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14 Circular Driveway Ideas

Wanting to replace your driveway? Read about the different designs, materials and ideas used in circular driveways, and find the best contractor for you.

Solid blue sky, beautiful white stone two story home with steep roof pitches and lots of windows,lush green grass and bushes, tall trees, solid black concrete circular driveway

Are you here because you’ve decided it’s finally time to turn that shabby straight driveway into something spectacular? I bet you are!

There’s no doubt that a project like this is a bit overwhelming, and it seems like the possibilities will never end, but I’m here to deliver to you the basics of classy circular driveway ideas to help you make the decisions you’ll love.

To narrow things down for you, I’ve gathered the four shapes of circular driveways, five classy materials to make them with, and five more center landscape design ideas! All of that amounts to the 14 circular driveway ideas this article is all about!

Before we get to those, we need to cover the basics. Price, size, and style!

How Much Does A Circular Driveway Cost?

Cloudy sky, large beige stucco trim-level home surrounded by lots of tall,  full green trees, grand entryway with stariway leading up to front door, light concrete circular driveway lined with lights

Circular driveways have been a long seen sign of wealth. Why? Because materials and labor costs aren’t cheap, and you need to have ample room to construct a driveway so big.

So, how much does it cost? The price you’ll be paying for the driveway of your dreams will all depend on the size you want and the materials you choose.

Size can range from one car wide, to two cars, to an entire circle of pavement, which affects the amount of materials required to construct it and therefore the amount you’ll be paying.

Choice of material is an equally important factor when it comes to pricing. Options such as concrete and asphalt will be on the lower side, while brick and stone will cost you a bit more. Personally, I think the classy look is worth the price!

Then we have the labor. Different businesses will charge you different prices, so there’s really no way to know until you get a quote. Home Advisor is a great place to find contractors near you! Just click here to go to and find the best fit for you.

According to a question asked and answered on, the cost to install the average concrete driveway is around $1,250 to $2,000, with the price per square foot being $6 to $12. Price differences for your circular driveway also vary depending on where you live.

How Wide Is A Circular Driveway?

Custom white stone with red brick combination, two story home, steep roof lines, black trimmed windows, lots of professionally landscaped bushes and green grass, concrete circular driveway

Naturally, the driveway width should be large enough to fit one car, your car, comfortably as it makes turns with the curve of the circular driveway. That means about 6 to 7 feet wide for the average car, and that may change depending on the size of your car.

Ideally, you’ll want it to be twice as wide and able to fit two cars side by side without worry that one might scrape into the other. You can’t simply double the size of the one car driveway because otherwise there won’t be enough space for you to get out of your car. 15 to 16 feet wide for a two car driveway width is what you want to plan for.

This is especially true for those who don’t have a garage and plan to park their car or cars on their driveway. Say you have someone coming over, or perhaps you have to pull in around your other car without blocking the drive, you won’t want to risk a tight squeeze!

Being able to open your door and step out without worrying about accidentally dinging the car next to you will lower your stress levels considerably.

What Is A Circular Driveway Called?

Solid, bright blue sky above a colonial style home faced with tan brick and lots of symetrical windows, white pillars on either side of front door, gray brick pavers circular driveway

There are different types of driveway with enough curve to be considered circular. The smoothness or roundness doesn’t have to be flawless for them to be included here but if you’re a bit of a perfectionist, you might end up standing over the workers with a keen eye.

Just be sure you bring them some lemonade if you do!

Personally, I think it’s the imperfections that really give something character. But don’t let me stop you from achieving your dream driveway – especially when I’m here to help!

Without further ado, let’s get into our main topic: Design ideas for circular driveways. These will work for any style you choose from the four above, so don’t worry about mixing and matching! Once you find your ideal material for your driveway, and you know how much driving and parking area you’ll need, you’re that much closer to knowing how much this driveway will cost!

Circular Driveway Ideas

Blue sky with fliffy white clouds, lots of tall green trees around a gray and white farmhouse style home, green grass and solid black concrete half circle driveway

The Circle Drive

Deep blue sky with white fluffy clouds above a Mediterranean style home, centralized double front door, green grass, light colored concrete circular driveway

The first thing that came to mind when you clicked on this article, right? Circle driveways are the #1 classic choice to go with! It’s a full circle driveway design that oftentimes is wide enough to meet the home’s garage, or the attached side garage, the front door, and the yard entrance.

The Half Circle Driveway

Blue sky with white fluffy clouds over a tan Mediterranean style home with white trimmed window and large columns, surrounded by tall green trees, perfectly manicured bushes along sides and front

The half circle, or semi circular driveway style best suits those who don’t have as much yard space but who are still looking to add to their stunning home’s curb appeal. It’s important to make sure you have the material and ample space to make this driveway design with enough room for vehicles to park as well as other cars to drive through.

Having a parking area for other vehicles is something that a lot of straight driveways lack, and we don’t want your guests having to park a block down and walk to your house.

The Horseshoe Driveway

Solid blue sky above a mediterranean style home with a tile roof and white circular columns, green grass and lots of palm trees

It can be seen as a semi half circular or semi circular driveway, but the horseshoe driveway style is really in a group of it’s own. It has less of a gradual turning radius from the street, and the sides tend to be a bit straighter or longer than the curve of a circle. The elongation of this driveway will undoubtedly require more material to complete, so you’ll likely see a considerable difference in prices between pavers and stone when you’re deciding what material to use.

Typically it meets the front door and garage, depending on where it’s located, but there’s nothing wrong with branching a small stone path off of it that leads to your garage if the driveway doesn’t make it that far. This driveway design, like the semi circle, has two entrance points on either side.

The Teardrop Driveway

A driveway shaped like a teardrop, green grass and a tall tree in the center, low profile bushes liing the sides and huge green trees all around

However, the teardrop driveway only has one entrance. This design is crafted in the shape of a teardrop, with the top of the drop being the driveway entry. It is a full circle drive but it isn’t, and shouldn’t be, perfectly round, therefore the turning radius is much different than a circular driveway.

With this driveway, you really have to make sure that the entrance has enough room for vehicles to pass each other, otherwise said entrance will become a traffic jam!

Driveway Materials & Design Ideas

Close up of a variety of stone shapes and colors

First up, materials! So, you’ve had your chance to decide on the driveway width and style. Now it’s time to figure out what exactly your new driveway will be made from. Take into consideration, of course, the price and how it will be affected by the size your driveway needs to be.

You can also be mindful of your house and yard decorations if you’re someone who likes things to exist in a complementary harmony.


Close up of black asphalt

As you may already know, asphalt is commonly used for streets, making it a natural choice for your driveway-to-be. The process is fairly simple and doesn’t require too much work from the people you hired. However, you must keep in mind that an asphalt circular driveway design will absorb heat from the sun just like it does anywhere else, and is prone to splitting or cracking. Asphalt driveways are no exception and will need to be repaired every so often.


Close up of gray brick pavers with some grass growing up inbetween

Concrete is another common and simple option. If you go with a solid concrete driveway, it’s about as simple as the asphalt is. If you decide to do concrete pavers, which is similar to bricks due to the individuality, the process becomes more detailed. Edge pieces have to be shaped to fit the curve and the space between each paver will have to be filled with the filler of your choice.


Close up of gray stone

Stone driveways are beautiful, aren’t they? The raw look really gives your property personality and dynamic, which is why it shows on the price tag. Stone requires a delicate and gentle touch to install, so I wouldn’t recommend trying to install a stone driveway on you own.

Go ahead and contact a professional!


Red, gray and brown brick pavers lined with yellow and white flowers and green grass

The brick driveway is one of my personal favorites! There’s something about the timeless brick design that will never not be a great choice, whether it be for your driveway, house, or something else.

However, brick might be the most expensive option in this list. The level of elegance you achieve with that brick driveway doesn’t come for free! That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it to have a full circle of beautiful brick! Not to mention, you can choose a design with whatever pattern you want.

Stamped Concrete

Close up of stamped concrete

Stamped concrete has earned a section of its own because of the interesting technique used to create the designs. It is also the most versatile choice you can make. Why? A stamped concrete driveway starts out like installing regular concrete would: with solid concrete filling the entire length of the driveway outline.

Then, stamps or molds are pressed into the concrete to give a textured appearance. You can choose any design you like and it comes out cheaper than the actual materials. A brick stamp, for example, appears to be a brick driveway but it costs you only a fraction of a real brick drive because it’s actually stamped concrete.

Driveway Landscape Design Ideas

Castle style brick and stone combination home with lots of windows and two chimneys, lush green grass out fron and a circular driveway

The landscape design for straight driveways can be observed when you drive down any old street and give ideas in abundance. Some don’t even have the space for landscaping at all. Circular driveways don’t have the same dilemma. Whether it be a circular concrete drive, a teardrop design with pavers, or a semi circle of brick, there is always room left for some landscape work.

Particularly with large properties that have a long driveway, you don’t want to leave the yard space around it bare and empty. Adding a little garden will increase curb appeal, as well as the overall appeal to your charming home.

There are other ways to decorate other than the landscaping ideas I’m going to list, such as yard decorations. Benches, gnomes, statues, and decorative stones are simple, minimal landscaping ideas to keep in mind.

Let’s go over the 5 landscape designs to help your property really make an impression!

Rocks & Stones

Pile of stones with red, yellow, purole, pink and orange flowers planted throughout

Adding a rock garden at the center of your new circle driveway will certainly be a focal point! You can use other materials, such as stones or boulders, and you can add in some flowers to brighten the garden up with color and life – the choice is yours!

Low maintenance landscaping like this, rock and stone, is simple but still draws attention from the street to your front yard and stunning driveway.

Fountains & Ponds

Italian villa style ome with large front columns and windows, tile roof and arched windows and doorways, stamped concrete tile circular driveway  with a large fountain in the center

If you’re looking for a circular driveway focal point that will really make a statement, install a water feature! Fountains are a beautiful addition to your property no matter where you put them but when they are displayed front and center, your house’s wow factor increases quite a bit!

I guarantee you will admire it every time you look out the front door of your house. I know I would!

Close up of a pond with little lilly pads and tall green redds growing up and out of the water

If fountains aren’t really your speed, why not install a pond instead? Equally as stunning, this landscape choice can be decorated with plants and stones of your choice! Anyone who has to park their cars in your newly paved circular drive will be drawn to this feature without a doubt.

Shrubs & Bushes

All red brick house with white window trim, brown tile roof and small bushes along front, small stone pavers on circular driveway and a green circular bush in the center, sunny day

This perfectly shaped circle of bushes is so satisfying! Unfortunately, choosing to fill your garden with shrubs or bushes means they might need a bit more attention and upkeep. You don’t want them to grow without trimming them back or they’ll end up taking over the driveway!


Simple white single story home with lots of front facing windows, hazy day,  circle drive with 2 tall trees and grass in the center

For something simple that requires less of your time, why not plant a few trees and flowers? Minimal landscaping like this is preferred by a lot of people and still decorates your property beautifully. Trees do take time to grow, so the other alternative would be bushes that you don’t have to trim. Make sure that you will have enough room at the center of your driveway before making any decisions!

Full & Lush

Off white victorian style home with large front porch and a detatched garage, lots of trees, bushes and flowers, brick pavers on circle drivewa, cloud covered sky

If you love a flower garden that takes up more space that your wonderful new driveway has blessed you with, planting a full, lush garden for visitors to see upon entry is definitely the driveway design you should go with! It certainly catches eyes from the street, just make sure the plants you choose don’t have a tendency to creep, otherwise you eventually won’t be able to see that driveway you love when it takes over.