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15 Pretty Houses

Houses nowadays are no longer just about us having a place to rest our heads on after a long day in the office. Check out our list of images of pretty houses we have put together for you!

Blue sky white farmhouse style home with stone accents and black roof and window shutters, wooden double front door with windows, green grass and small green plants in flowerbeds

Houses nowadays are no longer just about us having a place to rest our heads on after a long day in the office. They have become what I like to call a beautiful sanctuary to look at. 

When I think of someone as busy as I am, I highly doubt that investing in a beautiful and likely expensive home is more than just about aesthetic appeal. Still, I can’t refute the fact that a home is one of the most important things that we can ever own. 

Yet, as important as it is, I believe that houses should look a certain way to feel like home when I lay my eyes on them. Even if it’s pretty houses in the woods. But, what makes a house pretty? 

Let’s find out more from this list that I’ve curated on these pretty houses to see if we think the same. 

Pretty Houses by Design Style

I think that house design styles are a great way to showcase to our friends and family how houses can be unique. In some cases, I’ve also noticed that some house designs can mix different styles to create something worth looking at. This is where I think architectural and interior designers align their skills to create magic. 

These are the five most common pretty house design styles that I’ve found. 

Colonial Style House Design 

Gorgeous trig-level colonial style home in the country, teal with white trim and black window shutters and some red brick accents, green grass and huge red and orange fall trees all around home, sunny day

I can safely say that this is a house design style that we’re likely to find in any neighborhood because of how its basic framework is so simple. In fact, I can even say that most of our architectural design has been influenced a lot by this type of house design. 

The easiest way for me to spot this type of house design is from its simple yet formal entryway, detailed fireplace, and its layout with crown molding. Generally, these beautiful houses have ample living space that’s ideal for anyone with a big family to live in. 

Modern Style House Design 

Blue with white clouds sky, cream with black trim modern home with huge windos all around, potted plants around backyard, rectangular shaped pool

This is the kind of architecture that is fascinating for any home design enthusiast.

When I think of a house design that has no limitations, I usually imagine a modern style house design. There are always interesting features that these designs have. The fact is that I can’t imagine modern architecture without cutting-edge innovation included in it. The continued addition of smart features in modern contemporary designs is what makes for spectacular finishes. 

There are various types of modern pretty homes with certain architectural focuses that we can find. Even a cottage can be spruced up by this design style. This is why this house design style has also become quite popular for a lot of people who want to build their homes. Plus, there a lot more offers on these homes than any of the other ones.

Rustic Style House Design

Rustic home, brick on lower level and wood on upper level, walkout porches all around upper level with large eaves providing full coverage of the porched, large green lawn and trees surrounding home, overcast sky

Interestingly enough, I see this rustic style design element more in the interior of modern style house designs. But, it also works quite well in exterior designs as well. While many homeowners prefer a more contemporary style, this one is also one of the most favorable styles to choose.

One thing that I love about a rustic design is that it has a certain warmth to it that provides a sense of relaxation whenever we look at it, and especially when we enter. In fact, I can go as far as saying that it has this nostalgic feel to it that most of us yearn for when we look for a place that we can call home. 

Tudor House Style Design

Brown and white tudor style home, home is surrounded by green shrubs and bushes, tall green trees and bright colored flowers in the flower beds

This home design style has been a great addition to pretty houses since the 20th century. However, I don’t see as many Tudor inspired house designs as I used to back in the days. But, our parents still love them nonetheless.

The one thing that makes this a striking design for me to keep me interested is the romantic ideals of an exquisite country manor. From the high-rise outside window panels, to the patterned walls that I find quite charming. If we were looking for pretty country houses, then a Tudor design style home is one that I would strongly consider. Unlike a colonial style home, these homes can come in smaller sizes fit for single occupancy as well. 

Victorian Home Style Design 

Cream colored Victorian style home with green and red trim, stairs leading up to front door, large wrap around porch with pillars and stone columns, green lawn and large green trees providing lots of shade, sunny day

As the name would strongly suggest, these home designs are one for the ages. They usually consist of a lot of woodwork that has been intricately designed to bring out the exterior designs. In most cases, I’ve also noticed that these homes have a Gothic influence on them.The three main characteristics of these homes are eaves, decorative gables, and rooftops that adorn the exterior. I really enjoy how one look at this exterior takes me to a different time and place altogether. 

Contemporary Beach Home Style Design 

Contemporary beach house looking out over the ocean, infinity edge pool in the backyard, patio table and chairs, lounge chairs, blue sky with some white fluffy clouds

Having options when choosing which type of beach house design to go for is something that I honestly love about this design style. There’s the option of sticking to a minimalist and standard beach design. Or, it can be a grand Mediterranean style design for anyone who’s interested in an extraordinary beach house. The fact is, the exterior of this home design is what pretty houses are made of. 

I enjoy how the colors blend in and accentuate any style that is chosen for this type of house design. The most common thing about a beach house is that it offers a cozy interior to relax in with a blend of nostalgic exteriors. This creates a perfect balance even if we do switch it up from time to time. 

Bermuda Home Style Design 

Bright red building with white windows and black shutters right on the street, old wooden front door

Boasting with pastel colors on its exteriors, this type of home design is something to marvel at. It makes my list of pretty houses for more reasons than one. For example, the stepped style roof is something that I find quite fascinating. The fact that the walls and the roof are made out of stone just goes to show the craftsmanship that goes into bringing this house design to life. 

Modern Tuscan-Inspired House Style Design 

Tuscan themed home brown in color with a tile roof and lots of back facing windows, backyard fences in with wrought iron, pool and spa with lounge chairs, outdoor fireplace with seating, large bar with seating and a bulit in fire pit, hanging outdoor lights akk around

The crumbling stone walls that are met with marble floors are a dream to look at when it comes to pretty houses that I love. The exteriors and interiors also include complex wrought iron accessories that capture the attention of onlookers, and the privacy that we want in a home.

If I’m looking for fanciful elements in any exterior design, this is the type of style that I highly recommend. When I look at any Tuscan-inspired house design, I can tell that the inspiration is from various elements of nature. 

Bohemian House Style Design 

Back porch of a light blue concrete home with large back windows, tin roof covering held up by rustic brown wooden posts, old metal table and chairs sitting on porch, green grass trees and bushes

The main thing about this type of aesthetic is that it lacks what we consider structure in a home. It’s a very personal style that brings out a more relaxed nature of any home design for anyone who likes to explore.  Interestingly enough, there isn’t a single architectural school that can even claim this style design.  

Both the exterior and interior are known for their chilled and friendly use of various elements. I love the fact that I can use any elements that I see fit to bring this version of a house design to life. Moreover, there are various types of Bohemian inspired home designs that we can find because of how unique they are. 

Cozy Cottage House Style Design 

Cozy cabin home with stone on lower half and wood on the upper half, large front facing windows, lit up lights underneath eaves, tall trees all around, large stone walkway, night sky

Making the exterior of any home resemble a cottage style design is something that requires a bit of knowledge. The front of this house design is what draws anyone’s attention to it. The front doors with large windows, and an even larger screen door is what puts the cozy in any cottage. 

The small porch is a perfect way to create a relaxed style of this type of house design. It also creates a lovely spot to reflect on life’s adventures. I love it because when it comes to pretty houses in the woods or even the suburbs, a cozy cottage is one that I would like to own. 

5 Pretty Houses Around the World 

Falling Water, Pennsylvania 

Home in Pennsylvania in the woods, modern with a built in waterfall, tall woddsy trees all around

Imagine a house that’s been built on a waterfall. One thing that we can all agree on is that Frank Lloyd Wright wasn’t just an architect, but he was a genius in his own lane. This house is so astounding that it has become one of our prominent heritage sights. In fact, there are seven other houses by this renowned architect that have formed part of this list. When I think of architectural marvel, I think of this amazing house. 

There’s nothing that I’ve seen that can exceed what this artist did when he designed, and foresaw the building process of this incredible design. There is a monolithic slab of concrete that ensures that this house remains durable considering the fact that it’s on water. The cantilevered floors are also an exceptional addition for supporting this house. 

Glass House, Connecticut 

A glass house with black metal frame in the middle of large tall green trees, brick floor inside, super simple furniture, grass all around home, sunny day

In pretty houses small details matter more than what is more evident when we gaze upon them. This is what I believe when I look at this spectacular glass house that was designed and built by Philip Johnson in the 1940s. The industrial chic style stays true to the era that this house was built during. Yet, it’s still as beautiful as ever with minimalist details that leave me wanting to look at it for as long as I can. 

This is an artistic representation of what a pretty house should look like. No wonder it became a historical landmark in 1997. This is a good thing because it means that we can all take a moment to make the most of the guarded tours to see it up-close. 

The Mount, Massachusetts 

Blue skies, tall green trees, large green front lawn, massive white mansion with tons of windows and green shutters, huge walkout fenced in front porch, lots of chimneys, sunny day

When I think of pretty houses, country inspired homes are something that I love to consider. This is the “pretty houses country edition” that I didn’t know I needed to see. I can tell that renowned author Edith Wharton poured her heart and soul to make it an awe-inspiring reality. 

When I look at the pictures, I simply can’t believe that it still looks this immaculate after all of these years. This is likely one of the oldest houses that we have in our country. And, it should be something that we should go and see since it’s also become part of the National Historic Landmarks. 

But, that’s not all. This house has been dedicated to the beautiful and incredible women in our country. 

Updown Court, UK

Sometimes, I sit and wonder about all the other privately owned beautiful houses that we never get to see. Fortunately, even though Updown Court is one of these, we can still get a look at what makes it part of any list of the most pretty houses that we’ll ever come across. The fact that it’s situated in a very small village just outside London is what makes it a passerby’s focal point of interest. 

This house is not only aesthetically appealing from the outside, but it’s what I would consider when I think of big pretty houses as well. Imagine what any family could do with more than 100 rooms? This is what this house is made up of. With 22 of these rooms just being bedrooms, and the rest used for various purposes. This house is large enough to have a helipad among the many other things that it has. 

It’s a good thing that it’s located outside the city’s busyness to reduce the number of people, like myself, who would want to have a better view of it. 

Versailles, Florida

Blue sky, large blue and white mansion with lots of white pillars all along the from, lots of small windows, grand archways, trees all around

I was surprised to learn that one of the most beautiful and biggest houses in the world is situated in Florida. Plus, it’s not a house that’s open to the public, but it’s actually a family home that’s a total of 80,000 square feet. In fact, the reason why this home is so huge is that it was inspired by the real-life Versailles palace in France. 

Moreover, it took a total of 15 years to finish building this enormous house. A lot of time had to be taken to ensure that everything was designed and built to perfection. The striking features that we can find in this home are a wine cellar, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a total of 11 kitchens, as well as two tennis courts.