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41 Stunning Country Interior Design Ideas

Country interior design is a great way to change your home from ordinary to extraordinary. Check out the article for tips and examples.

country living room

For many home owners country interior design is more than just a theming preference, it is a way of life.  We will show you both simple country design choices and some that are over the top.

From the living room to the bedroom we will show you tons of ideas that will help you along the way to make your home more country.  But first, lets talk about some of the different aspects you may want to consider if you decide to decorate in a country interior design style.

Country interior design may mean different things to different people, especially people based in different parts of the country.  There are some that assume that decorating in this interior design style is much like something you would see at a country western bar in Texas.  While this can be a part of your decor choices, we recommend keeping your decor choices simple, so your home turns out cozy and not like a western museum.

What are some of the design choices that make great country interior design style?

Muted color like tan, rust, or beige are popular choice for a base color in your home in conjunction with white.  Then use an accent color like red, yellow, purple or blue to create a splash of interest in your home.

Use stained and distressed wood to give a deep rich feeling and and texture to your country home decor.  From distressed wood floors, barn doors, to hand finished furniture, nothing says country like furniture that looks worn wood.

Resist the urge to over accessories your space.  Nothing will stand out more than if you are trying too hard to make your home look and feel country.  Use subtle accents to achieve a genuine country interior design style in your home.  Avoid bull horn, and western decor that bring too much attention to itself.

Lastly, have fun and enjoy the process of creating the space you have always wanted.  Creating the perfectly themed space is less science and more of an art.  It can take time to find the right pieces of furniture and decor to theme your home.  So settle in and enjoy the process.

As always enjoy the gallery below!

Country Interior Design Kitchens


A simple white kitchen with wood countertops and a custom green pantry.

Rustic wood shelves serve as decoration in a functional place for dishes.

A simple white kitchen which subway tile and patterned pillows around the breakfast nook.

A mix of French country and rustic elegance complete this beautiful kitchen.

A huge variety of rustic wood creates the feeling of an old barn inside your kitchen.

A traditional country kitchen with green and red accents to make the cabinets and window treatments pop.

An old rustic table in place of a modern day kitchen island.


Open shelving and wood countertops complete this eclectic country kitchen.

Soft and subtle green cabinetry is accented by white subway tiles and a Farmer sink.


A vaulted ceiling and old appliances create country nostalgia.

A light and airy kitchen with white washed wood accents.

Rustic tile and wood countertops finish off the simple white kitchen.

A French country kitchen with a green island for extra contrast.

Country Living Rooms

A light and airy living room with white drapes and a rustic circular chandelier.

Muted colors with a white sofa and dramatic wood furniture.

Country country living room with A mix of traditional elegance.


Pottery Barn meats farmhouse In this eclectic living room.

A country living room mixed with traditional centerpieces creates a homey atmosphere.

Yellows and blues can create a classic country design right in your living room.

Rustic wood beams with white wood paneling create a sophisticated country living room.

We love the muted walls with light blue accents and matching curtains.

Beautiful white trim around doors and windows create a contemporary country feel.

Country Bedrooms

A country western master bedroom complete Stone fireplace.

This country bedroom feels like a log cabin with the wood paneling behind the headboard.

Modern-day country design with fence boards as an accent wall.

A huge stone fireplace gives this country master bedroom an old world feeling.

Simple yet powerful accents create a master bedroom get away.

Bold red and white patterns have been a staple for country interior design.

Country interior design can also be eclectic by including various other themes like French providential.

Simple accents like pillows in artwork can change a room from modern to country.

White furniture with yellow accents make a great choice for a light and airy country design.

Country Entryways

A mix of modern design in a large country hall tree.

Bold red shutters and a rustic window create a wonderful entryway backdrop.

French and country themes mix again to create a bold statement for visitors.

Rustic wood and flowers give a modern day country theme to your home.

Glass and bare metal accents top a simple would entryway table.

The use of old rustic windowsIs a staple in today’s country interior design ideas.  Check out the Etsy Shop Here to order.

It’s Simple and elegant entryway that combines modern and country decore.

Wood paneling and distressed bench seating are perfect accents for an entryway.

Whitewashed wood paneling and some simple molding creates the perfect entryway display shelf.