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33 Eclectic Kitchen Designs

An eclectic kitchen is typically quite unique because of how it combines a variety of design styles and sources. This approach to kitchen design allows both the homeowner and designer to break traditional rules and add a little whimsy to the space.



An eclectic kitchen is typically quite unique because of how it combines a variety of design styles and sources. This approach to kitchen design allows both the homeowner and designer to break traditional rules and add a little whimsy to the space. When traditional design requirements are broken the resulting space is often bursting with the homeowners unique personality.

Subsequently, this new-found freedom in kitchen design may be the deciding factor behind the prevalence of eclectically designed kitchens found online and in popular magazines.  Thankfully, most kitchen contractors are knowledgeable in this type of design and will be able to assist you in your kitchen remodeling project.

As homeowners have become educated in the freedom that eclectic design offers them they are often willing to give it a try. Not only are eclectic kitchens considered to be more welcoming, the elements found within can be great conversation starters. When hosting a large family dinner or intimate gathering of friends it is exciting for homeowners to welcome their guests into a space that is uniquely their own.

When considering eclectic design for your kitchen there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, it is important to determine the number of styles and elements you would like to incorporate in the space. Including an overabundance of design styles and decorating accessories can result in your kitchen looking like something found on an episode of Hoarders. This is hardly the look to be striving for. Instead, be selective and choose 2 or 3 design elements that are related in some way. For example, you may choose to base your color scheme off fabric from the dining room chairs. Or you may choose install open wood shelving that has a similar wood grain and tone to the wooden bar stools. This will ensure that the overall feel of the kitchen is still cohesive and welcoming.
Secondly, consider either adopting a subdued color scheme involving light neutrals and pastels or one that involves neutral-colored walls accented with pops of color. These two schemes pair well with an eclectic aesthetic.

Elements commonly found in today’s eclectic kitchens vary from rustic barnwood and farmhouse sinks to sleek modern tile and flowered wallpaper. The incorporation of open shelving, instead of upper cabinetry, creates an airy, open feel in kitchens regardless of their size. In addition, open shelving gives homeowners the space to display antiques, collectibles and other sentimental objects. But as mentioned earlier, it is important to limit the number of collections and remember that less is more.

Whether you are considering a new, custom-made eclectic kitchen or of renovating your existing space to reflect your unique style, check out the following gallery. Each picture is sure to give you a greater understanding of how to design and decorate an eclectic kitchen.

Eclectic Kitchen The lack of upper cabinetry, rustic wood table and plenty of space for dishes make a welcoming, casual retreat.

kitchen remodeling The intense blue of the upper and wall cabinets is subdued by the their simple design.

shutterstock_233732245 The simplicity of the cabinets and against wide plank floors and the white, painted brick accent wall provide a calming aesthetic.

shutterstock_241351864 The high ceilings, sparse decor and light wood all contribute to the airy feel of this unique kitchen.

shutterstock_289844969 Adding wallpaper as a focal point in a small kitchen is a great way to add interest.

shutterstock_37156771 The mint-colored cabinets and nickel cabinet pulls play nicely against the traditional, beige backsplash.

shutterstock_86630050 This brightly-colored kitchen combines a variety of styles to create a inviting space.

shutterstock_105033356 The large wooden dining table adds an element of surprise to the sleek white cabinets of this kitchen.

shutterstock_117153772 Consider adding a beautiful, rich backsplash on one wall for an unexpected focal point.

shutterstock_115628806 The warm wood floors in this space pair surprisingly well with the cool gray cabinets.

shutterstock_190645649 A rustic wood table is a great replacement for the classic kitchen island.

shutterstock_234727027 This kitchen combines traditional cabinetry with rustic, wide-plank wood floors and white walls to create a beautiful, welcoming space.

shutterstock_104651486 While the elements in this space are very different, their shared simplicity is what makes it work.

shutterstock_290126408 The soft, neutral tones in this kitchen are what brings it all together to create a beautifully, eclectic space.

shutterstock_235627261 The herringbone pattern in the floor and the beautiful architectural details in the door add a traditional feel to these eclectically, modern space.

shutterstock_285772805 Crisp white, shaker-style cabinets pair perfectly with warm wood tones.  The curtains in this space create softness to the crisp white lines.

shutterstock_235629913 The splashes of color in this space and mismatch of chairs create an eclectic feel that looks as though it was curated over time.

shutterstock_290464565 Black accents against white cabinets and wood elements always look great.

shutterstock_190120085 The open shelving and places to hang kitchen supplies act as decorative elements in this subdued kitchen.

shutterstock_265756802 A fun, inexpensive way to add interest in a small kitchen is with a colorful backsplash.

shutterstock_312294524 These brightly-colored lower cabinets do not overwhelm the eye when paired with industrial open shelving and open concept kitchen design.

shutterstock_188179901 When arranged in a specific pattern, floor tiles can give the effect of a decorative rug.

shutterstock_306294860 This kitchen avoids feeling stark by incorporating a vibrant color in the backsplash, appliances and decorations.

shutterstock_191090492 The combination of black appliances, white cabinetry and vibrant walls creates a welcoming, bespoke decorating feel to this space.

kitchen remodeling A cohesive color scheme makes this galley kitchen feel open and airy.

shutterstock_29906938 The vibrant backsplash in this kitchen provides a great starting off point for the kitchen’s color scheme.

shutterstock_220232047 The driftwood hanging below the skylight is a great, unexpected element in this eclectic space.

shutterstock_119977732 The unusual black accents (upper cabinet decals, lower cabinet handles and shelving) in this simple kitchen effectively draw the eye and create visual interest.

shutterstock_114889471 Despite the deep gray of the cabinets, this kitchen still feels bright due to warm wood flooring and great industrial lighting.

shutterstock_188948429 The mural backsplash and richly-colored curtains add personality to an otherwise neutral space.