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Organic Towels: Everything you Need to know About Them

You don’t want a harsh cloth hugging your skin after you’ve just showered. A bath towel is anything but irregular. It would be best if you had a towel to wrap your skin after a subtle wash and even during a gym workout. Often, we are not aware of the importance of a simple towel and the benefits we can yearn on if we use organic towels.

Why are organic towels highly recommended?

One might switch from typical towels to the organic ones because it is safe, affordable, and the elements are biodegradable.

When you’re planning to switch to organic towels, keep these benefits in mind:

1. Environment friendly:

Just as the name suggests, organic bath towels are incredibly environmentally friendly. How is that so? Organic bath towels are made from non-toxic elements, unlike typical cotton towels made from toxic fertilizers and pesticides.

Energy is much wasted when conventional cotton is on yield. This is why organic bath towels help preserve the environment and conserve the elements that make it green.

2. Safe for the skin:

If no toxic elements are used in the first place, there’s no doubt that organic bath towels will be safe on your skin. Organic towels being safe on the skin means being able to wrap them around after a hot spa day in misty winter noon. With absolutely no harmful chemicals, it is safe to say that organic bath towels will remind you to take care of your skin.

3. Quality:

Organic bath towels have a more robust and lengthier cotton thread, which means it is quite durable. Most of the time, conventional towels seem to wear out because of the short thread lines. However, organic bath towels, on the other hand, are highly sturdy with their structure. Hence, you do get a lot more from these organic towels adding up the eco-friendly venture.

4. Good absorption:

Organic towels have good absorption power. Regardless of what purpose you’re using it for, the towels are made firm enough to absorb the required amount in a short time.

What to look for when buying organic bath towels?

First and foremost, when you plan on getting organic bath towels, it is essential to choose the fabric. Since organic towels are made from 100% natural elements, there are many natural bath towels.

The different types of organic bath towels are:

· Linen

· Hemp

· Bamboo

· Cotton

· Wood fiber

Each type of towel has its sustainability criteria. Some of them have a unique feel, and others have different absorbency rates

Getting a bath towel by deciding on what purpose you’ll primarily be using them is a good idea to get started with


Essential tips before buying an organic towel:

Avoid mixed fibers:

The blend of synthetic and natural fiber is a dread you would not want to walk into. Natural fiber such as cotton and artificial fiber such as nylon and create a crossover and reduce the absorbency rate. Mixed fibers are generally avoided because the towels become harsh over time.

Moreover, would you ever want your towel to have odor built upon it? Not! Hence, it is best to look out for organic bath towels made with just one fiber.

Analyze the towel’s textures and colors:

What this means is looking for fibers made with different patterns and geometrical style. It is crucial to choose towels by analyzing the side ends and their firmness. Long hems determine the durability of the fabric.

Choose absorbent towels:

You don’t want a towel that’ll take hours to dry on its end. A highly absorbent towel is all you need for a quick shower or a beach day. Moreover, absorbent towels feel great on one’s skin as well. Since the towel absorbs water very quickly, one would feel the towel’s fabric’s supple softness rather than the damp, wet feeling.

However, it also depends on the fabric and its thickness as to how much time it might take to dry. The thick cotton towels usually take a little more time than the other fabrics.

The towel made out of bamboo viscose, on the other hand, is a gentle, soft, and slick choice for anyone who loves going to a spa. Well, if you love a silky smooth fabric wrapping your skin, the bamboo viscose can be a perfect choice. The advantage of bamboo viscose is that it dries way faster than any other material.

Linen made towels are also a very environment friendly and quick absorption alternative. Organic hemp or linen comes in the market being a little coarse; however, it gets gentler, softer, and suppler with every wash.

Best Organic Towels

Here’s a list of the types of recommended organic towels you can choose for yourself


1. Plush organic towels:

Plush towels are usually very soft and heavy in weight. If you love being cozy in a towel after a nice hot bath, plush organic towels can suit your taste just well. The absorbency rate is pretty high and hence you do not have to sit in it for a long time. Plush towels are also very gentle against the skin.


2. Microfiber organic towels

The towel structure makes it perform better on the wet surface. This towel is a high scorer on the absorbency and drying test. Microfiber towels are shrink resistant and work great as it has a profound structure. The microfiber itself deliberates to be super comfortable and environment friendly. You wouldn’t want anything else when you have a soft towel wrapped around your skin.

3. Waffle organic towels:

Waffle structured towels are very handy and simple. Since they’re lightweight, you can carry them almost anywhere you want. These towels usually have loops and are not bulky. Waffle towels are also known to absorb water very quickly.

4. Hydrocotton towels:

Although these organic towels are more miniature than most other towels, they work uniquely with an ultra-absorbent bath towel. They are super effective against germs and bacteria. Furthermore, they’re formation of a firm structure gives it high durability.


The war today is fighting for a green environment, and you can switch your weapon to organic towels!