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Tuscan Interior Design Ideas For Your Ranch-Style Home

Ranch-style homes are the most popular kind of home in 34 states across the US, Country Living reports. Mainly popular for their affordability, ranch homes typically have simple wide open floor plans and an overall minimalistic look. As such, they can often lack depth, personality, and interest usually present in other American homes. Fortunately, by providing a warm atmosphere and elegant finish, Tuscan design can be the ideal way to decorate ranch homes. 

Architectural details

If you plan on building a new ranch home, start looking for land in a suitable and affordable location. For example, Hill Country in Texas is famous for fine wine, rolling hills, and picturesque sunsets. This area has plenty of affordable land, ranches and properties for sale. Incorporating key Tuscan-style architectural elements in your ranch home is essential for creating an authentic look. Achieve the classic architecture of a Tuscan cottage by featuring stone and wood accents throughout your home. In particular, incorporating a striking accent feature like a stone fireplace will create a charming, rustic vibe. Mosaic flooring is also a staple feature in Tuscan homes; this can be recreated by mixing terracotta, stone and glass tiles. However, laying hardwood floors to add extra warmth is a simpler and popular alternative. Additionally, incorporating exposed ceiling beams can further provide the classic warmth and texture of Tuscan-style homes.

Authentic colors and finishes

When choosing the main colors to include in your ranch-style home for a Tuscan feel, think about the warm and vibrant shades found in the Italian landscape, such as olive green, copper yellow, and terracotta red. Use curtain and upholstery fabrics, wallpaper, decorative accessories, and ornaments to introduce these charming colors throughout your home. From there, you’ll also want to re-create the aged finishes traditionally found in Tuscan homes. For example, textured wallpapers or decorative painting methods can be used to mimic original stucco and Venetian plaster treatment. You can also give your cabinetry a lovely aged or distressed look with a simple color washing technique

Opt for simple elegance

Tuscan style is all about achieving elegance without being excessive. So focus on adding just a few suitable decorative pieces in each area of your ranch. For example, beautiful rugs and tapestries are commonplace in Tuscan design. You can either hang them on the wall or place them on the floor as a simple yet effective way to achieve a relaxed Tuscan vibe. Incorporate wall art featuring the Tuscan countryside or wrought iron wall accents, such as sconces, mirrors, and candle holders. Ornamental light fixtures and colorful ceramic or marble decorative accessories are also a good choice. Ultimately, you want to make sure to prioritize charm, comfort and warmth, without being pretentious or showy. 

Featuring plenty of warm colors, natural materials, and understated elegance, the Tuscan interior style can be incorporated easily into the blank canvas provided by ranch homes. Using classic architectural details, authentic colors and finishes, and elegant decorative touches are key ways you can achieve a Tuscan feel in your own ranch home.