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How Big Is 2000 Square Feet?

The article examines the attributes of a 2000 square feet house, and gives tips on the features you should look for.

A 3d 2 story home and house blueprints with yellow measuring tape laying over roof of house

Whether you shop for land or a home, an office or an RV lot, you need to envision a space without needing to visit it. This lets you reduce the number of visits you make since it lets you reduce the number of candidates that fit your space needs. A space of 2,000 square feet equals roughly .045 acres of land.

Visualize 2,000 square feet as approximately the length of three average length cars parked behind each other in a line times four. The average car is 14.7 feet long, so you’d have about 45 feet in length. Since a typical home measures 1,500 square feet, tack on a three-car garage, which measures about 640 square feet. In meters, 2,000 square feet would equal 185.8 square meters or 24.38 meters by 7.62 meters. Expect a 2,000 square feet home to contain three large or four average-sized bedrooms with a kitchen, living room, dining room, walk-in closets, and at least two bathrooms.

Understanding Square Footage

Most homes either form the shape of a rectangle or a square. A square home with a wall length of 45 feet would measure just over 2,000 square feet (2,025 square feet, technically). If you walk through a parking lot and pass by three cars parked end to end in a line, you’ll have walked 45 feet. The average car measures 5.8 feet in width. Walk by the front end of eight cars parked next to each other and you walk roughly 45 feet. Finish walking your square in the same manner, and you can visually observe the 2,000 square feet. Most people live near to at least one parking lot, so this offers an easy way to visualize the space.

What is the Current Square Footage of Your Home?

2 story home with wooden slats and cream stone, orange fron door and white trimmed windows with light gray shutters, green grass and hedges, tall large green trees in fron yard, stone walkway, sunny day

Small apartments in New York City range between 500 to 800 square feet. If you live in an efficiency apartment, imagine a space three to four times its size.

The typical single-wide mobile home measures 15 feet wide by 72 feet long. That means its equals 1,080 square feet, so you’d double that and obtain just over 2,000 square feet.

The typical newly built starter home measures 1,500 square feet, so add the equivalent of a living room and dining room to it and you have your 2,000 square feet.

Newer 2,000 Square Feet Homes

Homes frequently feature rooms with snazzy names, but which by any other name you’d call a bedroom or den. Many homes with 2,000 square feet may offer a primary suite, which simply means a master bedroom with an attached bathroom and a walk-in closet. Other rooms this size of home features include a bonus room, which refers to a room you could use as a secondary bedroom (guestroom), media room, or a home office.

The homes you view while looking to buy might feature an atrium or Florida room, but these do not count toward the 2,000 square feet figure. That means that the total square footage of the house could exceed 2,000 square feet. The real estate industry only gets to count the living areas though. That means porches, gazebos, porticos, etc. do not count toward the total.

So, if you plan to build or renovate a home, how could you use the 2,000 square feet available? Let’s consider your possibilities.

The right house can be elusive. In the end, you may discover that you cannot find a house that is perfect in all respects. The best you can do in such a situation is get the size right. If you have all the space that you need, there will be ways of making the house that you want.

How big is 2000 square feet house? It is a very large house. Such a house is perfect for a large family, as it usually includes 5 or more bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, dining room, and den area. No matter how you intend to design your house, you should have some idea of the amount of space you will need and how you plant to use it. This article will give you some insight into using 2000 square feet of housing space.

How Big is 2000 Square Feet House?

It is big. This size of home provides a great deal of space for couples who have 3 or more children. It is the kind of home that you move to from a starter home. It is the kind of home that is best equipped to accommodate growing children. It is the kind of house that people who consider themselves middle class want to own.

Is 2000 Square Feet Big Enough?

This size of home will cost you a bit more than a middle size house. How much is 2000 square feet house? The average cost range for a 2000 square feet house is between $200,000 to $400,000. Your mortgage payments will be a little higher and you will have to put down more. Your monthly utility and electricity bill will also be a bit more.

How Big is 2000 Square Feet Land?

Cloudy sky, lots of trees and homes in background, huge open grassy landscape, smaller peice sectioned off to show certain sq footage of land

To understand how big 2000 square feet is conceptually, you should try to visualize it. If you are new to house hunting, doing so may not be easy. However, there are a few common tricks that can help.

First things first. One square foot is a square that is 12 inches on each side. In a given space, you must multiply length times width to get the total square footage. A closet, for example, that is 4 feet long and 3 feet wide is 12 square feet.

You should keep in mind that not all the spaces in your house will be square-shaped or rectangular, which can make it more difficult to measure. You can instead use visual or imaginative tools to help you get a sense of how big a 2000 square feet house is or a single room within it.

2000 Square Feet Comparison

For example, a king-sized bed is 42 square feet. The average size of a bedroom is 132 square feet. So, if you see that a bedroom in the house is 132 square feet, then you can imagine it having enough space to hold 3 king-sized beds. In considering the entire size of a 2000 square feet house, you should think of a two-car garage, which is 400 square feet. So, a 2000 square feet house has enough space to hold 5 two-car garages.

If you visit a 2000 square feet home, you can get a sense of the square footage in each room by counting the ceiling or floor tiles in each space, since tiles are often a foot long.

However, if you want precise measurements of a house, then you will need to take them with a tape measure. Start in the main living space. Record the length of the room and then the width. Multiplying these two numbers will give you the square footage of that space. You should then take these same measurements for each room. Add them all up and you get the overall square footage of the apartment.

You should always bear in mind that people measure the square footage of a space in different ways. Some square footage numbers refer to the total space, others to the liveable space. Total space includes closets and utility rooms. Liveable space refers to the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and other areas people spend time in.

How Many Square Feet is a Standard 3 Bedroom House?

Floor plans of a 3 bedroom 2 bath home

A house with this layout is, on average, between 1200 to 1300 square feet. Such a house will typically have 2 bathrooms, and at least one master bedroom. A 3-bedroom 2000 square feet home may have a living room, dining room, a den area, and a laundry room.

How Many Square Feet is a 2 story Building?

One way of counting square feet is by floors or levels. A 2000 square feet 2 story house may be described so because each floor consists of 1000 square feet. This detail should be mentioned on the brochure or website on which the house is listed.

What Can Be Done with a 2000 Square Feet Home?

A 2000 square feet home is a step up in your life. It is also a great deal of space to work with. If you are moving from an apartment or a smaller house, it will be possible to let your imagination run a little bit more with a 2000 square feet house. Here are some things you should consider:

Make the Most of Your Living Room

Beautiful living room with gray stone fireplace, built in white shelves and cabinets, hardwood floorsm gray and white area rug, 2 gray couches facing each other and 2 chairs side by side facing fireplace, round wooden coffee table in the center

In a 2000 square feet house, your living room can be as large as 319 feet. That is plenty of space to place the large sofa and flat screen television that you have always wanted. You will also be able to fit comfortable chairs and elegant night tables in it. The best way to make your living room look even bigger and brighter is to use light-colored paints.

Room for a Den

Most 2000 square feet houses come with a den area. This usually comes in the form of an extra room either on the first or second floor that is neither the dining room or a bedroom. If there is no den, then you can make one out of the dining room.

The size of the average dining room in America is 224 square feet. A 2000 square feet home is likely to have a more generous size: up to 252 square feet. This is a great deal of space. And if your family is like most others, you probably have little use for the dining room. The very notion of such a room is becoming outdated, as most families eat their meals in the kitchen.

It is possible to transform the dining room into a den area that can be used as a home office or recreation area.

Flooring Plans

This size of home will give you a great deal of floor space. Not only will you be able to buy the best luxury furniture, it will also be worth your while to lay down high-quality flooring. Carpeting is always an option, especially if you have found high-end stain-free carpet that you would like to lay down. But solid wood floors would also make such a large house beautiful and distinguished.


There is much to consider when looking for a new place to live. How much space? This is an important question to ask and answer. You should have enough space to be comfortable in. A 2000 square foot house will provides enough room for your growing family.

The key to happiness in such a space is knowing how you will use it and having a plan for redesigning if necessary. In the latter case, many options are available to you. Most people do some combination of DIY and contract work. Know the limits and possibilities of the space, set your budget, and you will get the outcome that you desire.