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44 Types of Chairs

A chair is a fantastic piece of furniture that has legs in order to support one person. Check out our list of different types of chairs and where you can purchase them.

gray backgroung with multiple different types of chaits in different colors

A chair is a fantastic piece of furniture that has legs in order to support one person. Some chairs are oversized and can support two people. A chair is both functional and decorative. 

Chairs can be found in various styles, colors, and designs. They can be in any room based on your personal preference. 

We all enjoy sitting down after a long day or standing for a long time. We are able to do this because of chairs. One might think that chairs are not as comfortable as other types of furniture, such as a sofa. However, that is not always the case. There are many chairs that are deep, large, and comfortable enough for you to sink into. 

Depending on your preference, you can find a large number of great chairs. They come in various designs, functions, materials, and colors. This guide gives you all the details you need to select the perfect chair. 

Types of Chairs

Acapulco Chair 

SONGMICS 3-Piece Outdoor Seating Acapulco Chair, Modern Patio Furniture Set, Glass Top Table and 2 Chairs, Indoor and Outdoor Conversation Set, Light Green UGGF011C01

While there is uncertainty around the invention of the Acapulco chair, it is well known that it became popular in the 50s and 60s. These chairs are constructed of a vinyl cord that has been woven around a framework of metal. 

The Acapulco chair resembles the shape of a pear. It has roots in Mayan hammocks. This style can be found in colorful loveseats and leather. This style chair is ideal for seating on a patio. They are festive and colorful, making them ideal for a backyard party. 

Accent Chairs

Artechworks Curved Tufted Accent Chair with Metal Gold Legs Velvet Upholstered Arm Club Leisure Modern Chair for Living Room Bedroom Patio, Pink

An accent chair can be a general term used to describe a chair in a living room. It is typically used as a decoration that is used to be an accent. It is not meant to stand out on its own but blend with the decor and enhance it. The best accent chair is one that can adapt to any setting in which it is placed. 

Some select accent chairs because they want them to be the focus of the room. Or, they may be chosen to be a contrast to the room. They are typically upholstered but can be either small or large. An accent chair can be a club chair, barrel chair, wingback chair, or lawson chair, just to name a few. 

Adirondack Chair

MXIMU Folding Adirondack Chair Weather Resistant Plastic Fire Pit Chairs Adorondic Plastic Outdoor Chairs for Firepit Area Seating Lifetime (Grey)

The first Adirondack chair style was designed by Thomas Lee, a native of Massachusetts. He was devoted to nature and spent as much time as he could in it. As a result, he designed a chair that was able to withstand the rugged terrain of the outdoors, particularly in New York. 

It took three years to create the chair we know today with its high back, slanted seat, armrests, and iconic shape. When he was finished, he had a balanced and sturdy chair that was also comfortable. They can tolerate hills and sandy beaches. They have become known as lawn chairs. You can find them in plastic, wood, or molded material. 


Lifestyle Solutions Lexington Armchair, 39.8" W x 31.1" D x 33.5" H, Navy Blue

The simplest definition of an armchair is a chair that has two arms or resting places for arms. There was a time when armchairs were only found in the homes of the wealthy. 

Once carpenters started building these chairs, there was no longer a class distinction. You can find armchairs in various materials, shapes, trim, and upholstery. They can be found in any room and every table, from the most formal dining room table to the most casual kitchen table. 

An armchair can also be an accent chair. Only one person can sit in an armchair at one time. You can find them in any design style, including traditional and contemporary. Armchairs can quickly get expensive, so you may want to ensure you have the budget for the chairs you want. 

Armless Chair

Safavieh Mercer Collection Stella Armless Club Chair

An armless chair is fairly close to an armchair, except there is no place to rest your arms. These chairs tend to be lighter, more versatile, and less expensive than an armchair. 

An armless chair is able to fit in more places because without arms; it is less bulky. You can slide it under a table or counter. It is common to see a dining room table with armchairs at the ends but armless chairs along the sides. 

You may also hear of armless chairs being referred to as slipper chairs. Those are discussed further down in this article. 

Bar Stool

MAISON ARTS Swivel Bar Stools Set of 2 for Kitchen Counter Adjustable Counter Height Bar Chairs with Back Tall Barstools PU Leather Kitchen Island Stools, 300 LBS Bear Capacity, Brown

There are a wide variety of bar stools available. You often find a need for these chairs when you have a high table or an island with an overhang. Bar stools come in different heights, so it is essential that you make sure you are purchasing the right one.

You can find adjustable bar stools if you find that you might need different heights. Some bar stools spin, while others do not move. A true bar stool does not have a back to it, but you can find them without backs.

There are bar stools that have one leg under them that is centered in the middle of the stool. There are others that have three or four legs. You will find them in many different materials, including plastic, wood, and metal. Some bar stools have cushioned seats and backs, while others are hard. 

No matter what your design style, you can find a stool that is perfect for your decor. You will find them in every style, from farmhouse to modern and industrial. 

Barrel Chair

Yaheetech Comfy Club Chairs Set of 2 Faux Leather Barrel Chair Small Side Chairs Accent Chair for Living Room Bedroom Reading Room Waiting Room, Black

A barrel chair is an excellent option for the living room. The top of the chair resembles a barrel. Some believe that early versions of this chair were made from a barrel. The back of the chair wraps around the person seated in it, almost like a hug. 

Barrel chairs have large, rounded backs that are solid. The back and arms are often designed as one piece. This is a versatile chair as it can match any decor. It can be considered more formal or casual based on what is placed around it. 

Bergère Chair

Design Toscano Brussels Library Bergere Chair: Set of Two, walnut

The Bergère chair is part of the traditional French style. It was introduced by French nobility, including King Louis XV and his family, in the 17th century. The Bergère chair was designed to their specifications, including elegant, comfortable, and unique. 

The Bergère chair has an exposed wood frame, upholstered seat, and upholstered back. The armrests are typically upholstered, as well. The seat cushions may or may not be attached to the chair. The seat is wide and deep. 

This chair is intricately designed and often thought of as a piece of art. While you will see them in the living room, they are most often found in bedrooms, especially with an ottoman that matches it. These chairs tend to be expensive.

Camping Chair

ALPHA CAMP Oversized Camping Folding Chair Heavy Duty Support 450 LBS Oversized Steel Frame Collapsible Padded Arm Chair with Cup Holder Quad Lumbar Back Chair Portable for Outdoor

A camping chair is a portable chair that you can take on the go with you. Although it is called a camping chair, you can take it to sporting events, tailgating, backyard cookouts, or just about anywhere you might need a chair. 

These chairs fold up into a compact package. They usually have a sleeve or bag they can slide into. These bags have handles to make the chair even easier to carry. You can throw them in your car to have them available whenever you need them. 

Camping chairs are usually polyester type materials. They are available in a wide range of colors. You can find them with designs and logos on them. These chairs tend to be inexpensive. While they are sturdy enough to sit in, they are not the strongest chair. They may not hold up to a large amount of abuse. You should expect to replace them every couple of years. 

Chair and a Half

Signature Design by Ashley Soletren Contemporary Chenille Upholstered Chair and a Half, Gray

A chair and a half is an oversized chair. It is more significant than a chair but smaller than a loveseat. These chairs allow one person to spread out comfortably. It can also fit two people if they want to sit close to each other. 

You can find a chair and a half in every color, texture, and style you can imagine. These chairs are ideal for someone that wants or needs more room than provided with a standard chair size. 

Chaise Lounge Chair

Crestlive Products Aluminum Adjustable Chaise Lounge Chair Outdoor Five-Position Recliner, Curved Design, All Weather for Patio, Beach, Yard, Pool (2PCS Beige)

Chaise lounge chairs are thought to have been around since around 3100 BC. These early chairs were constructed from cords or rawhide woven with palms. Eventually, the frame was made from ebony and ivory. 

A chaise lounge chair were recliners for royalty and benches for pregnant women. These chairs have a long bottom that extends so you can recline on these chairs. It is intended that your legs relax out straight on the chaise. 

Your feet do not touch the floor as with a traditional chair. The back is also higher, so you can rest your entire upper body against it. Today, these chairs can be found indoors or outdoors. The material used for them differs based on your intended use. 

When outside, they are often found around a pool or on a patio or deck. They are ideal for entertaining outside and made from a durable material to withstand external elements. They can be made from plastic, wood, or metal. Many of them are adjustable, and you can move the back of the chaise into different positions. 

An indoor chaise looks different and is often made from material that is more plush and cannot withstand outside elements. 

Chesterfield Chair

Morden Fort Chesterfield Chair for Living Room Furniture Sets, Linen Fabric, Accent Tufted Chairs for Living Room, Linen Beige

The Chesterfield chair is modeled after the Chesterfield sofa. It is said that the chair was commissioned by Lord Philip Stanhope, who was the 4th Earl of Chesterfield. 

Chesterfield chairs have upholstered scroll arms that are as high as the back of the chair. The chair itself has a puffy look to it. The back of the chair has deep button tufting. 

Typically Chesterfield chairs are made of leather, but you can find it covered in a textile material and even velvet. This chair is small and only intended to seat one person. Some might think of this chair as stuffy, but others love its classic styling.

Club Chair

BELLEZE Modern Accent Arm Club Chair Faux Leather Tub Barrel Style for Living Room, Bedroom, or Reception Room with Flared Legs and Plush Cushion - Highland (Caramel)

During the height of gentleman’s club popularity, the club chair was the main choice of seating. This chair is padded, comfortable, and has wide seats. This is an armchair is traditionally upholstered in leather. However, it can be found in other materials. 

This type of chair is often referred to as a comfortable chair because of the way it wraps you in comfort. In addition, it has round edges that are not found in other types of chairs. 

A club chair adds a certain touch and charm to the room. These club chairs can be fairly expensive, but you can find them affordably priced. 

Contemporary Round Chair

Duhome Elegant Contemporary Vanity Accent Lounge Chair Tufted Round Back Adjustable Swivel Cocktail Chair Synthetic Leather WY-509A (Grey)

A contemporary round chair is ideal for those that are not a fan of traditional chair options. They typically have an oversized seat with a width of about 58 inches. In addition, this chair has a cushion depth of about 30 inches. 

This is a great chair if you want to sit close and snuggle with someone. In addition, this chair is ideal for sitting comfortably in front of the TV or with a book. 

These chairs have a unique shape which makes them great to be an accent in a room. You can find these chairs in varying fabrics and materials. If interested, you can find these chairs in leather or suede. Unfortunately, these chairs tend to be one of the more expensive types of chairs you can purchase. 

Deck Chair

Wise 3316 Boaters Value Folding Deck Chair

A deck chair is intended to be used as seating on a boat, no matter the size of the boat. You can find these chairs on smaller boats or large cruise ships. Deck chairs became popular for boats around the 17th century. 

They were overhauled in 1886, patented, and marketed to boat owners and those interested in watching lawn tennis matches. Deck chairs are portable because they can be collapsed and stowed when not in use. 

A deck chair may be constructed of canvas or textile webbing, giving them slightly different looks. They can withstand getting wet while on the boat deck. 

Desk Chairs

Home Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair Mesh Computer Chair with Lumbar Support Armrest Executive Rolling Swivel Adjustable Mid Back Task Chair for Women Adults, Black

A desk chair is considered a task chair and something you use while sitting at a desk. These chairs are intended to keep you comfortable while sitting at your desk. These chairs cover a wide range of materials, styles, and shapes. 

Some of the more common desk chairs are:

Banker’s Chair

OSP Home Furnishings Deluxe Wood Bankers Desk Chair with Brown Vinyl Padded Seat, Fruit Wood

This desk chair is typically made from wood and has a rustic look to them. It has arms with armrests. This type of desk chair is ideal for a room that has a vintage decor. 

Drafting Chair 

Drafting Chair Tall Office Chair, Standing Desk Stool with Flip-Up Arm, Ergonomic Mesh Computer Chair with Adjustable Foot Ring for Conference Room, Executive Rolling Swivel Chair for Office & Home.

Drafting chairs are an ergonomic version of an office chair. It includes a pneumatic cylinder and a foot-ring adjusted to it. This ensures that the height of the seat is extra adjustable. You are able to change the height of the chair easily. 

The seat height of a drafting chair can have an upper height limit of 25 inches to 35 inches. You may find that drafting chairs do not have armrests. They always have a footrest and backrest. You may be able to tilt the seat in some drafting chairs. 

Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic Office Chair,MOLENTS Rolling Desk Chair Adjustable Computer Chair with Seat Slider, Adjustable Lumbar Support,Headrest,3D Armrest, 3 Position Tilt-Lock,Comfortable Mesh Back for Gaming,Home

An ergonomic desk chair is one that is explicitly designed to support the body. It includes features that support proper posture and provide the maximum amount of comfort. 

An ergonomic desk chair is highly adjustable. Most often, the seat, height, depth, and lumbar support are able to be adjusted. This is intended to be a comfortable office chair style.

Executive Office Chairs

Bowthy Big and Tall Office Chair 400lbs Heavy Duty Ergonomic Computer Desk Chair with Arms High Back Adjustable Lumbar Support 360 Swivel Task Chair Executive Leather Chair (Brown)

Executive office chairs are often thought of when you think of a chair a boss sits in. Executive chairs provide a premium amount of comfort. They provide support for the upper body. These chairs are of high quality and give the person sitting in it the appearance of being in charge. An executive chair style is what is often found in a board room. 

Unique Alternative Chairs

Gaiam 610-6002RTL Balance Ball Chair - Classic Yoga Ball Chair with 52cm Stability Ball, Pump & Exercise Guide for Home or Office, Black

While there is a standard idea you have in your head when you think of a desk chair, there are some alternative options available. This includes items such as a stability ball, kneeling chairs, and under desk bikes, to name a few.

Dining Chairs

Christopher Knight Home Hilary French Country Fabric Dining Chairs (Set of 4), Beige + Natural

There was a time when chairs were reserved for kings and Pharaohs. Others sat on the ground or on mats. Over time, stools were created for people to sit, which eventually became chairs. 

When dining chairs were first built, they were made primarily from wood. As a result, they required skill and planning because it was not an easy task fitting 6 to 12 dining chairs under a tabletop.

Wood is still a favorite choice for dining chair frame design, even though there are many plastic and metal options. You probably spend a reasonable amount of time at your dining room table, so it is helpful to find chairs that are comfortable. 

You can find dining room chairs have options in every design style, color, and material. You can choose chairs that are an exact match to your dining room and dining table, or you can find chairs that are in contrast to the table. 

Eames Chair

Mid Century Lounge Chair and Ottoman, Modern Chair Classic Design, Top Black Grain Leather Palisander Wood, Heavy Duty Base Support for Living Room Study Lounge Office

The Eames chair is considered a classic style chair. It was designed by Charles Eames, who has been considered an icon in the chair industry. The Eames chair is easy to recognize with leather cushions and curves. 

The Eames lounge chair has always been in high demand because of its style and comfort. Today, the frame of the chair is made with plywood. It also has a wide variety of fabrics available that match your space and decor.

English Rolled Arm Chairs

Crafters and Weavers English Rolled Arm - Arm Chair - Slate Leather

An English Rolled Arm Chair is considered a very traditional style chair. As its name states, it has rolled arms and screams comfort. In addition, it has rounded edges and deep cushions. 

The English Rolled Arm Chair has an angled back and soft cushioning. Not only do these features provide comfort and cushion, but it gives this chair its distinct look. 

Fauteuil Chair

Furniture of America FA-CM-AC6919 Accent Armchair, Brown

The Fauteuil chair is considered to be a cousin of the Bergere chair. This upholstered chair is elegant with open sides. It is typically ornate and upholstered.

The upholstered pieces, back, seat, and arm pads may not be attached to each other. Likewise, the chair may not be one whole piece but several pieces connected to each other. 

The frame of this chair, which is typically wood, is always exposed. It also has cabriole legs. These legs are not straight and have two curves in them. The upper curve is convex, and the lower curve is concave. 

Folding Chair

COSCO Essentials Vinyl Padded Seat & Back Folding Chair, Double Braced, 4 Pack, Black

A folding chair is an incredible common chair that you see almost everywhere. They are widespread in backyards or at a party. They fold up easily and quickly to make them portable and storage simple. In addition, these chairs are affordable and easy to find.  

Folding chairs are made of metal, plastic, or both metal and plastic. They are a great way to accommodate guests when you do not have enough seating. You can find them with upholstery to make them more comfortable. When you are having an event, you can rent them to provide extra seating.

The folding chair design is often intended to look drab and simple, there are ways to spruce them up. For example, you can rent or buy covers for them to make them look more upscale. 

Gaming Chairs

RESPAWN RSP-900 Racing Style, Reclining Gaming Chair, 35.04" - 51.18" D x 30.71" W x 37.01" - 44.88" H, Blue

A gaming chair is ideal for someone that enjoys playing video games or sitting on the floor in front of the TV. You can place these chairs in the perfect position to play your favorite game.

Some gaming chairs come with speakers to make your experience better. These chairs are ergonomic, high tech, and comfortable. 

Ghost Chair

2xhome Set of 2 Clear Modern Contemporary Ghost Chairs Chair with Arms Molded Acrylic Plastic Mirrored Furniture Dining Retro for Writing Desk Dining Living Bedroom Outdoor Vanity Accent

A ghost chair is ideal for a modern style home or a minimalist design. They are constructed from clear plastic. These chairs come with arms or without arms. You can also find them in different heights. 

Some ghost chairs may have wood or metal on their legs as accents to the chair. These are there for those that would like to add dimension to their decor. 

A ghost chair is great for a small room or a room with little natural light. It will not block or absorb the light that comes in. As a result, these chairs do not create much visual clutter. 

Glider Chairs

Dutailier Rachel 0423 Glider Chair

A glider chair is somewhat similar to a rocking chair in that it moves. However, the motion of a glider is different from that of a rocker. The motion of a glider is back and forth. This provides a subtle motion that is often smoother and more soothing. 

You can often find a glider chair with a matching gliding ottoman. These chairs are ideal for parents with babies. They are great to help rock babies to sleep. 

Hammock Chairs

LA SIESTA Habana Agave - Organic Cotton Kingsize Hammock Chair

A hammock chair bridges the gap between hammock and chair. If you cannot decide between the two, a hammock chair is a fantastic compromise. These are often referred to as hanging chairs.

A hammock chair sways like a hammock but is easier to get in and out of than a hammock. They often have cushions that are resistant to weather conditions. The cushions come in a wide range of patterns and colors. These chairs are comfortable and stylish. 

Lawson Chair

Jennifer Taylor Home Serena Lawson Accent Chair, Evergreen, 32"LX36"WX33"H

The Lawson chair originally started with the Lawson sofa. They were custom made and overstuffed with a large number of pillows. Over time the Lawson chair changed to match the tastes of the customers. Today, the chairs are not upholstered. 

The Lawson chair of today is the middle ground between mid-century modern and traditional design. It has armrests, and it is the perfect height for many adults to rest their elbows. It is an ideal reading chair. 

This chair has straight-line design. The arms may be square or rounded. They are lower than the back of the chair. It has a firm cushion. They are often found in the living room, reading nooks, and libraries. 


Serta Copenhagen 61" Loveseat - Pillowed Back Cushions and Rounded Arms, Durable Modern Upholstered Fabric - Charcoal

While this is not quite a chair, a loveseat was constructed in the 17th century. It is smaller than a sofa while being bigger than a chair. Loveseats were originally intended to provide seating for women with large shirts and hoops. Even though clothing became more streamlined with time, loveseats remained popular. 

A loveseat is often paired with a sofa and often sold as a set. A loveseat provides enough room that two people can sit on it without being too close. However, they can sit close to each other if desired. 

Loveseats come in various styles, colors, and textiles. They can match any decor or home style.

Occasional Chair

Dporticus Modern PU Leather Club Collection Occasional Chair Home Arm Chair Sofa Seat Furniture w/Cushion (Black)

An occasional chair is intended only to be used on occasion. They are typically accent chairs or guest chairs. Any type of chair, such as a wingback chair, can be considered an occasional chair. Even though they are intended to be an occasional chair, you can use them all the time. 

Office Chair

Amazon Basics Classic Puresoft Padded Mid-Back Office Computer Desk Chair with Armrest - Black

An office chair usually has wheels. Charles Darwin first added wheels to a chair in the mid-19th century. He wanted to move around easily, so he added wheels to the feet of one of his chairs. This became the first office chair.

An office chair is intended to help you feel more comfortable while working at your desk. They come in various colors, textures, patterns, and styles. 


BELLEZE Modern 47 Inch Luxury Button Tufted Ottoman Bench Footrest Upholstered Linen Fabric Decor for Living Room, Entryway, or Bedroom with Storage - Brentwood (Gray)

Ottoman furniture started as floor cushions in Turkish homes in the late 18th century. Over time the cushions began to change, becoming smaller while arms were added. Finally, into the 20th century, the arms were removed to create the footstool ottoman that we know today.

Today, ottomans may have legs, but they do not always. They are multi-functional and cost effective pieces of furniture used today. Ottomans are a resting place for your feet but also can act as a coffee table or storage area. 

The top of an ottoman may also be able to be removed to uncover plastic or wood. They also act as another place for guests to sit. 


Dreamsir Recliner Chair Breathable Fabric Manual Single Sofa, Soft Living Room Chair Home Theater Lounge Seat, Removable Cushion, Grey

A recliner dates back to designers from a medical device company. They fashioned old operating chairs into furnishing for the house. It is believed that the first recliner was called the Morris Chair, which was invented around 1830.

In the early 1900s, recliners were considered to be relaxing. Therefore, they are constructed in different sizes, shapes, and materials. A well-known manufacturer of recliners is La-Z-Boy. They introduced their first recliner in 1928. 

Over the years, the chair has become streamlined in both shape and size. In addition, there are specialized versions of the chair that have push buttons to help those with mobility problems stand up from the chair. 

These chairs come in cloth upholstery and leather, have electronic or manual mechanisms and have a range of styles. In addition, you can find recliners in various patterns and colors, including camouflage. 

Reading Chair

Velvet Cozy Chaise Lounge Indoor, Oversized Swivel Reading Chair with Footrest, Accent Chair with Ottoman Set for Living Room, Bedroom, Reading Room, Home Office, Metal Base Frame

A reading chair can be any type of chair that you find comfortable enough to sit down and read. It can be an armchair, recliner, or lounge chair. 

A reading chair must be inviting and pull you into the chair. You should be comfortable and want to spend hours sitting in it while reading. The only requirement is that this chair is comfortable and inviting to you.

Rocking Chair

POLYWOOD R100BL Presidential Rocking Chair, Black

The first rocking chair was credited to Benjamin Franklin in 1710, even though many believe that a rocking horse was the inspiration for the rocking chair.

The rocking chair is considered to be functional and straightforward. You can find them on a front porch, in a nursery, or in any room. Rocking chairs were originally a one style to fit all types of looks. There are also variations on traditional rocking chairs such as Adirondack, Windsor, and Bentwood. 

Rocking chairs have variations in curves, slats, and the shape of embellishments. Rocking chairs are intended to be comfortable and calming. They rock back and forth to create a soothing motion. They may be minimal or have plush armrests, seats, and backs. They could be covered in leather or cloth. 

Side Chair 

CangLong Mid Century Modern DSW Side Chair with Wood Legs for Kitchen, Living Dining Room, Pack of 1, White

A side chair is a standard dining room chair used in most home dining room sets. A side chair does not have arms and fits around the middle of a dining room table. The middle area does not have enough room for chairs with arms, and this is where the side chair comes into play. 

These chairs take up less space. These chairs are found in plastic, metal, but usually wood. They come in various styles and colors. 

Slipper Chair 

Zenvida Modern Armless Accent Slipper Chair, Solid Hardwood, 23.75" W

Slipper chairs became popular in the 18th century. They were commonly found in the bedrooms of wealthy women. These chairs do not have arms allowing women plenty of room to handle all grooming tasks. Instead, these chairs were meant to accompany vanity tables. 

The slipper chair is an accent chair with a low to the ground seat. This chair has a high back. These chairs got their name because women sat in these chairs to put on their shoes or slippers. Those are royalty hand maids that attended to queens and helped them put on stockings, slippers, and shoes. These chairs made that easier. 

Slipper chairs typically come in a variety of textiles and can fit in any room in a house. These chairs also take up less space. 

Stressless Chair 

HOMCOM Faux Leather Manual Recliner, Adjustable Swivel Lounge Chair with Footrest, Armrest and Wrapped Wood Base for Living Room, Black

A stressless chair looks similar to a recliner that has a padded back and seat. In addition, it has a headrest and ottoman. This type of chair has a lever that is placed under the armrest, which brings the chair to an upright or reclining position. 

These chairs are intended to be comfortable and put less stress on the body. These chairs provide support, comfort, and freedom to allow movement. 

The chair will not tip over or move while you are in it. This chair is available in a massage chair option that is often found in bedrooms. 

Wicker Chair

Devoko Patio Porch Furniture Sets 3 Pieces PE Rattan Wicker Chairs with Table Outdoor Garden Furniture Sets (Brown/Beige)

Victorian wicker became popular in the late 1800s. Wicker was made from all-natural materials and remained popular until commercial grade synthetic wicker made an appearance. Synthetic wicker is still popular today. 

Wicker is ideal for an outdoor chair, especially if you want one that makes a statement. Wicker chairs can withstand all kinds of outdoor conditions. Wicker chairs may come with cushions that are specially treated to withstand extreme weather conditions. 

Wicker chairs often come in neutral colors like white, brown, and black. These chairs can be sold separately or as part of a set.

Wing Chairs

EASELAND Leather Wing Recliner Chairs with Nailhead Accents, Thicker Cushion Tufted Leather Club Recliner (Black)

A wing chair has a tall backrest and side wings. A wing chair has been called different names over the years. The chair originated back in the 17th century. A wing chair is considered a type of accent chair. It can add fashion and flair to any space and design. This is also referred to as a wingback chair. 

Wingback chairs make ideal options for talking, reading, and relaxing. They are a classic and timeless option. They can fit into any decor style or design. It has a signature design that makes it stand out from most other chairs. This includes its high back and forward side panels. 

Wingback chairs fit into every style of home decor. No matter what your preference or design, these chairs will match your style. No matter if is traditional, contemporary, eclectic, or other styles, a wingback chair fits in your space.

Wishbone Chair 

Hans Wegner Wishbone Style Woven Seat Chair (Ash with Natural Cord)

If you are interested in the mid-century style for your dining room table, you should consider chairs that are the wishbone style. You can expect to find wishbone chairs made from wood and have wicker or cushioned seat. These chairs have a defining characteristic of support up the middle of the back that is split like the shape of a wishbone. 

These chairs have a curve around the back, giving extra support for whoever is sitting in the chair. A wishbone chair is typically in neutral colors but can also be found in bright colors. You can find matching wishbone chairs and bar stools available in many colors and styles.