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31 Woman Cave Ideas

A woman cave or a she-shed would be the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day. Check out our list of ideas and inspirations to create the perfect space for you!

Inside of a white outdoor shed with lots of windows, tile on the floor, built up wooden platform with antique white tub filled with water, old stool with towels and flip flops next to tub, tray across tub holding a glass of white wine and candle, shed surrounded by tall green trees

A woman cave shouldn’t be an office. It’s tempting to make a space that’s only for you and then go in there to get work done, but a woman cave is meant to be a sanctuary from work, kids, spouses, and the world. The only question is, what are you supposed to do in there? A woman cave is supposed to be a place where you surround yourself with peace, hobbies, or fun. After all, if a man cave can have playboy calendars and neon beer signs, you can hang pictures of NCIS’s Shemar Moore if that’s what your heart desires.

To make a woman cave that’s truly you, the first thing you need to do is figure out the purpose of the space and go wild from there. Is it to craft? To watch TV in your undies? To eat that carton of Bluebell you’ve been hiding in the garage freezer? All of these things and more are at your fingertips with a woman cave designed especially for you.

5 Small Space Woman Cave Ideas

It’s unfair, but not everyone has the space to dedicate an entire room to their lady cave. If that’s you, but you’re desperate for someplace to call your own, try these 5 space-saving ideas.

Folding Screen Cubicle

White room with large window letting in the sunlight through sheer white curtains, tall green plant in the corner next to a big basket chair, white folding divider and small fluffy area rug next to chair

Use folding screens in your existing space to block out space  just for you. Folding screens can be tall enough to exceed head height, giving you the privacy you crave while adding a little bit of character to the room. Creating your own walls also gives the illusion of a forbidden area to some of the more persistent family members.

Cozy Reading Nook

Woman wearnig jeans and a gray sweater sitting on the floor in front of a golden yellow chair writting in a journal, open laptop and cup of coffee next to her, shleves of books behind her

Make a reading nook in your bedroom designed to your taste. Just one area rug, a squishy chair, and a bookshelf can make the space feel completely different than the rest of the room. If you really want the area to feel like it stands alone, add a free-standing bookshelf or a couch in between your space and the rest.

Privacy Curtain Separator

Long hallway in house, white walls and doors, room separated by white curtains, bookshelf against wall with books on it

Hang curtains to make yourself a free-flowing cubicle (that you actually like). If you’ve got a desk in the corner, and that’s the only space you can afford, hang a sliding curtain rod that you can use to open up or close off your space at will.

Vertical Storage Wall

White walls, small wooden with white metal desk and chair, floating wooden shelves above desk holding books and a clock, 2 small potted plants and natural light coming in through the window

Make your space vertical instead of horizontal. If you’ve just got the one wall to put your desk against, utilize your existing space by building up instead of across. Hang pictures, shelves, maybe even mount a TV. Heck, you’ve got around 8 feet of space to pack with your design ideas.

Closet Cave Getaway

Small office space with gray wall, light wood floor, gray and white area rug, built in white shelves with lights black desk and 2 black chairs

Transfer your clothes to a portable clothing rack and use that closet for your own. Obviously, if you don’t have a walk-in closet, this won’t work well, but if you do, then it’s the perfect spot to escape from the rest of the house, get some quiet, and decorate. It’s probably got plenty of storage, too!

5 Low-Budget Woman Cave Ideas

You can’t afford an entire she-shed, but that doesn’t mean you can spruce up your space with some accessories that make it feel more like your own. Using some interior design tricks, you can make your room a beautiful space that really does feel like a retreat.

Stand-Out Light Fixture

White and black diamond patterned floor, gray couch with teal colored pillow, white coffee table, gold framed wall art gold metal light fixture hanging from ceiling, gray wooden dresser

Pick a unique light fixture to give the area life and make it different. If you’ve only got that corner of the bedroom to do your thing, make it bright and welcoming using a fixture that screams, “Mine.” Hanging fixtures are a great way to do this, but if you don’t have an overhead light to work with, standing lamps come in every style and finish, and they can really set your corner apart.

Tone-Setting Art Wall

Hang out space with small white couch and small teal chair, thrown pillows and blankets, lots of miscellaneous art on wall, wood and blak standing lamp, white and teal area rug on white floor

Hang art to set the tone of the area. It could be your children’s art, your own, or prints from the internet, but they don’t have to be costly. Utilize your Walgreens printer and Walmart frames, measure out the space with purpose, so the end result is something that makes a statement you’re happy with.

Mini-Bar Relaxation Corner

Rustic bar area with wooden slats on the wall, floating wooden shelves with liquor bottles and wine glasses on them, antique pendant light hanging from ceiling above bar, black stools for seating

Use a mini-bar or wine rack as a divider or as the trademark piece. Drag a futon in there with a few throw pillows, and you’ve got a place to relax, forget, and have a drink. As a plus, wine racks can be beautiful pieces of furniture at low costs. A small bar area won’t cost much, and it’ll be fun to fill up with supplies.

Make Your Own Pillows

Close up of gray couch with a pink and a cream colored pillow

Print your own pillow designs. Fluffy pillows are a great way to make any couch feel more welcoming and personal, but why not take it up a notch with a picture, drawing, or saying that’s really you? Websites like Vistaprint and CanvasPrints do custom orders that can make setting the tone completely within your control.

Art Supplies Color Splash

Light colored wood floor, brown wooden chair with purple and white checkered blanket draped over, lime green wall and hot pink, green and orange shelves with yarn, scissors, thread and ribbon on them

Use your existing craft supplies as decoration. You’ve got every color in the rainbow already; you just need a way to display it. Through cheap shelves at Walmart, you can make a craft cubby where your supplies do all the talking.

5 She Shed Woman Cave Decorating Ideas

Ah, you fortunate ladies. You’ve got a whole shed with AC and maybe even a working bathroom to decorate how you see fit. Maybe the task feels daunting, now that you think about it. What are you going to do with all of that space? Luckily, we’ve got your back. Here are five ideas to make that space the right space for you.

Decorative Flowers and Plants

Room with light colored floors, small round area rug nest wo a black leather chair with matching ottoman, large green trees all around folding screen to the side, sunlight coming through

Use potted plants and fresh flowers to add color and life. Hopefully, given that you’ve got nine square feet of space and a window, you’ll have plenty of natural light to make it work. Since a she-shed is a mixture between outdoor space and indoor space, make the two live in harmony with some good-smelling, life-giving plants.

Paint Splatter Chic

Man in jeans covered in paint standing barefoot on concrete flor covered in dry paint, clear jar of paintbrushes and a bottle of yellow liquid on the floor, blank canvases against wall in the background, sunlight coming through window

Make the floors finished concrete, so you can have a shame-free art studio. Paint spills are meant to happen here. They only add character with each new blotch! In woman caves, DIY projects don’t have limits, so decorate the space in a way that it’s meant to get dirty. If you’re really daring, you can pre-splatter paint them.

Surround Sound System

White ceiling with wooden beams with lights under them, black speaker box hanging in the corner, black metal lights suspended from tracks, white projector hanging down

Install a speaker system, so you can listen to your music the way it was meant to be experienced. If you don’t have much space, lots of speaker systems can be hung from or even installed in the ceiling. It’ll be like living in your own boombox where quiet time is only a requirement if you want it to be.

Loft Storage

White wooden storage shed with pots and gardening tools and a black chair inside, sunny day, green grass and trees, lots of flowers

Utilize the area above your head for storage. You want the ground floor to be a place for movement and creativity. To have enough space, you might need to utilize the z-axis for storing all the things you might need, but don’t use every day. Slide a few planks or boards on top of the rafters to separate your work space from your stuff.

Light Colored Walls, Open Space

Room with baby blue walls, large windows with white trim, white couch with bright pink pillow, bright pink area rug, small white and pink desk with white chair, bulletin board hanging on wall above desk

Paint the walls a light color. Bright colors open up the space to feel more roomy and breathable. In order to make this a place you actually want to spend time, it should feel inviting, not claustrophobic.

5 Garage Woman Cave Decorating Ideas

Probably the main issues with decorating a garage are temperature regulation, dust, and darkness. To make this a great space where you’ll want to spend free time every season, you might want to devote some brain power toward making it comfortable, first.

Cozy Area Rug

White fluffy blanket and pillows laid out in front of window with sheer white curtains letting in the natural sunlight, small vase of flowers and a pencil and notepad

Try a big, fluffy rug to soften up the hard floors. It also ought to keep your toes warm during the winter weather when concrete won’t be the best material for warmth and comfort.

Vinyl Tile Color Splash

Woman in jeans and brown slippers standing on green, white, and brown tile floor

Cover the concrete with bright, vinyl tiles. Vinyl won’t be as hard to warm up as regular stone or porcelain tiles, and it will make the space feel like a room and not a dirty carport.

Curtain Walls

Small wooden bench with throw pillows and a potted white flower, curtains hanging in the background with the colors purple, yellow, green adn cream in different patterns

Hang curtains on the walls. Not only can the curtains create instant color and a feeling of softness, but they can also help to insulate the room from hot and cold. If you’re extra concerned with those hot summer days, some curtains come with insulating panels that might add an extra layer against the heat or cold.

Mood Lighting

Rustic space with wooden walls, wooden pallets on the floor with mattress on top for bed, black and white bedding, books piles of floor at the foot of the bed, white fairty lights hanging on wall at the head of the bed

Hang an abundance of Christmas or curtain lights to set the mood for relaxation. This kind of lighting is not only cheap, but it’s great for lighting the entire area enough for comfort without altering the mood. If you need additional lighting for a workspace, that’s where standing lamps come in extra handy.

Air Filtering and Decorative

Woman with brunette hair wearing a yellow sweater looing at 3 hanging potted green plants

Use low-light hanging plants and air filters to keep it clean. No one wants to feel like they just rolled in dust when they leave their personal space. Some air filters are pretty sleek-looking, so you won’t have to sacrifice style for utility. Also, some plants require little to no light, so a little bit of research about plants that can survive on water alone might help you freshen up the area for your nose’s benefit.

5 Basement Woman Cave Decorating Ideas

Depending on the house, the basement could already be a pretty great place, carpeted and insulated. It could also be a step down from the garage and in great danger of cockroaches. Making this the perfect place for me-time might be a major project or a small undertaking, but either way, you’ll need some ideas of what to do with it when you get it in livable condition.

Reading Nook Enclosed Office

Woman with brunett hair wearinf glasses, black pants and an olive green shirt sitting at a table reading a book, large bookshelf full of books in background

Many women use their woman caves for work, but when you’re tired of working, where can you go except for back to the main house? If you have to have the office, use the reading nook shelves to close it off from your space. That way, you have a designated work area that you can still get away from without going back to the house.

Backsplash To Claim Your Space

Disstressed blue painted wooden slab wall, wooden floor, blue hammock hanging, pillows and towels with flip-flops underneath, solid white screen on wall

Separate your wall or corner with a tile backsplash or wallpaper. Many people use their basement for storage or laundry, so it may not be possible for the entire basement to be filled with your things, but with some well-placed tile and an area rug, you can at least have a corner to escape to.

Beautiful Home Gym

Light colored hard wood floor, white walls, brown and white area rug, white potted plant in the corner, small black metal workout bench, 2 dumbbells, 2 olympic bars with plate weights

 Instead of letting the equipment make your room feel like a prison gym, add some flair to make this a private mini-gym. Colorful mats, wall art, and some tasteful separators can make this a multi-purpose room that’s still fun to look at.

Coffee Bar

Close up of a coffee bar, "coffee menu" written in chalk, cookies and teapot on wooden counter

Have a coffee bar, because you deserve it. For the discerning woman, the smell of coffee is both the productivity and relaxation cure. It wouldn’t take much to get that on-demand latte. A sofa table will do, to hold the Nespresso machine and a mug rack.

Chalkboard Paint Wall

Office space with small white desk and chair, computer monitor and small plant on desk, black chalkboard wall with books and an umbrella drawn on it, wooden easle in the corner with a blank canvas

Try a chalkboard paint wall for an ever-changing space dictated by your creativity. As one of the cheapest, most versatile ways to decorate a space, chalkboard paint can completely transform a room over and over again. To create a mood that changes with you, all you’ll need is some chalk or chalk paint pens to create the perfect woman cave every day.

5 Spare Bedroom Woman Cave Ideas

Having a woman cave in the house can be asking for trouble. Unlike the she-shed which has actual outside air separating it from the family, this one is just a door away from everything you’re hoping to escape. If the most important thing is refreshing alone time, these spare bedroom ideas can help you keep the space separate.

Soundproof Panels

Sound proof room with red walls and black floor, tall white chair

Try some soundproofing panels, at least where the walls connect to other rooms. You don’t have to sacrifice the beauty of the room with panels like these. An added bonus? You don’t have to be afraid to blast your music.

Keep Out the Riff Raff

teal door with a wooden welcome sign hanging with white flowers

Hang an open sign. Make it blatantly clear when and if you can be disturbed. Either go the handwritten route with a foam or chalkboard sign or go the extra mile with a neon sign that blinks, so it can’t be misinterpreted.

Table For the Kids

basement with red brick wall, black unfinished ceiling, stacked wooden bins for storage of art supplies, large square table with chairs all around, art supplies on table

Have a table in the front part of the room for the family. This is the line they do not cross. If you have to have a kid in there while you’re working or relaxing, this is the compromise zone where they can work and play, and you can have five square feet of space without someone in it. Get up from that table, face the wrath of God.

One More Barrier

Woman peaking put from behind white curtains

Create an extra partition. A bead curtain, folding separator, or a few shelves will give the room some extra security against a wandering teenager or two. At least they have to think about it a little more if they decide to breach the entryway.

A Room Within A Room

Room with a wall of windows letting in the natural sunlight, light colored hardwood floors, 2 white tee-pee tents with blankets and pillows inside, a little wooden table on putside of each tent

Make a she-shed within the room itself. Is this too extra? There’s only one way to find out. Whether it’s converting a children’s playhouse to accommodate a full-sized adult, or building a separate area with an additional door, there’s no reason why you can’t make a room within a room that is easier to control and that can move with you from house to house. If all else fails, you are not too old for a teepee room.