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29 Barndominium Landscaping Ideas (Inspiring Pictures and Design)

Find out more about these 29 ideas to inspire you to enhance your barndominium curb appeal.

A light blue exterior house with beautiful landscape

Barndominium, a combination of a barn and a condominium, is a custom-designed living space that is growing in popularity. Barndos, as these open space floor plans are called, offer affordable and quicker alternatives to building traditional homes. Barndominium landscape ideas can be a brand new construction, but more commonly an older barn is renovated using the existing structures as the foundation. The exterior of this unique home should look as lovely as the inside. Take a look at some inspiration for your barndominium exterior and curb appeal.

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What is Barndominium Curb Appeal?

Barndominium curb appeal creates a positive first impression of your home. This includes the overall exterior, landscaping, and outdoor living space. Since many barndos are built on existing farms, it can be challenging to get the results and vision you desire. It’s important to remember to add front yard garden ideas, back yard garden ideas and side-yard landscaping ideas to your overall plan. You can plan your landscaping in phases so you don’t feel overwhelmed to do it all at the same time. The longer you live in your new home, you will get more barndominium ideas for both the inside and outside. 

With advance planning, and a realistic budget you can create an outdoor space that is an attractive extension of your living quarters that will evolve throughout time.

1. Barndominium With Stone Wall and Flowers

A barndominium enclosed by a stone wall
A barndominium residence enclosed by a stone wall.

This renovated barndo is located very close to a busy road. A stunning stone wall and gate is the ideal canvas for colorful flowers, greenery, and lush foliage that provides a welcoming entrance with much-needed privacy features. In addition, the mature trees behind the property enhance the overall appeal.

2. Traditional Red Barndo Landscape Transformed

A red barndominium house with a wooden fence and plants
A red barndominium house with a wooden fence and plants surrounding the front porch.

We love the red barn exterior paint on both the barndominium building and the adjacent barn. Both structures also feature a matching metal roof that captures the traditional farmhouse concept. Notice the farm-style fence outside the functional barn, while the barndominium exterior features a screened-in porch surrounded by oversized windows and charming flowers by the entrance. The manicured lawn requires constant maintenance but pulls the entire exterior together.

3. Stonework Provides Structure for Eye-catching Outdoor Style

A wood and stone exterior of a barndominium
A wood and stone exterior of a barndominium.

At first glance, the exterior of this bardo all blends beautifully together. But when you take a closer look at how it all works together you’ll see a variety of complimentary materials and colors are used. The brick and oversized gray barn doors connect with an addition with a reclaimed wood exterior. Instead of a lawn and traditional landscaping a hardscape approach with different brick and stone patios, and potted plants capture this less-is-more multi-purpose custom style.

4. Charming Garden Landscape Enhances the Entryway

A flowery landscape with large rocks
A flowery landscape with large rocks.

A walkway leading to the entrance of a barndo is surrounded by beautiful flowering bushes, natural light, and colorful foliage. The charming custom walkway beautifully curves around the garden to enhance the experience.

5. Outdoor Patio Exterior Extends Family Living Spaces

Forest-like garden landscape
A refreshing forest-like garden landscape.

A dream project like this could take some time but this idea is ideal for using any sized outdoor space. This idea takes full advantage of the land and fills it with gorgeous trees, flowering bushes, perennials, and potted plants. rock features and carefully customized hardscaping to create a private outdoor oasis to enjoy both day and night.

6. Countryside Views Make This Barndominium Home Stand Out

A barndo's backside with greenery landscape
A barndo’s backside with greenery as a mood-changing landscape.

This dream home has a setting with countryside views that are naturally gorgeous. This renovated farm house features a custom designed stone patio that extends the entire length of the barndominium. This front yard garden idea on the property leads into the ample lawn for even more outdoor enjoyment.

7. Barndominium Fire Pit Puts Focus on Fun

This is a family-friendly backyard garden idea. A built-in fire pit adds personality to an otherwise ordinary patio behind the barndominium. It’s carefully built far enough from the house for privacy and possible residential purposes and code requirements. The mature trees and stone landscaping features enhance the overall look and add natural light and life to this outdoor living area.

8. Modern Technology Literally Brings The Outside In

Projects like this are out of this world. Giving your own barndominium this exterior idea may be too expensive to create but if you have the room to customize for your house like this, all we can say is, “wow.” Check out the oversized door that opens and closes to literally bring the outside in and the inside out. This is an example that outshines the rest.

9. Customize An Outdoor Area With a Roof For Shelter

Enjoy our barndo outdoor space whether it rains or shines. Consider extending the roof over a patio to protect you and your guests from the weather. Here, a patio accessed from the living quarters creates an intimate space to enjoy family and friends.

10. Grand Entryway With Wrap-Around Porch

Front yard landscaping with foliage
Front yard landscaping with foliage that surrounds the home.

This delightful barndo exterior that wraps around the entire structure is picture-perfect. If you decide to build an expansive porch like this, it might cost more money but in the future will be well worth the investment. The stunning black and white color combination is eye-catching and will define the barn look, creating a modern style with functional benefits. Simple flower beds and potted plants in vintage barrels add even more appeal.

11. Simple, Built-in Structure Creates Usable Outdoor Spaces

A wooden fence with some landscaping near the window
A wooden fence secures the rear porch area with some landscaping near the window.

A well-thought-out project conveniently transforms the outdoor property into a delightful living space. This design allows you to simply open the door and walk right outside into a covered and built-in deck. This work in progress features a simple wooden fence and lawn area that will evolve over time.

12. A Manicured Lawn And Privacy Fence Delivers Ambiance

A timber fence in the rear yard with a huge lawn
A timber fence provides privacy in the rear yard of a house with a huge lawn.

There is no need to go overboard with the exterior of your newly renovated barndo. Start with a minimal landscaping project and add focal points like window boxes and focal points over time. Here is the perfect idea for a lovely manicured backyard with privacy fences. The grass lawn offers a variety of uses for family fun and entertainment. The gorgeous gray siding and doors add a nice ambiance.

13. Wildflower Garden Provides Color, Whimsy, and Character

A vibrantly colored flower garden in front house
A vibrantly colored flower garden in front of the barn house.

Imagine welcoming guests to your very own barndominium with a field full of colorful wildflowers dancing in the breeze. Wildflowers are easy to care for, make lovely arrangements to bring inside, and create a picturesque curb appeal like no other. If your property has plenty of sunshine, this is an idea that might inspire you. The multi-colorful scene beautifully frames the red farmhouse on the hill.

14. Charming Window Boxes and Floor Plants Elevate a Renovated Home

flower and pot plant landscaping near the house's entryway
A lovely hanging flower and pot plant landscaping near the house’s entryway.

There is something magical about window boxes filled with begonias, hydrangeas, coleus, and other lush, fragrant flowers. Here they create a charming reading area to read, rest, or enjoy a cup of tea. Wood shutters and a vintage bench add an intimate backyard garden hideaway.

15. Old World Blends With a New Renovation and Creates Delightful Landscaping

Garden with plants on a cart
A very charming garden with plants on a cart.

A barndominium renovation project allows you to keep a touch with the past with your new ideas. Pictured is a great example of how to mix the old with the new. A vintage wagon is filled with gorgeous flowers and displayed in the side yard. The barndominium in the background is the canvas for a blend of old and new. A manicured lawn and additional landscaping offer additional eye appeal.

16. Customize Old Barns but Keep Original Characteristics

A barndo made of stone with vines and greenery
A barndo made of stone with vines and greenery growing on it.

If your barndo has really great bones and the foundation is sturdy, simply update what is needed to bring it up to code and keep the old barn’s original appeal. This can extend to the outside exterior as pictured here. Allow vines and foliage to fall from the barndominium, the fence and gate which provides privacy.

17. Red Door Pops Out in Barndo Side Yard

A gorgeous crimson barndominium door
A gorgeous crimson barndominium door adds beauty to its façade.

We focus on the front and back exteriors of our newly renovated barndominium. Remember to take the side yard areas into consideration too. Here a bright red door pops with cheerful color on the original stone walls and adds dimension to a common walk-through space.

18. Long Brick Path Leads the Way to White Barndominium

White barndominium with a see-through basement
White barndominium with a see-through basement and a lengthy driveway.

If you are fortunate enough to have enough room on your property to create this look, go for it! Imagine walking across this beautifully designed brick path that leads to the entrance of this beautiful white renovated barn you now call home. White fences outline the path and manicured lawn throughout. Simply stunning.

19. Comfortable and Intimate Charm

A little barndominium home with nice greenery surrounding it
A little barndominium home with a brown paint exterior and nice greenery surrounding it.

Say, yes to this barndominium that is small but full of character. There isn’t anything fancy about this charmer. It has everything you need for comfortable living including barn inspired exterior, just the perfect amount of landscaping, and an intimate private patio. Perfect floor plan for a new couple, college grad, or in-law suite.

20. A Porch Adds Character To a Barndominium

A barndo porch with a hint of floral hues
A barndo porch with a hint of floral landscape hues.

There’s something warm and welcoming when a porch is part of a barndominium layout. It not only is a quaint space for spending time relaxing and enjoying a good book or cup of tea, the area underneath creates extra storage. The landscaping that leads up to the porch should be colorful and lush. This could continue with potted plants by the front door or under the windows.

21. Built In Stone Staircases and Flower Boxes are Timeless

Stone stairs with a flower walkway
Stone stairs with a flower-decorated walkway.

Many barn renovations already include amazing built-in structures that are the foundation of the original barn. Pictured here are gorgeous built-in flower boxes and a stone stairway leading up to the entrance of the home. A barn door to the left of the stairs is painted a deep blue to blend in with the lovely landscaping that stays true to the history of the barn.

22. Traditional Barn Style Home With Colorful Flower Garden

A barn home with vibrantly colored tiny plants
A barn home with vibrantly colored tiny plants blooming around it.

This photo is an example of a traditional barndominium new build. It appears to be situated right next to a working barn but fits right into the landscaping and stands out on its own. The side yard features double doors that open up to a beautiful porch area that overlooks the flower garden. We love how the flower beds flow from the front of the homestead around to the side yard. A tasteful black iron accent light is delightful. The property is on a sloped area that overlooks a gorgeous view.

23. Grouping Idea for Barndominium Porch or Patio

A unique lamp with a candle for lighting on the porch floor
A unique lamp with a candle for lighting on the surface of a porch floor.

It’s the little details that can transform a barndominium from something ordinary to something extraordinary. It’s totally up to your individual preferences how you decorate your exterior area. This photo is an example of a stylish grouping that would look lovely on a porch or patio. It is like a warm greeting that welcomes you to the home. The fresh lavender provides a lovely fragrance and the lantern provides a pretty light.

24. Outdoor Room Adds More Living Areas

A chic-style room with big succulent and dry plants
A chic-style room with big succulent and dry plants for aesthetic appeal.

This is an amazing example of a barndominium that took renovations to the next outdoor living level. This covered space is outside but maintains the personality of the overall structure. It is completely furnished, has a built-in ceiling fan for comfort, and is ready for family and friends to enjoy.

25. Floor To Ceiling Windows Wow

A modern design barndominium with a gray façade
A modern design barndominium with a gray façade and a lush environment.

This is the perfect example of an exotic barndominium style. This modern design with oversized glass windows and exclusive, very expensive construction would require a very private property. Built on a mezzanine, this new build requires natural landscaping with very little maintenance.

26. Picturesque Snow Capped Mountain Background

A barn house in a magnificent background ready for renovation
A barn house in a magnificent background countryside setting ready for renovation.

Pretty as a picture hardly describes the awe-inspiring beauty of this barndominium in Wyoming. The snow-capped mountains in the background steal the show. The rough and hard-to-landscape property seems to perfectly match this one-of-a-kind dazzler. The point we want to make here is to consider your entire view before beginning your landscaping journey. What you originally had in mind or planned may not be the perfect complement to your renovation project.

27. Vegetable Garden Creates Lovely Exterior 

Barndominium with a vegetable garden surrounded by a stone fence
A side view of the barndominium with a vegetable garden surrounded by a stone fence.

If you have a knack for gardening, why not add a vegetable garden to your landscaping? It’s a way to grow your own food, and keep that on-the-farm feel while adding color and character to your property. The beautiful red barndo looks right down into the garden that is framed with a stone wall. The mature trees that overlook the property add another attractive element.

28. Side Yard Filled With Fragrant Lavender

A charming barn home with a lavender field garden
A charming barn home with a lavender field garden and a large tree on the side.

A barndominium that is located in the middle of a farm, for example, is not covered from sight by other buildings. The front, back and sides of the structure should look as lovely as the front entrance. The expansive lavender field in this photograph is a great example of how to beautifully fill an area with a wild-growing plant requiring little to no maintenance. The fragrance is an added bonus.

29. Upper Walk-out Deck Overlooks Backyard Garden

Back view of a home with a deck over a nice greenery environment.
Back view of a home with a deck looking out over a nice greenery environment.

If you enjoy fresh air with a view, consider adding an outdoor deck to your master bedroom or other upper-level rooms. Pictured, the doors open to a deck that overlooks the beautiful backyard landscaping. Notice the two-tone exterior of the barndominium underneath that adds character to the building.