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8 Luxury Round Beds (Where to Find Circle Beds)

Are you looking for a beautiful and unique bed option for your bedroom? Check out our list of different styles and options we found to decide what would work best for your space and where you can find it.

Bed room with light hard wood flooring, round dark brown tuffeted bed with headboard,brown and white comforter with pillows, floor to ceiling windows all around covered with soft, see through drapes

If you are lucky enough to live in a home with beautiful views, you should do everything in your power to take advantage of your home’s location. Adding a circular bed ensures that every morning you will wake up to stunning vistas, allowing you to catch all the best angles of the sunrise right from the comfort of your bed. But, many homeowners are left asking, “where can I buy a round bed?” Luckily, we have your answer for you in our compiled list of the top 8 luxury round beds and where to find them.

In general, there are two options for a luxury round bed. One option consists of a round frame that works together with a standard rectangular mattress. This option allows homeowners to utilize their current conventional mattress while still getting the look and feel of a round bed. The second option is a round bed frame that uses specialty round mattresses. The bed frame and the mattress are entirely round in these configurations. Both bed types have their advantages and disadvantages, allowing plenty of options for you to choose the right bed for your home.

Searching for a round bed can be difficult because these bed frames and mattresses are often considered luxury or specialty items. But, thankfully, we have you covered. Below, let’s take a look at the top 8 round bed options and where to find them.

Luxury Velvet Bed

Meridian Furniture Luxus Collection Modern | Contemporary Round Shaped Velvet Upholstered Bed with Deep Button Tufting and Footboard Storage, Queen, Cream

Created by Meridian, this luxury velvet bed seems to combine the best of both worlds. Not only do you get a beautiful round shape, but your traditional mattress fits into the round, tufted velvet frame. This combination allows you to use a conventional Queen-size mattress with standard sheets while still getting the feel and appearance of a genuinely round bed. The mattress will sit directly onto wooden slats, eliminating the need to add a box spring with this bed frame option. This circular bed has convenient storage options and comes in several colors: cream, black, red, and gray.

DIY Round Mattress

Round Foam Mattress (86" Diameter) with Quilted Cover 8" Height - High Density Premium Foam - Longlasting (7-10 Yrs) Polyurethane Upholstery Foam - Round Bed Mattress -by Dream Solutions USA

If you have trouble finding just the right round luxury bed, why not make your own creative and unique headboard. Crafty homeowners will be pleased to find a simple round mattress, a virtual blank canvass for your creative mind to run wild. Create a custom, and an affordable round bed. The mattress is made of memory foam construction and measures 86 inches in diameter. This round mattress sits just 8 inches high and will last for at least 7 to 10 years. Build your own circular frame to pair perfectly with this round mattress. Keep in mind, though, the round mattress will require specialty round bed linens.

White Round Bed

Oslo Round Bed with Headboard Lights Queen Size (White)

When it comes to circle beds, this option has it all. Both streamlined and modern, this white round bed features smooth lines and a luxuriously upholstered frame. This white round bed made from Matisse is sure to excite those looking for a round frame to fit with a traditional rectangular mattress.

The bed features synthetic padded leather construction, a wooden frame, and convenient integral nightstands built into the frame. The round frame sits low to the ground but creates separation between the frame and the mattress. The mattress is elevated above the bed frame, which helps to create a clear line between the two. The end result is a stunning bed frame with clean lines and an inviting appearance.

Modern Round Bed

GREATIME Modern Round Bed, Queen Size Bed, Red Color Contemporary Platform Bed, Fully Upholstered Faux Leather Bed, Easy Assembly Bed Frame with Headboard

This modern red bed has it all when it comes to round beds. With a bright pop of color, smooth and simple lines, and simple construction, this circular bed from Greatime will look perfect in your modern home. The shocking red is sure to brighten any room and quickly become the focal point. Or, use the red bed frame as a fun accent color in an otherwise muted or monochrome room.

The circular bed frame is versatile and easily fits a traditional Queen or King-size mattress. The design for this bed frame is clever, with the conventional mattress sitting on a fully-supported platform and augmented by round segmented pieces to complete the look. This bed is easy to construct and offers technical phone support during the construction process.

Indoor Day Bed

ZEW Daybed Outdoor Indoor Large Accent Sofa Chair Lawn Pool Garden Seating with Cushion and Pillows Espresso Bamboo Round Sofabed v.2021

Not all beds need to be for the bedroom! This beautiful day bed can go in any room of the house. Perfect for a family room or den, this indoor daybed is petite and perfect for lounging. Measuring just 51 inches in diameter, the circular day bed features a single cushion. This day bed sits low to the ground, measuring only 6 inches tall.

The day bed is ideal for watching your favorite movie or playing your favorite video game. Or, curl up with a good book as you lounge in this comfortable and unique furniture option. Additional pillows come with the day bed set to complete the look. The frame is made of solid bamboo construction, making it possible to use this bed outdoors in the summer.

Low Round Bed

Round Bed Oslo with Headboard Lights Black (King)

If you ever wanted to roll right out of bed, now you can do so safely with this ultra-low round bed from Matisse. Featuring a round bed frame, this low round bed sits only 5.5 inches off the ground. The circular frame construction can accommodate a standard King-size mattress. The round headboard and frame are tufted in a rich, opulent black material made of synthetic leather. The bed frame is easy to construct and even features integral nightstands on either side of the frame.

Round Bed With Storage

Hazel Velvet King Bed Round Shaped Deep Button Tufted King Size Bed Frame with Headboard, Storage Compartment at Footboard and Both Side Rails for Bedroom (Black-King)

When it comes to round beds for adults, this round bed fits the bill. Not only do you get the fun, circular shape from the bed, but you also will enjoy loads of practical storage space. Created by Elountik, this tufted velvet round day bed is luxurious and functional. The circular bed frame fits with either a standard King or Queen-size mattress.

The additional round framing portions of the bed have convenient storage options, allowing you to pack away extra sheets, blankets, and pillows. Or utilize the extra storage space to store seasonal clothing like sweaters and sweatshirts. Homeowners cramped on space but in need of style will happily find additional storage on either side of the bed and at the foot of the bed.

Outdoor Daybed

SUNCROWN Outdoor Patio Round Daybed with Retractable Canopy, Brown Wicker Furniture Clamshell Sectional Seating with Washable Cushions, Backyard, Porch

Why not bring your luxury round beds to the outdoors too? This perfect outdoor daybed is ideal for lounging in the summer sun. Made of multiple pieces, the round bed can be pushed together, creating one large circular bed, or can have half of the bed partitioned, creating comfortable footrests or stools for company. There is even a central piece to the round bed that can function as a small footstool. The outdoor daybed also features a convenient canopy to help protect you from the sun, which is fully retractable. This round daybed set is constructed of weather-resistant wicker, so it will certainly last through seasons of wear and tear.

Can I Use Traditional Sheets on a Round Bed?

Constructing your new round bed is just the first step of the process. You also need to make sure you have appropriate bedding! Using the right bedding for your round bed really depends on the type of bed you purchase. If you buy a round bed frame that utilizes a standard mattress in the center of the frame, chances are you will be just fine using traditional bedsheets, even though your bed frame is round.

If you purchase a round bed that uses a round mattress, you need specialty sheets. Round sheet sets are available for just this purpose. The sheet sets usually contain a fitted sheet and a flat sheet, exactly like what you would expect to find with a traditional mattress. Round sheet sets may be slightly more costly due to their specialty nature but will function and launder just like standard sheets. It may even be possible to find round sheet options in different colors and linen materials.

Does a Round Bed Save Space?

Unfortunately, if you are looking for a space-saving option for your home, a circular bed will not be the best design. Round beds take up a great deal of space and often have a much larger footprint than a traditional bed. Not only is a round bed dimensionally larger, but the round shape makes it challenging to put the bed against a wall or pushed into a corner. Plus, most round beds are made to work with a King or Queen-size mattress, which can be pretty significant in their own right. Usually, a circular bed will require a relatively large room to fit the bed comfortably and give you space to navigate around the bed.

What Are Some Benefits of a Round Bed?

Round beds can be an excellent option for people with enough space in their bedroom to dedicate to an oversized bed. Not only do round beds look unique in a room, but they have several benefits too. Some of the most significant benefits to owning a round bed include:

  • Safety – Anyone that has suffered the agony of hitting a toe or shin off a rectangular bed frame knows the importance of safety in the bedroom. With a circular bed, there are no sharp corners to navigate. A round bed can help make the bedroom a safer area and can help you avoid those accidental bumps and bruises as you navigate your bedroom at night.
  • Price – While a round bed may seem like an extravagant luxury item, the truth is this bed may end up costing the same as a traditional bed. Using round bed frame options that fit a standard mattress is can be a great way to get a circular bed still and stay within budget. For many, you can simply use your existing mattress and only purchase a circular bed frame. Round bed frame prices are comparable to traditional and standard size bed frames and headboards. By using your existing mattress you can create cheap round beds in your own home.
  • Customization – The options are endless for those who choose to buy a round mattress and start the DIY process simply. A round bed design will allow you to customize your own creation using different shapes, materials, and storage options. Or, choose to hire a woodworker to really create a professional and stunning piece of furniture for your bedroom. Because round beds are unique to begin with, you’re sure to make a customized creation that becomes a real show-stopper.
  • View – Because this bed style is completely round, you can guarantee that no matter which direction you sleep you will always have a great view. Round beds are ideal for rooms with large windows looking out toward stunning vistas.
  • Comfort – Usually, round beds are made with a single mattress that lies on a slatted frame and doesn’t utilize a box spring. This single-layer mattress made of a durable material like Memory Foam is super comfortable for many people. Plus, the brain will see a round bed as an unrestricted sleeping space, unbound by rigid lines and borders. Seeing the freedom to sleep anywhere can promote healthier, better quality sleep for some.