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47 Beautiful Small Living Rooms


Do you find yourself frustrated with arranging the furniture and decorating your small living room?  While finding the perfect furniture arrangement for a small space may be difficult, it isn’t impossible.  This process is made significantly easier by purchasing furniture and accessories proportional to the size of the space.  The benefit of a small living room is that a few carefully selected pieces can reflect your personal style and make a statement.  If the financial investment is an issue, a little bit of money can go a long way in spaces lacking square footage. The following are a few aspects to think about when decorating or re-designing your small living room.

First, consider the size of your furniture. Small spaces should have furniture of equal proportion to the room they are housed. So get rid of that large, overstuffed sofa or huge Lay-Z-Boy recliner. Choose apartment-size furniture with features like a low-profile back and sleek silhouette. If you are set on a sectional, look for one that is compact and simplistic in design.

Small spaces provide the perfect opportunity to play with color. But avoid selecting deep wall colors as they will make the room recede and appear smaller. Paint your walls in light, neutral tones and decorate with colorful textiles, artwork and accents. The light paint colors will reflect lots of natural light and create the illusion of more space. The colorful accents will add that unique touch of personality.
However, an aspect where you should avoid going too small is when selecting your area rug. An area rug should be large enough to allow the front legs of the main furniture – sofa, loveseat, accent chairs – to cover it. Avoid choosing a rug just slightly bigger than the coffee table. A tiny rug will feel insignificant and make the space feel out of proportion.

Storage is another important aspect in small space design. Due to the limited floor space, choose furniture that performs multiple functions such as a coffee table with additional storage below. An upholstered bench with a hinged lid can be ideal to store blankets, pillows, and toys. A sleek, shallow media center can display the television, as well as additional books and decorative accents. Small square ottomans can double as extra seating and as a place for books or a cup of coffee.

Keep the decorations to a minimum as a small living room can be made to feel cluttered quickly. One or two large pieces of artwork may be preferable to a collection of smaller pictures. However, if the picture frames are similar in color, they can appear to create one, cohesive piece.

Just remember, small spaces can be beautiful, especially when arranged using the rules of interior design. To view ideas and inspiration for your small living space see our gallery below of 47 small living room designs.

shutterstock_326497892The crisp white of the walls ensures ideal light reflection throughout the space.  The decorative chevron accents – pillows and artwork – provide a graphic element to this neutral living room.

shutterstock_326492432Light and bright is the theme for this cozy living room space.  The large picture window provides a great view of the outdoors, as well as providing lots of natural light.

interior designWhile the square footage of this living room may be on the small side, the soaring ceilings make the space feel much larger than it is.  Sleek, contemporary furniture and minimal decorative accents allow the architectural features to take front stage.

shutterstock_312041780This living room features glossy white floors accented by a graphic, black and white area rug.  The space remains simplistic by the implementation of a cohesive color palette.

shutterstock_306355697The furniture in this small living room provides a calm, elegant aesthetic with neutral colors and beautiful stud detailing.  The ikat and chevron accent pillows add an eclectic flair while adhering to the room’s pastoral color palette.

shutterstock_299125715This living room features deep blue walls and an inset ceiling detail.  A low-hanging chandelier provides additional conversational lighting.

shutterstock_299121314The angular lines in this living room are softened by a dark, round area rug.  Wall-mounted shelving provides plenty of media storage without taking up additional floor space.

shutterstock_297421862The natural materials used in this small living room reflect the attached outdoor space and provide a warm and welcoming environment.

shutterstock_277148099This living room features compact furniture that allows for plenty of seating space without taking up significant floor space.

shutterstock_266127083The ceiling in this small living space features exposed wood beams that add an additional decorative element without taking up valuable floor space.

shutterstock_265151270A soft, gray color palette and curved furniture soften this small, open concept living room/kitchen area.

shutterstock_264963302The focal point in this living room is a colorful, bohemian area rug.  The rug provides an colorful anchor for the furniture layout, as well as a the room’s color palette.

shutterstock_262031969This living room keeps things casual by displaying an eclectic mix of furniture and accessories.

shutterstock_259304933This living room features wood paneling and industrial accents.  The sectional fits perfectly and provides lots of seating without blocking the flow of the room.

shutterstock_257790997This living rooms maximizes the space available by using designed the wall niche to include a fireplace, mantle and additional storage.

interior designThis living room pairs sleek, mid-century modern accent chairs with a contemporary sofa and fireplace.  The dark wood floors add depth to this small space.

shutterstock_233034052The white, cream and gray color palette is ideal for this living room as it softens the space and makes the room feel larger.

shutterstock_216595231This living room is decorated with simple, contemporary furniture and features a bright, coral accent wall.

shutterstock_215998399Modern furniture and simplistic decor create a calm and relaxing spot to rest at the end of the day.

shutterstock_211126282This living room features a unique blend of vintage, contemporary and modern pieces.  The small scale of the furniture allows for adequate traffic flow throughout the room.

shutterstock_209404318This living room contains beautiful architectural details such as a traditional, stone mantle and crown molding.

shutterstock_188077058This cozy living room provides plenty of seating by including a loveseat, two accent chairs and a long, shallow bench on the far wall.

shutterstock_182835143This industrial living room features polished concrete floors and exposed ductwork.  The large, glass doorways and windows provide an expansive view of the outdoors.

shutterstock_179973509The cool gray flooring and furniture in this space are warmed up by the vibrant, red wall color.

shutterstock_174889985This living room features a large, stone fireplace and contemporary furniture with black accents.

shutterstock_171459143The floating media console provides a place to display the television and a few decorative items.  It also creates the illusion of additional square footage by not taking up visual floor space.

shutterstock_165056174This contemporary living room contains simple furniture and bright green accents.

shutterstock_165056159This living room features light neutrals and textured surfaces highlighted by lots of natural light.

shutterstock_159028481Matching, tufted sofas decorated with blue and coral accent pillows provide balance to this traditional living room.

shutterstock_141336373Windows dressed with taupe curtains and neutral-colored furniture fill this contemporary living room space.

shutterstock_137912213Large gilded mirrors flank a substantial fireplace surround in this cozy living room.

shutterstock_112874254Bright blue accents add an eclectic flair to this cottage living room.  The tile flooring provides the ideal surface for wet and sandy feet.

shutterstock_103879730This unique living room features concrete walls and flooring.  A large, rustic wood trunk provides storage space and a place for drinks and food.

shutterstock_96439157A small fireplace and mantle provide a simplistic focal for this intimate living space.

shutterstock_95931658A small, glass coffee table is the ideal choice for a small living room.  It provides a place to rest a coffee cup and its translucent quality takes up less visual space than a solid, opaque table.

shutterstock_74842216This living room’s large open windows provide a great view of the outdoors. The brick fireplace draws the eye upward to the peaked, wood ceiling.

shutterstock_71148766A painted brick accent wall and polished concrete floors provide an industrial aesthetic to this contemporary space.

shutterstock_48327736This living room features walls of windows.  The matching couches provide plenty of seating while their low profile ensures clear sight lines to the outdoors.

shutterstock_35537251Light, ethereal curtains provide a decorative accent to the tall windows.  The warm mustard accent wall provides the opportunity for the introduction of a pop of color to the space.

shutterstock_33724513This nautical-themed living room features a variety of textured surfaces, as well as pops of periwinkle blue.

Beautiful modern large bright living room with dark floor and stone wall.Matching accent chairs can easily be moved throughout the space as required.  They also ensure that the view of the fireplace is not obstructed from view.

Living room with hardwood floor - artwork is from photographer portfolioWarm, cherry wood flooring and rich accent pillows add a richness of color.  A shallow media unit provides a place for hidden and open storage.

Small living area with two classic chairs, glass top coffee table and brown sofa with pillows and fur rugThe beautiful architectural features of this space are accented perfectly by warm, traditional furnishings.

Cozy small living room with fireplace. Room decorated with brown and red pillowsA mosaic fireplace surround is flanked by open shelving.  A bright red couch and decorative pillows add a splash of color to this otherwise neutral space.

shutterstock_14022406A large accent rug fills this small living room and provides an anchoring element for the furnishings.  The blue, black and white color palette creates a crisp, tailored feel.

Modern living roomThis space is accented by a classic palette of black and white.  It features chrome accents and warm, cherry wood flooring.

shutterstock_295230977The furnishings in this small living room are placed perfectly in front of the original fireplace.  The accents of greenery provide a fresh, airy feel to the space.