is bound to happen with glass so fragile.

Ideas and Designs

Why do people want mirrors above their beds? Well, there are a number of reasons – the current most popular reason being to take pictures. That isn’t all there is to it, though. There are some motivations that might surprise you, or even encourage you to do the same if you were not already planning to.


Mirror in white frame-rectangular shape.
Overhead mirror in white frame-rectangular shape.

Mirror pictures are something that is consistently popular. It’s a great way to change up your Instagram feed, and to capture your full body in a picture while still being in control of the angles and seeing how you can adjust your pose. So, some people have taken this to the next level of the home interior by putting mirrors above their beds to take pictures just like the one you see right here.

Room Space

A gray accent color bedroom with a circular mirror and a rectangle mirror
A gray accent color bedroom with a circular mirror in the back and a rectangle mirror in the front.

Having mirrors in any room will give the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is. Therefore, this is an excellent choice for smaller bedrooms or bedrooms with shorter ceilings. Having a mirror above the (bed or anywhere in your room) will “add space” to smaller bedrooms.


Mirror on the wood paneled wall
Mirror on the wood-paneled wall behind the bed.

Lighting is what creates the ambiance for a room. It sets the mood and adds to the theme of decor, which is why so many people love to set up LED strips around their ceilings or beds or, of course, mirrors. Whether it be a standing mirror or a hanging mirror, lining it in LED will undoubtedly give you the mood you’re looking for. The lights will reflect from the mirror to the rest of the room, putting the color of your choice on every surface.

Now, we can get into all the possibilities.


A large circular wood-framed mirror above bed
A large circular wood-framed mirror hangs over the bed.

Round or oval mirrors give a completely different vibe than a square mirror. Do you agree? If you’re looking for something to contrast all the right angles in your room – any square window, the bed itself, shelving and so on – hanging a round mirror above your bed might just be the answer you’re looking for.

A long horizontal mirror for the design of two beds.

There are different types of squared mirrors to choose from, like this thin rectangular mirror. It doesn’t overwhelm the space, but it does reflect light from the windows and fixtures back to the rest of the room. It also acts as a simple décor for the empty space above headboards.

A skinny tall mirror in multiple lengths
A skinny tall mirror in multiple lengths.

Moving away from basic shape, why not choose something completely different? It could be a heart mirror like you see in this picture, a star, or even something abstract! Truly, there are many possibilities to choose from. Any mirror design that you see on a wall, you can absolutely put it above your bed like this!

An abstract mirror for décor over the bed
An abstract mirror for a one-of-a-kind decor over the bed.

This is truly an abstract mirror. It isn’t meant to be anything, just a mirror with unspecified dips and curves, but provides a very unique look that you’re unlikely to find somewhere else.

Full Length

Overhead mirror with black wood frame
An elegant overhead mirror with a black wood frame.

The term “full-length mirror” is typically used to reference a mirror that will show your entire body from top to bottom. Right now, it is to describe a mirror above your bed that is the entire (or almost entire) width of the aforementioned bed. In this example, the mirror is slip and simplistic, almost giving you the impression that it’s a window to the sky.

Back Lighting

Like I said before, lighting sets the mood for any room – especially a bedroom. It’s considered part of bedroom decor, so why not decorate it in a way that the reflection of said lights covers the entirety of your room? White lights like these have a classic look, very sleek and clean.

You can also use LED lighting, such as the LED strips that are controlled by a remote – which can be found almost anywhere, from to your local Walmart. Lights like these allow you to change colors, adapting to your current mood or preferences.

Above Headboard

A hanging mirror with a wooden design
A classic hanging mirror with a wooden accent design.

Hanging a mirror above the headboard of your bed can take that dead space and transform it. Depending on the type of mirror you hang, it can be classy, simplistic, extravagant, or even fun. Not to mention all the different shapes and designs to choose from!


A large mirror headboard fits in  on the interior
A large sophisticated mirror headboard fits in perfectly on the interior.

Mirror headboards are very classy, in my opinion. The great thing about them is that you can combine them with any color or visual aesthetic you want – all mirrors do is reflect, so they can fit in with absolutely any design.

A stylish mirror in the center and big tiled mirrors at the back
A stylish mirror in the center of the bedroom, with big tiled mirrors on the back wall.

Most designs with a mirror or fragile headboard will have a padded headboard at the center to stop you from hitting it in your sleep, which can shatter the mirror. Nobody wants that!

A bed in an automobile with an above mirror
Sleeping space in an automobile with an above mirror.

That’s why designs like this one are less desired – because they’re more dangerous! Imagine moving in your sleep and waking up to shattered glass all over your head and body. I strongly advise against this design unless the mirror isn’t made from glass.

Headboard Lining

A mirror's design style suits the headboard
A mirror’s design style suits the bed headboard.

Keeping it safe, you can also have mirrors like these as a part of your headboard design without inciting any harmful outcomes. They aren’t quite a “mirror above bed”, but the intention remains the same.

Headboard lining with a combined mirror on the side style design
A huge headboard lining with a combined mirror on the side style design.

One great thing about mirrors like these is that you can choose ones that have bedroom designs carved into the glass. It gives them a bit of visual depth, don’t you agree?

A blue tone bedroom with a lengthy pattern mirror design
A cool hue blue tone bedroom with a lengthy pattern mirror design.

The headboards don’t have to go to the ceiling, of course. You could use that space for a bigger impact mirror, or fill the space with art, photos, or something else with a simpler appearance. Really, any ideas you might have are likely to work out for you.


A large circular mirror with a wooden frame
A large circular mirror with a wooden frame stands out.

Another way to add a little personality to your mirrors are the frames. There are so many options, from fancy to simple, wide and thin, textured or flat. Keep an eye on the different types of frames as you continue looking through these pictures and you’ll see what I mean. The great thing about frames is that even if a mirror doesn’t come with one, you can make one or buy one to put around it!

A sunburst mirror frame design round shape
A sunburst mirror frame design complements the wall color.

The sunburst mirror frames are currently very popular and very trendy! If you can’t quite find the mirror shape, or you like the framing but not the round mirror, you can make the frame with dowel rods cut to different sizes and whatever paint color you choose.

A simplistic mirror design above bed
A simplistic mirror design for a classic-style bedroom.

Sometimes, simple is better. The clean and simple white lining around this mirror keeps it asleep while giving a classic look.


Square tile mirror design elegance style
Square tile mirror design for enhanced elegance style.

Not the type of person who is a fan of a big slab for a mirror? Need a little more depth and significance? That’s no problem at all! Tiling square mirrors together to make a rectangle mirror like this over your bed or creating an abstract shape will do the trick. It gives you more to look at and appreciate instead of a plain old mirror, right?


Another way to get away from any boring designs is to decorate! This half mirror above the bed, with Boho-style fringe, is a great place to start. Not to mention, this can be made rather easily! All you need to do is get the desired threading or fringe and glue it to the back of it and you have a mirror above bed with an entirely new, customizable style!

Other ideas might be adding pictures or stickers to the outside edge of the mirror, doodles, paints, etc. Adding an abstract framework to a plain mirror can also do wonders to take it from boring to the focal point of the whole bedroom!

A spherical mirror with three identical designs on the wall
A spherical mirror with three identical designs fits into the empty wall.

Choosing or creating a series of mirrors like you see in this photo is honestly a lot of fun! You can pick whatever shapes you prefer most or that you think would go well with the rest of the bedroom, add the correct shape and size to the object, and you’ve created decor that is completely unique to your bedroom!

If you have a passion for stones and crystals, I’m sure you have already fallen in love with this mirror at first sight. You can expect that mirrors as extravagant as this one are weighed down by a heavy price but, once again, you can transform an ordinary mirror into something like this! How? All you need are tiny rocks, golden glue, super glue, and a steady hand!


A big and small round mirror complements the marble wall
A big and small round mirror complements the marble wall background.

In my opinion, this is one of the most stunning mirror designs! The massive marble behind the mirrors looks more like an art piece than a wall, becoming the focal point of the bedroom, and the smaller round mirror being off-center gives the idea much more dynamic than if there were only one mirror there. This is easy to pull off in a larger room, but it can be done in small bedrooms on a less grand scale.

A large oval-shaped mirror above the bed
A large oval-shaped mirror above the bed illuminates the room.

A little less extreme than the previous bedroom, this large mirror above the bed has been made to be the center of the wall, directly above where the bed is positioned. Adding the white lines around it, as well as horizontally and vertically through the center, really gives you the sense that it was designed to fit there from the get-go.


A stylish two circular mirrors of varying sizes
A stylish design room with two circular mirrors of varying sizes.

The theme can refer to the color scheme of your room or the style and shape of furniture in your bedroom. The rose gold of the mirrors match with the rest of the pinkish, rosy, and light colors that have been used to style the rest of the room. Mirrors can create a wonderful addition to any theme or aesthetic, whether it be light, dark, or something in between.

An impeccable mirrors on the above bed area
An impeccable mirror on the above bed area looks nice.

Another example is this beige, Boho-style room with a mirror to match. The distinct color of the frame blends with other furniture in the room – the stand, headboard, and throw blanket – and also complements the other light colors to complete a very natural-tone room.

Light Fixtures

A mirror tower with lighting and plants décor looks gorgeous.

If you’re worried that a mirror will take away your light, don’t. You can still have a ceiling light, a working one, installed on a mirror. However, this is definitely something that you should leave to professionals. If you try doing this on your own, you’ll more than likely shatter the mirror or leave behind a bunch of itty-bitty glass fragments that can literally get under your skin.


A vintage mirror design in wood frame
A vintage mirror design with white-coated paint wood.

For people who are really into two-sided or paired symmetry, this is the design for you. Two identical mirrors have been placed on either side above the bed, just like the lamps and bedside stands. This example is vintage, displaying circles, but instead of a round mirror you can put any other shape or concept in its place.


A combination of mirrors in various sizes looks fantastic
A combination of mirrors in various sizes looks fantastic as wall décor.

Imagine it as the mirror above your bed, or mirrors to be specific. This isn’t the only way of grouping mirrors, either. Choose any shape you want and you can put them flat on the wall, or have them propped at different lengths like you see here.

Pebble-shaped mirrors create a unique vision of the bedroom
Pebble-shaped mirrors appear great since they create a unique vision of the bedroom.

There are also premade groupings like this. These pebble-shaped mirrors almost look as though they have melted into each other, still leaving spaces between them. It’s a really fun design that would definitely be the focal point of the room when hanging above your bed. Pair that with greenery or fairy lights, and you have the perfect plant-life aesthetic.

Mirror “Grout”

A hexagonal mirror in the space creates a stunning design
A hexagonal mirror in the space creates a stunning home décor design.

“Grout” does not refer to the space between mirrors, but that the mirror can be the space between other objects. This design can be personalized to a T, and you can choose just about any shapes you want. Having it cut and put together professionally is a good option, however, the easier route is to simply measure out the spacing and glue the shapes over the mirror! Better, right?

Tips and Advice

Here are a few things you might want to know before starting on your “mirror above bed” project. I can’t let you go without talking about the precautions you should take and what you should leave to the professionals!

Adding Light Fixtures

One of your concerns may be about whether or not you can still have a light if you put the mirror above bed space and cover where the light fixture used to be. This is true – if you allow it to be. You can place the mirrors around the light fixture, have it professionally cut to fit around the fixture, or buy a premade design.

Lightweight Mirror

A lightweight mirror with a wood frame style
A lightweight and portable mirror with a wood frame style.

When pursuing a design project like this, the one thing that you really don’t want is something heavy. Heavy mirrors have more potential to fall and shatter, and they provide a difficult time with handling and installation. Alternatives to consider would be thinner mirrors that you peel and stick to any surface, including a wall. So long as you avoid heavy mirrors or anything that poses a risk, the design you have in mind should work out just fine.


Mirror cleaning is essential for appearance and shape
Mirror cleaning is essential for keeping a good appearance and shape.

Frankly, cleaning is only enjoyed by a small percentage of people and, chances are, you aren’t one of them. Wiping fingerprints off of your mirror every other day isn’t something you’re going to want to do, especially if it’s over your bed. So, my advice? Clean the mirror after the installation is complete and don’t touch it again! You might have to dust from time to time, but at least you won’t have to get the glass cleaner out.


A professional mirror installation for safe application
A professional mirror installation is suggested for safe application.

Choosing to fill the blank space on your wall by hanging a mirror above your bed is an excellent choice – but it can turn into a disaster in the blink of an eye. One wrong move can have the mirror shattering in your hands, and the outcome will be even worse if you’re handling multiple mirrors. Because we don’t want you to end up with a million tiny cuts and shattered glass everywhere, please consider hiring someone with professional, hands on experience to install any major or large mirror in your bedroom – or anywhere else for that matter.

To give you a hand, you can go directly to right now and find the top 10 mirror installers near you. They will use precision to give you level and clean lines, and quality mounting hardware to ensure that nothing will slip out of place. Even if something does break, the installers will be prepared and clean it up so that nothing dangerous is left behind.

Can I Put It Somewhere Else?

You can absolutely do this in other parts of your bedroom! Any of these designs, themes, and ideas can be incorporated in other parts of your room. For example, you could… Well, let me just show you!


A huge portable mirror on the floor adds décor to the empty wall.
A huge portable mirror on the floor adds décor to the empty wall.

Naturally, putting it on some other empty wall space around your bedroom is the first thing that comes to mind. Mirrors can really be put anywhere, so long as it fits the available space. The only thing you need to be worried about is whether there is a stud behind the wall or if you will need to use wall anchors to hang the mirror.

Above Dresser

A mirror hanging on the wall table's top
A vintage-style mirror wall hangs on the table’s top.

Like above your headboard, the wall above dressers tends to be negative space – meaning there isn’t anything on this particular section of the wall even if there are other hanging decorations around it. It’s an excellent area to put a mirror, hanging it on the wall or one that stands on the top of the dresser itself.

Bedroom Door

EVDINO 47"x15" LED Lighted Wall Mounted Mirror, Full-Length Mirror with Lights, Over The Door Hanging Mirror, Vanity Makeup Dressing Body Mirror for Bedroom Cloak Room

This is actually something that I have done, and I can vouch for it 100%. It doesn’t take up any unnecessary space, and the door provides enough area for a full-length mirror to hang. It will add considerable weight to the door depending on the type of mirror, but it does make my door swing shut every time. If that isn’t something you like, look for something that isn’t such a heavy object.

Closet Doors

A mirror was attached to the sliding closet door
A mirror was attached to the sliding closet door as an added feature.

Sliding closet doors that are mirrors have a bigger impact than anywhere else in the room, especially if they are a large mirror! The reflection of the room and lights makes the room look double the size it actually is, and is also an excellent way to enhance any interior design. I recommend having handles to slide them with, that way you aren’t constantly cleaning fingerprints and handprints from the mirrors.

Wardrobe Doors

A mirror in the wardrobe closet is a practical approach
A mirror in the wardrobe closet is a practical approach to saving space.

A wardrobe like this, with mirrors built into the doors already, might not be in your budget. Luckily, you can turn it into a fun DIY project! There are many different kinds of brackets that can be screwed into doors to secure mirrors just like these into place. Whether or not your wardrobe has double doors, strategic places like this will save you space in the bedroom.

On Ceiling

This may be a bit less practical, but if you don’t have much wall space to spare, or you simply don’t want to clutter your bedroom, installing the mirror on your ceiling is still a popular option. However, there tends to be a little more to this particular design than meets the eye, so make sure you do your research before hanging a potential hazard right above where you sleep.

Standing Mirror

A portable and adjustable standing mirror
A portable and adjustable standing mirror next to the wall.

No room on your walls, or you can’t hang things in a rented space? That’s all right. Standing mirrors work just as well, and most are adjustable to get the right angle for you! You can also take a look at mirrors that hang from doors with built-in hooks.

Storage Mirror

Bonnlo Upgraded Jewelry Cabinet Armoire with Square Base & 4 Adjustable Angle, Freestanding Lockable Jewelry Organizer with Extra Inner Mirror

On the other side of impractical, choosing a mirror with storage options is a great way to make up for the space the mirror itself takes from your bedroom. If you are really desperate for space, you might even consider replacing your current jewelry storage with something like this – or fill it with other items that presently stay in something that takes up space.