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29 Entryway ideas for your home!

Looking for Entryway ideas for your home? Check out these 29 foyer and entryway custom designs. Including decor, decorating, rugs, benches and more.

The entryway to your home isn’t always at the top of your interior design agenda, and nor should it be. But once you see these gorgeous examples of beautiful home entryways, you’re probably going to change your mind.

The entrance to your home is the first impression you give to your guests, and it’s the first experience you have of your home after a busy day at work. You want your entrance to reflect the atmosphere you’ve invested so much time in creating throughout the rest of your home.

How you can, or choose to, decorate your entranceway much depends on the size and shape of you room. Entranceways are often off shaped rooms, fitted around main, larger rooms, and the aesthetic features of the front of your home and making structural changes will usually mean taking space from larger main rooms such as living or dining areas, which most of us would choose not to do. An unusual shaped room gives you opportunity to think outside of the box and create a quirky room that your family and your guests will appreciate.

Many entryways showcase the home’s main staircase, so it works to turn your stairs into a stunning and jaw-dropping piece of your home.

Larger entryways are fun to work with. You shouldn’t add too much furniture, as it’s simply not needed in a room that is simply a thoroughfare, but you should go large with the decorative features you choose to include. Oversized lighting features, such as chandeliers and hanging lights, look fantastic in tall homes and entryway rooms with steep staircases. Rugs, oversized vases, and even superficial pillars make outstanding features in entryways without being obtrusive.

Neutral tones such as cream and brown work well in entryway rooms because they don’t overpower the room and are suitable for any occasion. They don’t give a bold and lasting impression on any guests and don’t have much power in altering your mood, but they are comforting, which is essentially the most important thing anybody needs to gain when they enter their home. Splashes of metallic golds, solver, bronzes, and taupes all work well to add a splash of luxury and glamour to your home, but won’t upset a neutral color palette. Instead, they offer understated charm and allure.

Explore the entryway to these stunning homes to see just how much if a positive impact a striking welcome hall can make to any home:

This vast entryway is uses pillars with gold trim to make the room feel more filled and for a feeling of grandeur.


This stylish but modest entryway uses contrasting color wood on the staircase for maximum impact, adding a bold plant for liveliness in a very neutral room.


Adding a very bold and elaborately patterned rug to this entryway helps to define the area and keep the entryway separate from adjoining living and dining rooms.

shutterstock_66607243 This entryway provides a very subtle but stylish thoroughfare into a very grand living room. Elaborate bannisters and light fittings set the tone for the rest of the home.


This curved staircase is a modest size but it’s curves widen the room and allow the addition of perfectly pruned rugs to bring color to the room.


Wide walkways between rooms give the room a more open plan feeling, giving the entryway a less formal and defensive element.


Any double staircase will make a strong statement about the size and luxury of the home, and this is no different. The oversized plant and entry table illustrate that no expense has been spared to decorate this glamorous home.

shutterstock_31716802This entryway combines light colors and modern furniture with Gothic style iron fixtures and elaborate soft furnishings for a quirky combination of mellow and dramatic living.

shutterstock_148009358This quirky period-style entryway fits the quirky criteria with varied sized windows, a round shaped room, and two antique style chairs for style rather than function.

shutterstock_76105903 A mellow entryway is a good introduction to a relaxed family home, but investing in floors and furniture can turn it into a luxury statement too.

shutterstock_66607324 Using the same style doors internally and externally doesn’t just make a bold statement but helps to keep your rooms strictly separate.


A stairwell that doesn’t face the front door but instead faces the back of the home changes the flow of the entryway and encourages family to spend more time downstairs.

shutterstock_11730679 This diagonal facing stairwell is elegant and fun. It’s a step away from the traditional and usual entryway layout.

shutterstock_218165326This Mediterranean style family home mimics the colorful gardens inside the home with lots of light, color, and a cool iron bannister.


This light and airy home is clean and simple, and ready for the homeowners to bring in any style of décor into the home. A neutral color palette makes the home suitable for decorations of all colors and materials.


A curved staircase and rounded mezzanine balcony gives the impression that this home has ample space inside. Sparkling light fixtures and ornate railings add personal style and understated luxury.


The simple addition of a round table in this home’s entryway stops the room from feeling too vast and empty, at the same time helping the room to match the style of the adjoining dining area.


This neutral and balanced entryway has added just a few subtle decorating features to make the room feel warmer but not overpowered.


The way this stairway crosses the home’s main entrance to form the main decorative feature and the first thing guests will see when they enter the home.


The height of the doorway in this home balances out the height of the stairway and mezzanine balcony to create a a room that feels very tall and vast.

shutterstock_32883451 Light is the main player in this entryway. The reflective floor diffuses the light across the room, mimicking the spotlight effect that has been installed on the first floor balcony.


Nothing is too much in this traditionally elegant entryway that uses warm colors and elaborate patterns to warm and envelop you.

shutterstock_27743491 This curved staircase is a twist in traditional corner staircase. The curve showcases more of the living room behind the entryway so more of the beautiful home is visible on entry.

shutterstock_36127510This entryway plays with fun contrasts between light neutrals and harsh black fixtures. A warm toned floor provides a middle ground that ties the color palette together beautifully.


This minimal entryway stays away from decorative accessories, relying on the beautiful and awe-inspiring flooring.


This quite short room more than makes up for it with very wide entrance doors and a stairway to match its width.

shutterstock_31716805This entryway has installed shallow cabinets for a very unusual functional touch to the short entryway. The cabinets can be used as storage or to display decorative items, but either way will greet guests with a fantastic talking point.