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Exterior and Interior Design Ideas for a Barn-Style Home

Following the rustic charm of natural wood and stone, discover how to choose the perfect barn-style interior finishes to achieve your dream decorating ideas.

Barn style house in a red accent exterior with front porch

Barns are a common feature in most rural settings. The red and white barn is a classic addition to the country setting that has stood the test of time. Today, modern barn home designs are now borrowing from the design elements of the traditional barn to come up with beautiful and attractive barn style homes. 

If you’re interested in a barn style home, the good news is there are many design features to choose from. What’s more, location is not a problem because barn homes can fit into any setting as long all the elements come together nicely. 

Forget about the old, weathered look of historic barns. Whether you live in the city, the countryside, or by the seaside, there’s always some way you can recreate your own, personalized version of a barn style home. So why not get started by checking out these 20 barn home designs to see what appealing ideas you can steal and repurpose?

10 Design Ideas for Barn Style Home Exteriors

What makes a barn home a barn home? One thing that stands out the most is the tall frame. I think a barn home should have that solid and sturdy look that makes it stand out from any setting. A barn home can also make a statement by incorporating crossed beams, gambrel roofs, rustic barn doors, and unique color schemes

1. Two-story Traditional Barn Style Home

The two-story barn-style home with white trim
The two-story barn-style home with white trim looks fabulous.

It would be an understatement to say that this two-story traditional barn-style home is picturesque. This barn style home takes the classic red and white theme and knocks it out of the park with white trimmed windows and white-crossed beams that create a stark contrast. The horizontal wooden planks are stained a dark red, which in my opinion, stops the exterior from looking too busy.

The house resembles a gambrel barn, and the shape of the roof is quite interesting. Traditionally, gambrel barns were designed like that, with a central ridge and additional ridges on either side to create more space on the upper levels and add more room overall. 

2. Stone Barn Style Home

A sturdy stone-barn design home with  white barn-style entrance and window
Sturdy stone-barn design home with a prominent white barn-style entrance and window.

For homeowners seeking inspiration for barn-style home with natural design elements, this stone barn style home is a top option. The wonderful thing about a barn home with a stone exterior is you can never tell how old it is. 

This type of barn style home can weather storms and live through decades without gaining that weathered, beat-up look associated with historic barns. The warm color of the stone is a refreshing change from the red-stained exterior that we’re used to. In addition, the large white barn doors, the white trimmed windows, and other white elements all create a warm and stately exterior.

3. Ultra-Modern Barn Style Home

Modern barn home with a half-glass wall
A modern barn-style home with a half-glass wall.

If traditional barn style homes are not your thing, you don’t have to get left out of the barn home trend. Here’s a modern barn-type home that will take your breath away. There are no red-stained walls or white trims anywhere in sight, but this house manages to look as barn-like as ever. 

The house is built on a mezzanine so that it stands even taller, and the gray color gives the entire exterior a sophisticated and elegant look. I’m blown away by the large windows because I can just imagine how beautiful the interior will look with all the natural lighting streaming into the open and spacious space.

4. Barn Style Black House

A black barn-style home with glass windows
A black barn-style home with glass windows appears elegant.

A black-paint exterior doesn’t always mean the home has to look dark and threatening. This new barn-style black house is complete with black window trimming, but it looks at home in the countryside. The vertical planks give the home its towering look, and the exterior is a bit bare-bones with only the large windows to add character. 

However, the white curtain does give the home a warm and inviting look. It’s a good example of modern countryside architecture built to blend into the environment instead of sticking out like a sore thumb. 

5. Rustic Barn Style Home

An exterior of a barn home with rustic features
A lovely exterior of a barn home with rustic features.

This wooden barn style home is the true definition of rustic charm. It contains all the favorite barn-like elements – the gambrel roof, the white trimmed windows, and barn doors with crossed beams. The architecture is as traditional as it gets without adding red paint. There’s no doubt that the stained wooden exterior is what steals the show. 

It gives the whole building the kind of rustic charm that inspires people to start thinking about moving from the city to the countryside as long as they get to live in this particular house. The white windows and doors help to add more color and contrast.

6. Gambrel Roof Barn Style Home

A beautiful white barn-style house exterior
A beautiful white barn-style house with a stunning exterior.

This sprawling barn style house has gone for an all-white look that gives it a distinguished appearance. The gambrel roof immediately puts you in mind a countryside barn-type building, but the traditional cross beams are missing. Also, instead of the usual rustic barn doors, this home has front door pillars that also support a balcony.

The whole home has an elegant and timeless appeal, so it makes sense that it would be suitable as a wedding venue. The all-white look and the overall elegance make for a beautiful wedding venue, especially with the well-manicured landscaping.

7. Pole Barn Style Home

Pole barn style homes are synonymous with living the country life with sheep, chickens, horses, and nature right outside your door. The biggest advantage of living in the countryside is that there’s tons of space everywhere, so the homes tend to be larger than life and they sprawl all over the countryside. 

This white barndominium is no exception. It’s a tall building with huge sliding barn doors. There’s also a porch with poles on one side so that the whole look epitomizes countryside architecture. With a barn house that size, there should be plenty of room for living quarters and the opportunity to incorporate different barn home design elements.

8. Rustic and Refined Barn Style Home

Although this rustic barn home is set in the countryside, it has a more modern and urban-like color scheme. The exterior walls are painted a light gray, and dark gray is then painted on the windows and doors to create a beautiful contrast. 

Gray is a solid, neutral color that doesn’t look out of place in any setting. I believe the architects and designers were going for understated elegance, and they nailed the look. The gambrel-style architecture and the barn-like appearance may be common in the countryside, but the color palette and other design elements are used to create a unique look. 

9. Black and White barn style Home

This is a gorgeous barndominium style home with a beautifully contrasting black and white color scheme. The black garage doors resemble barn doors with a crossed beam design. The lower walls are constructed from stone with white vertical wooden planks rising above that to meet a pitched, black roof. 

The home’s entire house plan was created with an emphasis on stylish, sophisticated, and elegant modern architecture. It’s certainly not your classic rural barn housing – this is the high-end version. The home’s tranquil setting and beautiful landscape also lend to the home’s charm together with colorful flowers and trees rising above the rooftop.

10. Redesigned Barn Style Home

A renovation of an old barn into a modern-looking red dwelling
A lovely renovation of an old barn into a modern-looking red dwelling.

Most countryside barn homes are rarely built from scratch. In most cases, the owners are creative enough to transform rundown or old barns into comfortable family homes that still retain a barn-like feel—case in point, this redesigned barn now features plenty of garage space and living quarters

Although the doors and the garage space have been painted a dark red, much of the exterior is unpainted wood, which creates a slightly rustic look. The roof is also red, so it fits into the overall color scheme. I love the white and red trimmings on the windows because of the contrast.

10 Design Ideas for Barn Style Home Interiors

When it comes to barn home designs and barn style house plans, the main elements to explore include open-plan spaces that are highly spacious, high ceilings with exposed wood beams, attractive color palettes, country-themed accessories, and stylish, modern fixtures. 

Below I’ve gathered ten design ideas for barn style house plans that appeal to a wider audience. Explore these ideas, admire the barn house plans, and get inspired to set up your own charming barn style living space.

1. White and Bright Barn Style Home Interior

The white accents in the living room complement the barn type ceiling and door well.
The white accents in the living room complement the barn type ceiling and door well.

The interior shows a bright and airy modern living room lounge within a repurposed barn. The exposed timbers are there to create a rustic atmosphere together with the brick fireplace, which also contrasts nicely with the white. The whole room is large and spacious, made more so because of the vaulted ceilings.

You also have large windows on either side of the room that let all the light in and brighten up the place. This contemporary living space can be transformed into a warm and welcoming living room lounge with a few well-placed furniture pieces.

2. Unique Interior With Wooden Barn Doors

A classy interior design house with a stunning barn-style door
A classy interior design house with a stunning barn-style door to the living room.

The polished elegance of this home’s foyer is in stark contrast with the rustic wooden barn doors leading into the living room. You would expect to come across this type of barn door in a horse barn, but they somehow fit snugly in this pristine home environment. It’s probably because the polished floors are made from wood, which almost perfectly matches the wooden material used to make the barn doors. 

Still, the addition of the barn doors is one of the most creative design ideas out there for barn homes. It should make for interesting conversation every time you have guests over, and it’s a unique design element that any homeowner would be proud to show.

3. Fully Furnished Barn Style Home Interior

The interior of a barn-style house with a red accent shade
The interior of a barn-style house looks great with a red accent shade.

Rich and colorful – two words that come into mind when considering this converted barn house’s living room interior. I know minimalist looks are popular these days, but there’s something to be said about incorporating many design elements that fit together beautifully. The galleried landing is constructed from wooden beams that match the wooden floors. 

In my opinion, the use of wood in this living space is what adds most of the warm colors to this space. The colorful armchairs and sofas also add to this look, while the coffee table and other luxury furnishings tie everything together to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The good thing is, the space doesn’t look cluttered at all. Instead, the tall ceilings help to give the interior a spacious feel. 

4. Dining Hall Interior In Barn Style Home

Interior of a barn home with rustic-style décor
A lovely interior of a barn home with rustic-style décor.

As mentioned, most barn homes tend to have open-plan spaces that usually stretch to cover the length of the home. Deciding what to do with all that space can be overwhelming. However, with this dining hall interior, the designer has gotten around this by adding a large, wooden dining table and chairs. 

The table and the chairs are placed over a richly colored, Persian-style carpet and are easily the central focus of the room. The exposed brick, the wooden wall supports, the fixtures, and other design elements all contribute towards the barn-like atmosphere.

5. Bedroom Interior With Vaulted Ceilings and Wooden Beams

Bedroom and a huge wood design on the ceiling and walls
Bedroom with a barn-style door and a huge wood design on the ceiling and walls.

When converting a rundown farm barn into a livable space, the goal is usually to retain as much of the existing material as possible. This home’s interior bedroom space is lined with original beams that complete the surrounding countryside seen through the windows. The wooden beams create a lot of texture that will complement additional wooden furnishings.

6. Modern Bedroom Within A Luxurious Interior

Attic space with a barn-style interior and traditional rustic decor.

This bedroom interior is a classic case of modern meets rustic. The sloped ceiling walls and the floor have neutral colors, while the exposed timbers and beams are natural elements that add rich color. Most of the furniture, including the dressed bed, are made from wood themselves, and the room’s design is topped with colorful sofas. It’s a luxurious and warm interior that also gets plenty of sunlight.

7. Exposed Timbers and Brickwork Within Bedroom Interior

Bedroom with a wood ceiling and a brick wall
A barn-style bedroom with a wood ceiling and a brick wall.

This is another luxurious bedroom interior with exposed timbers and beams. The modern bedroom also has one wall made of exposed brick. The sloping ceiling is a unique element of barn homes, and the architecture is what makes barn style home plans so appealing. Even though the bedroom has a luxurious feel, the furnishings are simple and minimalist.

8. Barn Style Interior With Wooden Floors

The interior of this barn style home is every barn lover’s dream. The first thing that catches the eye is the stained wood floors that set the stage for the rustic atmosphere in the entire home. In addition, the white wall paint and the use of both artificial and natural lighting help create a bright and charming environment.

The wooden beam construction and the wooden supports are also another barn home design element that’s hard to miss. This is one of those homes where you can sincerely say, “I love what you have down with the place. It’s simply gorgeous.”

9. Barn Home Interior With A Rich Industrial Look

This modern barn home has exposed metal beams that give it a homely, industrial look. The tall ceiling is striking and made from wood to match the floors. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow all the natural lighting to seep in, brightening up the place while showcasing a beautiful forest setting. 

10. Rustic and Traditional Barn Home Interior

You need a long moment to admire this impressive barn home interior. It’s amazingly spacious, to say the least, and there are wooden beam constructions everywhere. The floors are also wooden. This home probably looks like a countryside architectural wonder from the outside with its vaulted ceilings and pitched roof. 

Inside, the overall atmosphere is incredibly warm and bright from all the brown design elements and the natural and artificial lighting. If you’ve ever wondered what the quintessential barn style home design looks like, this is it.