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4 Ways To Heighten A Chain Link Fence

If you’re looking for ways to heighten a chain link fence, read this post! You’ll learn how to make your fence taller, 2-foot fence extension ideas, what to consider, and more.

Black chain link fence, grass, wooden fence, palm trees, blue sky

The standard fence height of 4 feet just isn’t tall enough for most people. Whether you want to keep your adventurous dog from jumping over or you want to add more security and privacy to your yard, you’ll want to extend the height of your fence. Luckily, there are some easy ways to heighten a chain link fence for different budgets and needs.

In general, a chain-link fence can be heightened by using extension poles or PVC, fencing material such as welded wire or chain link fabric, and brackets or aluminum wire to secure the fencing to the pole.  

If you’re looking to add height and privacy to a chain link fence, keep reading this post! You’ll learn everything you need to know to make a chain link fence taller, what to consider beforehand, and more.

2-Foot Chain Link Fence Extension Ideas

There are some easy ways to make a 2-foot chain link fence extension, and most are fairly cost-effective and customizable. All you really need is 2-feet of material to add to the top of your fence and something to secure it to the posts or rails with. 

Here are some easy ways to heighten a chain link fence.

  1. Welded Wire

Welded wire is incredibly durable and made in a checkered pattern, and can blend in with the typical diamond pattern of chain link fencing. You will want to use strong aluminum or steel wire ties to secure it to the top fence rail and any new extension poles.

  1. Hardware Cloth

Hardware cloth is readily available at most hardware or home improvement stores, and comes in plastic or metal. This is a good choice if you don’t want to purchase additional support poles, because it can stand upright on its own and can even come pre-cut. It can be secured to the existing poles and top rail with bailing wire or wire ties, as explained in this guide

  1. Tenax

Tenax is another affordable and readily available material to add to the top of your fence. It’s usually pre-cut and comes in rolls, and is a plastic fence material that doesn’t have sharp edges or wires. Like the other methods, you’ll attach it to the poles and rail with galvanized wire or something similar. 

Because this is a somewhat flimsy material, you may need additional support from t-posts or extension poles. 

  1. Use a 2-Foot Chain Link Fence Extension Kit

A chain-link fence extension kit usually includes extension poles, clamps, screws, and fencing. This is the easiest route to go, especially if you’re not the DIY type. A fence extension kit can include heavy-duty mesh fencing, regular chain link, or welded wire. Some fencing companies will offer these, while it may be difficult to find at common hardware or home improvement stores.

Additionally, there are specialty kits designed for different purposes such as keeping pests out of gardens or dog-proofing your fence.

How to Convert 4-Foot Chain Link Fence To 6 Foot

Converting your fence to a 6-foot fence is pretty straightforward, but does require some planning. Here are the basic steps to making your fence taller no matter which method you choose.

Inspect and Measure Your Fence

You’ll need to first measure your fence so you know how much and which kind of fencing material you need, as well as how many fence posts you should buy. 

While you’re measuring, be sure to also inspect your current fence for any structural issues, since it needs to be sturdy enough to hold any new poles or material.

Purchase Your Materials and Tools

An obvious, but can’t-be-skipped step is actually purchasing your materials and any tools you’ll need. If you’re not 100% sure in your ability to get the right amount of what you need, the staff at the home improvement stores should be able to help. You can also consult your local fencing company if needed.

Always double check your measurements and your supply list so you don’t waste time running back and forth because you missed something.

Add Supporting Poles and/or Extend the Existing Fence Posts 

Depending on the material you use, you may need to install additional poles to the rail. You can purchase extension poles that simply attach to the top fence rail (so you don’t have to take any fencing apart) and then use metal wire ties to secure the extra fence material to them.

Otherwise, you can extend the height of the posts themselves with PVC or new line posts. When going this route, you’ll actually need to take your chain-link fence fabric off of the current posts and sleeve on the new poles over the current ones. This is an example of what using PVC as a pole extension looks like. 

EXTEND-A-FENCE Fence Extender - 1-5/8"

Reinstall All Parts

Once you’ve added the poles, you’ll need to reinstall all caps and connectors to the fence. Be sure to tighten everything and double check that it’s all structurally strong. You don’t want to add the new material just to have to redo everything because you missed something important.

Add 2-feet of Material to the Top of the Fence

If you’re going the DIY way and can get creative, you can buy material such as mesh, lattice, welded wire, or more chain-link fabric and cut to 2-feet. You’ll simply secure the fencing fabric or material to the poles with brackets or wire. 

It’s typically advised to use wire ties about every 24 inches, from one end of the fence to the other, while also making sure that you’re pulling the fence fabric taught as you go. 

Extend-A-Post - Extensions for Chain Link Fence - Set of 9 (1-3/8")

Black Chain Link Fence Extension Options

If you have a black fence and want to keep the same look, there are also black chain link fence extension kits and individual parts available. Additionally, if you choose a material such as lattice for the new fencing, you can spray paint it for a cohesive look. Some fencing companies may even custom make materials for you or paint your material so that you don’t need to handle it.

Extend-A-Post - Black Post Extensions for Chain Link Fence - Set of 2 SIZE1-5/8

Things to Consider When Making Your Fence Taller

You never want to jump into a DIY project without considering all the factors. If you don’t think or plan ahead, you will just end up wasting money and time.  

Ordinances and Permits

Depending on where you live, you may need to obtain a permit to extend your fence or not be able to do so at all. This is especially common in city limits and homeowners associations. Be sure to do your research before getting started and find out which HOA regulations or specific ordinances apply to you.

Required Tools For the Job

If you’re extending your fence on your own, you’ll need to gather the required tools. If you don’t own the right tools and don’t want to buy them, you can rent them until you’re done with the job. 

At the minimum, you can expect to have the following tools and equipment.

  • Pliers
  • Wrench
  • Drill
  • Wire cutters
  • Tape measure
  • Rubber mallet
  • Heavy-duty work gloves
  • Extension poles 
  • Fencing fabric (chain-link, lattice, mesh, etc.)
  • Brackets and/or aluminum tie wires
  • Screws

Skills and Knowledge

You’ll need to familiarize yourself with some basic knowledge and skills to heighten your chain link fence, but luckily most extension ideas are pretty straightforward. There are many tutorials for different ways to make your fence taller on YouTube.

Time Commitment

Every DIY project has hiccups and ends up taking longer than originally anticipated. Be sure to allocate enough time to do the job, and understand the time commitment you’re signing up for. 

Your Current Fence

Your current fence structure will need to be strong enough to withstand the extra weight from extending the height. Be sure to inspect your fence poles, brackets, fencing, and where the fence is set in to make sure everything is sturdy. 

Ways to Add Even More Privacy 

There are ways to add height and privacy to chain link fences, instead of settling for a taller fence that’s still easy to see through. Consider some of the ideas below for adding even more privacy to your fence once you’ve extended its height.

Privacy Slats

This is probably the most popular method as it’s cost-effective and readily available in many colors. Privacy slats for chain link fences act as a filler and reduce visibility. You simply slide them in through the fence diamonds, from top to bottom. 

FenceSource Wave Slat (9 Colors) Single Wall Bottom Locking Privacy Slat for 4', 5', 6', 7' and 8' Chain Link Fence (4 ft, Green)

Privacy Fence Tape Weave

Privacy fence tape is one of the most time-consuming ways to add privacy but is a cost-effective option. You simply weave it in and out of the chain link fabric and it fills the gaps for less visibility.

Fenpro Chain Link Fence Privacy Tape (Emerald Green)

Bamboo or Ivy Screens

If you want a more natural look without maintenance, you can purchase bamboo or artificial ivy screens that are easily attached to your fence poles by steel wires. Some even expand for more flexibility, which is great if you lengthen or heighten your fence again in the future.

Mininfa Natural Rolled Bamboo Fence, Eco-Friendly Bamboo Fencing, 0.7 in D x 6 feet High x 8 feet Long, Bamboo Screen for Garden, Privacy

DearHouse Artificial Ivy Privacy Fence, 118x59in Artificial Hedges Fence and Faux Ivy Vine Leaf Decoration for Outdoor Garden Decor

Live Plants or Ivy

You can use live climbing plants or ivy to cover your fence, and even vegetable plants like pole beans if your fence is sturdy enough.

Wire fencing with green ivy growing all over, sunny day
Wooden lattice fence with purple flowers growing on and through the holesm blue sky in the background

Planter Boxes On Top of The Fence

Adding trailing or overflowing plants on the top of a fence is a creative and beautiful way to keep people from seeing into your yard.

Bckyard with wooden fence, green grass, orange wheelbarrow with plants in it, a wooden ladder and shovel leaning against fence and a metal watering pitcher in the ground

Lattice Panels

Using plastic or wood lattice panels can be another way to increase privacy on a chain link fence. They’re even available specifically for adding privacy, and have smaller gaps between slats for less visibility.

Windscreen Fence Covers

Windscreen fence covers are the most popular way to add privacy to a fence because of their ease and durability. They’re attached to the fence poles or chain link fabric with zip ties or metal wire. Windscreen fence covers are available at nearly every home improvement store and come in a very wide range of styles, thicknesses, sizes, and price ranges.

Combine Different Methods

Another method for increasing privacy is to use a combination of the ideas above. For example, you could put lattice panels on the fence and then weave plants (whether real or artificial) in the lattice itself.

Wooden fence slats with green plants and white flowers growing through


There are several ways to make a chain link fence taller, whether you want to simply add material to the top of the existing fence or install longer posts to hold taller fencing fabric. Some methods are cheaper and easier than others, so it’s important to decide which way is best for you and your situation.

All in all, you can definitely add height and privacy to your chain link fence so you no longer worry about snoopy neighbors looking into your yard or your sneaky dog from escaping.