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23 Backsplash Ideas for Busy Granite

Discover the 23 best backsplashes (backsplash) ideas for busy granite countertops that won't make your bathroom or kitchen design too hectic to look at!

Colors of natural stone in brick cut

It can be difficult to make big décor decisions when it comes to your home – especially for kitchens and bathrooms, both of which require some sort of backsplash, or back splash, to prevent water damage on the walls. These are the two most used rooms in a home other than the bedroom. Everyone’s gotta sleep, right?

Not only are they the most used, but they usually end up being the most expensive because of the required appliances, whether they are beloved stainless steel appliances or otherwise. You deserve to be absolutely sure of what you want so that the money you spend is worthwhile! Even if that means finding the best backsplash for busy granite countertops to complete your kitchen remodel.

Deciding on a bathroom or kitchen backsplash for busy granite can be quite the challenge when you’re doing it alone, but I’m here to give you a hand. I’ve put together 23 examples of backsplashes for busy granite countertops so that you can get better ideas and inspiration for your own home! It ranges from typical backsplash tiles, to subway tiles, to a granite backsplash – yes, a granite backsplash for your granite countertops! – and even some unexpected backsplash choices.


Vanity with granite mirror backsplash
Beautiful vanity with granite mirror backsplash.

Our first section is mirrors. This is something to consider in a bathroom as a wall to wall backsplash instead of struggling to find something that you don’t really like! By choosing a mirror backsplash, you can check two boxes at once: the backsplash and the mirror are a 2 in 1! Although the hassle of getting the mirror dirty with water or soap splashes off the mirror might deter you, remember that it really isn’t that much of a hassle – just a few swipes or the occasional cleaning. In fact, it might implore you to clean up after yourself more!

A bathroom with black granite countertop
A bathroom with black granite countertop and a large backsplash mirror.

Large mirrors like this are a particularly good choice for smaller bathrooms. It’s common knowledge for interior designers that mirrors brighten, lighten, and open up the space by reflecting a room and making it appear to double in size. You can choose to do what you see in this picture, too, wrapping the mirror around the sink cubby. Not only will it open up your bathroom, but you’ll also be able to see all angles of yourself when you’re getting ready in the morning, too!

You can still have your countertop lip on the back if you prefer, or a frame for your mirror. Either way, this combination will always be elegant and can match with any type of busy granite countertop! This mix of black and brown granite on the countertop pairs excellently with the dark wood frame of the mirror, don’t you think? Plus, choosing this route saves you a trip to the tile shop to deal with tile patterns or the search for a solid tile backsplash. Then there’s the installation, when options like ceramic tiles and glass tiles are incredibly fragile. Sometimes, the easier choice is the best!

White Tile

A  kitchen with a granite countertop island
A fabulous new kitchen with a granite countertop and an island.

If you’re more of a traditional backsplash person, no problem! Tiles are still a great way to go. White tiles, specifically, will match whatever type of granite countertop you have in your kitchen or bathroom. They say the proof is in the pudding, and this picture is the perfect pudding metaphor! The creamy granite countertop, speckled with brown and black, blends perfectly with the tile backsplash. The tile patterns aren’t too much, either, thanks to the solid color.

White and gray granite with a tile backsplash
White and gray granite with a tile backsplash blends beautifully.

White subway tile has been and will probably always be an extremely popular choice – just like white in kitchens. This gorgeous slab of white and gray granite is definitely the main piece in this kitchen, so it’s important that it not be overshadowed by something else. Adding a hectic backsplash to an already busy granite countertop would make the space feel cluttered and take away the countertops chance to really shine. The subway tile backsplash is just what this busy granite countertop needs!

Bathroom sink design with granite and tile backsplash
A sleek bathroom sink design with granite and tile backsplash.

However, white isn’t reserved only for your kitchen. With its clean and crisp look, designing your bathroom with white is as popular as it is in a kitchen. These white ceramic tiles have a shiny and reflective surface that shines light back on the bathroom to make it feel brighter and bigger. It can be immensely difficult to match a patterned backsplash with countertops that already have some sort of pattern or design, so keeping it simple with these square tiles prevents anything from clashing with the granite while matching it with a sleek and classy look.

Black Tile

Black granite countertop with tile backsplash
Elegant black granite countertop with tile backsplash.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, black tiling works just as well as white when you’re looking for something to pair with a busy granite countertop. The gray and speckled countertop isn’t overwhelmed by the black herringbone patterned backsplash, even with the bold choice of white grout between the tiles. Backsplash tile is easy to clean off, as well, so it’s not like you’re fighting against the possibility of scratches or stains on the wall.

Black tile with white granite countertop and island
Black tile with white granite countertop and island with a wooden accent.

Naturally, black tile goes well with white, like the white granite countertops you see here. The counter to ceiling oversized subway tile backsplash is beautifully offset by the white kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertops. It ensures that the darkness of the tiles doesn’t overpower the other colors in the room or make it feel smaller! Balance is endlessly important with design styles and color schemes, so keep that in mind when you’re choosing your countertop and backsplash combination.

Stylish black and white countertops and backsplashes
Stylish black and white busy granite countertops and backsplashes.

The truth is, black in itself tends to be a busy color. It’s a color that makes space shrink when it isn’t used properly, but black granite countertops can actually give your kitchen a sleek look. We can’t forget about the black and white combination! If you’re someone who really likes busy granite countertops and busy backsplashes, it may be difficult to do but not impossible. Take, for instance, this black and white tile combination with the black countertop. It’s a great kitchen design that showcases beautiful stones of different colors without crowding the kitchen space.

Similar Colors

A mosaic backsplash and granite in complementary tones
A mosaic backsplash and active granite in complementary tones.

There is a way to get around needing a plain backsplash for busy granite. Do you want to know what it is? Similar colors. It might not make much sense to you now, but just take a look at this picture. The mosaic tiles share similar shades of brown and gray with the granite countertop. This actually prevents it from feeling too busy or hectic by giving them a matching appearance – one that makes it feel like they belong together.

Sink design matches the herringbone pattern backsplash on the granite countertop
The bathroom sink design matches the herringbone pattern backsplash on the granite countertop.

The same thing can be said for this bathroom design. This herringbone pattern backsplash could definitely be overwhelming in some settings, making the room or space feel cluttered with the design. But, it shares similar colors with the granite countertop and that allows it to blend easily. Choosing similar colors is a trick that a lot of people tend to overlook because some worry that there won’t be any distinction and the two elements will bleed into each other in an unflattering way. However, when you choose a different pattern than your countertop, you will find that the combination actually works out.

Brown granite countertop and a black backsplash matches the cabinet
With a brown granite countertop, a black backsplash matches the cabinet color.

Now, if you are going to choose a backsplash with no pattern or design for your countertops, don’t worry – it can still be done. Your best bet is to go with something like you see in this picture. Even if you don’t match the backsplash to your countertop, matching it with the cabinets or something else will still give you the same similar color effect. In this case, the backsplash is reflective (stunning, right?) and is a similar color to the cabinetry. But not too similar, as you can see. The reflective surface and off-black shade keep the marble backsplash from completely blending in with the cabinets. This also allows the granite countertop to stand out and become the focal point of this kitchen ensemble.

Continuous Granite

A granite backsplash that extends to the countertop
A granite backsplash that extends to the countertop is both visually appealing and economical.

Next on the list of backsplash ideas for busy granite countertops, let me tell you another way to get around a backsplash that clashes with your countertop choice: simply run the same granite from your countertop along the wall to act as your backsplash instead. I know you are probably concerned that the space will feel smaller and cluttered with the continuous granite, but I assure you this is a design that will bring your kitchen to the next level! Just look at the way that this kitchen counter space turned out!

A continuous granite pattern in brown and white
A continuous granite pattern in brown and white looks lovely.

This is definitely a design that looks best with floating cabinets above the countertop. The way this white and dark brown granite countertop has been made into the backsplash allows the space to feel open and much lighter, especially since they have dark cabinets. Not only does the dark brown granite match the deep, chocolaty wood of the cabinets, the white granite reflects light to brighten the space. There’s a reason they say to use light colors in a dark room, and granite backsplashes are proof!

Hit by light granite has a reflecting surface
When hit by light, granite has a reflecting surface.

If you’re not one for white granite, that’s okay. Choosing a granite with a reflective surface or coating does the same job as the color white! Here you can see how the light coming in from the window and the cabinetry is shining on the granite that climbs up to become the backsplash and reflects it back into the room, essentially giving it lighter of the post light. Having a granite backsplash is great because they’re easy to clean and they’ll match with the rest of your granite countertops.

Contrasting Colors

The black granite countertop complements the kitchen cabinetry
The black granite countertop complements the kitchen cabinetry.

Moving on from taking the easy way out with a granite backsplash, we can get into the more complicated choices. Colors that contrast each other can be tricky to get right, so I’m here to help you out! The black pearl granite countertops in this kitchen are clearly a point of interest, but what is really interesting is the way it has been paired with the solid color behind it. The pale color is a complete contrast to the granite countertops, and despite that, it still fits beautiful patterns with the design. Busy granite countertops can be a hassle to deal with but when you choose a solid color to go with it, things tend to work out rather well.

The dove gray countertop and the mint-colored backsplash
The dove gray countertop complements the mint-colored backsplash well.

I know that dark gray and mint green seem like an unlikely choice for countertops and backsplashes but they go surprisingly well with each other – and this picture is proof! These two contrasting colors are, in fact, very unlikely to be found together but that doesn’t mean they can’t be. Even if your reasoning is as plain as not wanting simple subway tile in your home, go ahead and choose a color that you wouldn’t think would work and see if the pieces fall into place like they did with this kitchen design.

A compact kitchen with a granite countertop and white walls
A compact kitchen with a granite countertop and white walls integrates perfectly.

Of course, the ultimate contrast would be between these black granite countertops and the solid color of white behind them. Like I explained before, having a busy backsplash can be too much for some people, myself included. Choosing a solid color tile or simply extending the solid color on your bathroom or kitchen walls might just be the best backsplash for busy granite countertops in your home!

Wood Backsplash

A sample of granite slabs with a matching wood board
A sample of granite slabs with a matching wood board for styling.

Taking a look at these samples, it’s clear that it will be very important to match tones when you’re planning with any sort of busy patterns or surfaces. These granite slabs are all beautiful but undeniably busy. Then the wood has a pattern of its own with the wood grain, but the similar tones allow you to work around the different patterns. In the first sample, the white and gray in the granite is matched with the white and gray of the wood. The second has similar tones of brown granite and tan granite, and the third has lighter tones such as an off-pink and honey, as well as the blacks and grays of the wood grain matching the speckles of the granite.

A rustic-style wall with granite-style countertop
A rustic-style wall with a white and gray granite-style countertop.

To get an idea of this combination in action, observe the way these cool tones have been balanced with each other. Although the rustic appearance doesn’t share any similarities with the granite, the gray of the wood grain and the gray of the granite are just enough to tie the two elements together. Natural stone material such as granite will have patternless designs on them just like this countertop, whether it be wily lines or thousands of speckles. That’s why it’s important to pick the right backsplash. Neutral colors, like you see here, will always be a timeless choice.

Vanity in black marble and wood panel backsplash
Vanity in black marble with a wood panel backsplash.

These horizontal wood panels are another great example of a simple backsplash that still gives the space some more personality. Wood is one of those materials that has a pattern, yes, but still doesn’t have a busy pattern. It’s a wonderful alternative backsplash choice for those who love granite but aren’t such a big fan of tiles and tile patterns. Black will always be an elegant color to choose, and pairing it with different types of wood should hardly be an issue. It’s important to remember that keeping the other colors light, such as your backsplash, will keep the space from seeming smaller than it really is.

Brick Backsplash

Kitchen sink with a brick backsplash complements the granite
A brightly colored kitchen sink with a brick backsplash complements the granite.

Brick is always going to be a timeless choice for anything you can think of – even as a backsplash. Granted, it’s more than likely that you’ll want it to cover the entire wall rather than just one section but you can never have too much brick! Although you may be skeptical of choosing a brick backsplash for busy granite because the patterns might be too much, I think that anyone can tell from this photo that it isn’t true. A simple backsplash might be the easy answer to busy granite countertops, but you can still work around that to get the look you really want!

Brick backsplash and granite countertop brown aesthetic tone
The brick backsplash and granite countertop with a brown aesthetic tone.

The real question is this: is that look worth the trouble? Brick can be a real pain to clean with all the dips, grooves, and imperfections that make us love it so much in the first place. There’s no doubt that you’ll be needing to clean it when it’s your backsplash. Is that even possible?

Yes! Not only is genuine brick expensive, it’s difficult to deal with, but I have the perfect cost-effective solution for you! Installing a brick wall panel saves you a lot of trouble in the moment and in the long run. You can find these panels at hardware stores such as Menards to achieve that classic brick look without all the complications. The great thing is that if you buy a white wall panel, you can personalize in whatever way you want by painting the brick and grout whatever color you would like!

After purchasing and painting, all that is left to do is buy a clear coating to put over it. This will protect the panel and paint from any water damage, cleaning, or other splatters that land on the backsplash. It also makes it much easier to wipe off or clean, not to mention it won’t have those deep dips or grooves that are a pain to clean out! I have a brick panel that I painted by hand in my own kitchen, so I can personally vouch for this kitchen design. Give it a try!