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Choosing a Double Bed vs Queen Bed For Your Master Bedroom

If you're looking for a new bed for your master bedroom you definitely want to make sure you're looking at a double bed vs queen bed.

Choosing the right bed for your room isn’t always as easy as you think. If you’re considering getting a larger bed than you’ve had before (or smaller) it can be worse. So how do you decide on a double bed vs queen? It’s going to take a little bit of figuring and some important questions about your sleeping habits to figure things out.

Double Bed

A double bed used to be the standard size for couples. At 54” x 75” it was considered plenty of space for two. However, this bed size has started to become a little less popular for this group. Instead, most people consider this a good size for one person or for a guest room. That’s because most people like a little more space now. Which is why you may be considering a queen bed.

Queen Bed

A queen size bed is the new popular size option for most people. It has 60” x 80” of space, which means it’s both wider and longer than a double. This means that more people consider it comfortable to share with someone else. Though this used to be considered one of the largest beds out there, there are actually now two sizes higher however. So if you still feel you’re not getting enough space there’s something more out there.

Double Bed vs Queen

So how do you decide whether you want a double bed vs queen? Well, the most important thing to look at is the amount of space you really need. Do you need space for more than one person in the bed? Do you or you and that other person take up a lot of space when you sleep? Are you currently a little squished or uncomfortable when you sleep?

If the answer is yes to any (or all) of those questions then you may want to look at getting a larger bed than the one you already have. A queen size bed can be a great option because it lets you spread out more and allows your partner to do the same. By choosing a larger bed you’re also going to need more space in your room however. That’s definitely something you need to think about.

Does your room have the space needed for a larger bed? Would you be able to comfortably get in and out of the bed without too much trouble? Would you feel crowded or cramped in your space? If you can comfortably get in and out of a larger bed without feeling too crowded then you may be able to consider that larger bed. If a queen size bed is going to force you to crawl across the bed to get around then maybe not.

The Costs of a Double Bed vs Queen

Just like anything else, if you want to get a larger bed you’re going to have to spend more money. A double bed could cost you a couple hundred dollars, but a queen size bed could cost a couple hundred more. It’s important to consider what else you need to purchase besides just the bed frame as well. Think about how much more you will spend on the mattress. Then think about box springs and sheets and blankets. All of these things are going to be more expensive with a larger bed.

If you’re looking to save money then you may want to more carefully consider the smaller bed. It could potentially save you hundreds just in the short term and a whole lot more over the long term. After all, each time you need to buy sheets or blankets you’ll spend more for a queen size version. For those that need to watch their money, this is definitely a crucial factor in the double bed vs queen bed debate.

The Options in Beds

The great thing is you have plenty of options no matter what size you choose. You can easily find very similar beds in both of these sizes. You can also find a wide range of differences in each size. That way, you never have to settle for something less than what you really want. You can always find a great option or you can even have something made for you.

Going to different stores or shopping centers will allow you to look at the different styles and see all of your choices. This can be important if you want variety or if you’re looking for something in particular. You should take a little time to look at a few different stores to see what’s out there. When you make your choice you definitely don’t want to replace that bed again too quickly. So don’t jump too fast on making that double bed vs queen bed decision. You want something you’ll be happy with long term.