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5 Ways to Improve and Enhance Your Lawn

Do you want a beautiful lawn? Do you desire an eco-friendly lawn renovation that’s easy on your wallet? If you’re fortunate enough to have a large front yard space, it makes sense to do something fantastic and creative with it. Doing so requires only dedication, the proper tools, and a few simple practices.

A healthy lawn is not only good for the environment, it’s an excellent extension of your home’s aesthetic. We’ve put together a few suggestions you can use to enhance your lawn’s appearance and growth. Get the most out of your lawn with the following tips:

Reduce Weeds and Thatch

One of the most significant barriers to a beautiful, well-maintained lawn or the dreaded we fetch can build up when you don’t follow proper mowing and maintenance schedules. Weeds are bad enough on their own – they reach nutrients from soil, crowd out healthy grass, and often bring diseases with them, but thatch can be just as serious. Thatch is a thin layer of dead grass and grass clippings just above the soil. Aeration and herbicides can help reduce these types of problems, but it is best to consult with professionals before attempting any kind of chemical use on your lawn. You can reasonably attack thatch with a rake and compost or dispose of it as needed.

Get it Professionally Fertilized

Fertilizing your lawn is the best way to help your grass grow to the height and colors you desire. Fertilizer is basically food for your lawn. Understanding and performing this essential function can be confusing or difficult. Fertilizers are composed of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. They come in synthetic and organic varieties, with different pros and cons. They can also be water-soluble or granular. Navigating product labels and understanding your lawn’s nutrient needs can be daunting. Consider hiring a professional lawn fertilization service to fertilize your lawn. A professional service is equipped with professional grade equipment, ideal fertilizer and can apply their knowledge to helping you achieve the best results from your lawn. Additionally, they’ll probably use a slow release fertilizer that will feed your lawn for several weeks following the initial application. Professional equipment offers better coverage as well, so this is likely the ideal option to get the most out of your lawn.

Add Compost to Your Soil

Compost is the hidden tool you didn’t know you already possessed. Adding just a bit of compost to your soil can enhance your long growth results considerably. Most importantly, compost helps soil better retain fertilizer. This has a few significant benefits: it helps feed your grass more consistently, it reduces alkaline in the soil and it prevents the fertilizer from leeching away to potentially contaminate local waterways. Compost can supplement the power of your fertilizer as it breaks down organic materials into plant nutrients. It’s just an all-around excellent way to enhance healthy growth and appearance over time.

Cut Grass to Recommended Heights

Mowing your grass is a vital maintenance routine that enhance your lawn’s appearance and health. Optimized grass heights help roots grow deeper while increasing the grass’ density. Over time, such improvements better compete against weed growth and survive various environmental stresses. It also requires less water than longer or shorter grass. Optimal heights depend on the season and type of grass, but a good rule of thumb is three inches in the cool season and two inches in the warm season. If you hired a professional lawn service to tackle your fertilization, they may also handle cutting the grass to proper heights as part of a maintenance schedule.

Adjust Your Watering Practices

While a good fertilizer will feed your grass, watering it properly will keep it healthy. Watering practices can be as simple as using a garden hose to the installation an automated irrigation system. Regardless of the way you water your lawn, adjusting your watering schedule to early morning and selecting grasses that grow well within your region will go a long way toward providing a lush lawn. Remember to always follow the local ordinances and water restrictions and be mindful of how a drought may affect your watering schedule. With time, professional advice and plenty of care, your lawn will look great for years to come.