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9 Wood Patterns for Flooring 

There are many different types of wood floor looks and patterns. Check out our list of images showing some different options to get a feel for the look yo like the best.

Open living space cabin, vaulted dark wooden ceilings with wooden beams, white brick floor to ceiling fireplace, area rug, white couch, ottomans, stained oak wood flooring

 There are many different types of wood floor patterns. Whether you’re looking for a classic look or something more modern, chances are you can find it in a wide variety of floor textures and styles. Wood floor patterns add splashes of color that give your room a personalized feel. Every wood floor has a pattern created as the wood is milled and cut, then hand-stained by artisans.

Wood flooring patterns can add elegance to any home and feel more relaxed. Unfinished wood floors are inexpensive, yet their beautiful look will last for decades. Because wood is natural, its imperfections, knots, and grains make each piece unique.

Hardwood flooring will always have charm and refined grace because of its organic origins. Wood flooring adds warmth and an air of quality to a room. 

On the surface, hardwood flooring patterns can sometimes seem confusing. With so many options and cosmetic differences, it becomes difficult to interpret what type of hardwood flooring is best for your home. Below is a design guide to clarify some of these distinctions and explain why it is so important to choose the right one.

Wood Floor Patterns

Herringbone Wood Floor Patterns

Arial veiw of bedroom with herringbone pattern wood floors, 3 rugs around bed, 2 chairs, gray and white bedding, 2 small white night stands

If you’re looking for a new wood floor, consider the Herringbone pattern. The Herringbone floor pattern has been around since the 15th century and has become quite popular. What’s so special about it? It features an attractive diamond-shaped design that is unique yet can still be used by anyone with basic wood floor installation skills.

The herringbone pattern was initially created by creating a “V” shaped pattern of wood strips and laying them in a sideways fashion or creating a herringbone pattern with the widths of the strips of wood. Both patterns make for lovely flooring for any home and should be considered if you like the appearance of wooden floors.

The herringbone pattern lays out in a sawtooth form in which the rows of light and dark wood alternate. The herringbone floor pattern is famous for its clean and modern appearance. These flooring patterns designs can be created on heavily varnished wood flooring or left unfinished to give it a more rustic appearance.

The herringbone floor pattern gives off a very traditional and vintage look. The patterns are typically made up of three different lengths as well as three different widths for each plank. Not only do herringbone patterns have a wide range of widths and lengths, but the entire array can also be used to create one large pattern or several different patterns with the same sized planks.

Parquet Wood Floor Patterns

Light with dark mixed hard wood flooring, cream walls, white crown moulding, cream and white drapes on high windows, built in shelves and tv on wall

Dance around the room with these delightful parquet wood floor patterns. Use color to pull your ideas together in a cohesive way and create unique wood floor patterns. Parquet hardwood floor patterns are digitally printed on durable 100 lb. (300 gsm) paper using industry-standard, non-toxic inks that are soy-based and water-soluble.

The parquet pattern is a modern, sophisticated design with a wide-plank square-shaped floor pattern. It features solid hardwood floors and engineered 3″ hardwood with a smooth finish for versatility which is easy to clean and maintain. These panels are great for any room that requires an elegant look. Each square per set is 18 inches by 18 inches and comes in various colors. Made from recycled rubber tires and quality wood, this is a product you will be proud to display in your home. Choose the parquet pattern that best fits your needs by choosing from the many different wood species (some of which include oak, cherry, mahogany, chestnut, and more), and create your own wood flooring installation patterns using easy-to align patterns.

Straight Hardwood Wood Floor Patterns

Light, grainy thin width hard wood flooring, purple couc, gray couch, purple and gold accent wall, black light fixture hanging from ceiling, white drapes on windows

The straight pattern floor collection designed with a traditional, premium look is available in various wood species. Each plank has been carefully selected to bring together a range of timber shades and tones to create a rich, clear non-grain effect that is enjoyable to look at, particularly in combination with natural light. Straight hardwood floors are crafted from hardwood and remain stunning for years.

These straight pattern hardwood floors in your home have a significant impact on your room’s look and feel, so why not use a hardwood like oak or Maple, which gives an exquisite appearance to the floor. Search for flooring tiles for straight pools, scanning open or diagonal lines to add variety and interest. You can then create your own unique style with various hardwoods available in different colors and grains.

Mixed Width Wood Floor Patterns

Rustic wood floor consisting of light to medium shades of brown and 2 differing sizing in width

The Handmade Collection of flooring is carefully prepared and polished by European craftsmen to bring the highest quality of natural and authentic wood floors that capture the timeless artistry of centuries past. These mixed-width wood floor patterns feature a range of colors and textures, from light oak grain to rich hand-scraped hues, resembling the treasures of Grandmother’s attic or antique shop finds with original markings and slight imperfections that only add to their beauty.

Mixed-width flooring features a unique hardwood look that’s sure to turn heads. Subtle striations, irregular intervals, and soft edges create an earthy motif that blends in easily with existing flooring. This warm color combination offers deep walnut tones that are suggestive of dirt and shadow, while simple, calm white contrasts provide a sense of balance. The mixed-width flooring combines the elegance of hardwood with the convenience of laminate for a beautiful interior design experience for any home or office.

These beautiful wood floors are available in a variety of mixed widths and can be easily refinished to meet the demands of any project.

Chevron Parquet Wood Floor Patterns

Dining room with light brown shade chevron pattern wood flooring, white crown moulding, white and taupe walls, light wooden dining table with 8 wooden and white low profile chairs, table set

Chevron Parquet wood floor patterns have been one of the hottest trends in home decor since 2015. Their popularity stems from their distinctive horizontal lines and intricate design, which add a sense of energy to your space.

The chevron Parquet floor is an eye-catching distressed wood floor with a hand-scraped, uneven edge. The chevron floors come with a durable urethane coating ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

Chevron Parquet printed tile is ideal for home and office environments, with a charming and unique pattern that instantly livens up any space. The chevron pattern is explicitly designed to mimic a natural wood floor. The parquet floor designs are crafted using the same attention to detail and quality as natural wood floors while still offering the unparalleled durability of tile surfaces. The durable vinyl construction is easy to install, clean, and maintain, making it ideal for commercial or residential use.

Versailles Patterns

Stone wall, gray leather chair, two white pendant light hanging from ceiling, rustic light brown wood floor

These are a great addition to your home. This fun design can bring a real sense of character and fun to any space. The Versailles Pattern Flooring is available in several different looks for you to choose from.

The Versailles pattern floor patterns are beautiful, vibrant, and elegant. This pattern is a timeless classic which can add character to any home by simply installing this pattern on your floor. The best way to install this flooring is to lay 12-inch square tiles from a reliable manufacturer.

Square Basket Patterns Wood Floor Patterns

Art gallery, large paintings with gold frames displayed along deep burgundy painted walls, wood flooring in a yellow/brown tone and weaved basket pattern

Spruce up your floor with this decorative square basket patterns tile print featuring a cheerful shade of blue and easy-to-match neutral tones. This wood floor pattern will create a look reminiscent of traditional style without losing any of today’s modern flair. Square basket patterns wood floor patterns can be used for wallpapers or as a corkboard to make some decoration with bright colors.

Painted Wood Floor Patterns

Light shade wood floor painted with darker stain to give it life

This collection of 20 graphic patterns with four full-scale floor designs gives your home a vintage or contemporary look. Each patterning template features a different painted wood floor design: some with bare floors, some with wallpaper, some with rugs.

Whether you want to create a unique new look for an apartment or redecorate a room, these painted wood floor designs inspire your next project. The designs are available as downloadable PDFs, so once you have them printed out, all you need to do is choose the paint, roll it out on the floor, and get painting!

Bamboo Flooring

Beach house living room, white wood floors, walls, and exposed ceiling, large sliding glass doors,, lots of light colored couches and chairs with throw pillows or color, green potted trees

Our bamboo flooring comes in various distinct patterns that are perfect for your home or office. Sustainable, friendly to the environment, and visually beautiful. These eco-friendly bamboo products are available in a wide range of dimensions.

Experience the warm and earthy tones that bamboo flooring adds to your home. The organic architectural planks of BamBoo flooring design range from straight to interlocking and are available in large and small formats. This indoor/outdoor material has more excellent dimensional stability than hardwood and is available in various colors. Whether used with bright colors or muted tones, here you find a modern style combining the look of the wood grain with natural tones.