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55 Mansion Master Bathrooms (Design Ideas)

Explore luxurious and innovative master bathroom ideas for a mansion house in many aesthetics and plan features for a deluxe concept structure.

A luxurious master bathroom with vanity and tub win neo-classical style

Are you looking for bathroom design inspiration? Maybe you’re making minor adjustments or embarking on a major remodel. Or perhaps you are just fantasizing from your desk. A master bathroom renovation can significantly impact the overall look of your house.

It’s no surprise that this functional room is often given great attention when it comes to remodeling. Although it is not always easy to decide on a new look, we’ve gathered an assortment of luxurious mansion bathrooms for you to daydream about. From Los Angeles to New York, we are bringing you the best mansion bathrooms!

The primary bathroom is considered a great place to spend money on a house renovation. The primary bathroom in this mansion is a great example where no expense was spared on this lavish bathroom. The ceiling was even vaulted to create the illusion of an even larger space.

Each bathroom photo is filled with inspiring ideas for your renovation. You will find the most sought-after bathroom features relaxing tubs, glamorous vanities, and sleek showers—to help you get started.

Look through our gallery of luxurious mansion bathrooms that range from clean and accessible to lavish and extravagant.

Luxurious Mansion Bathrooms

Everyone knows a high-end luxury bathroom whenever they see one. Perhaps it’s because a luxury bathroom is enormous and adorned with premium materials. Or maybe it has expensive accent features and is well-lit.

Another way to know if it is a luxury primary bathroom is if it has a fireplace like the beautiful modern version above. What would complete an end-of-the-day routine in a more relaxing way than soaking in a tub and gazing at the fireplace?

What are the luxury characteristics of these bathrooms? For one, the space is often enormous. There are also unusual details like the sink against the marble wall in this bathroom. The unique pedestal sink and green and grey color scheme are amazing details in this bathroom.

Whatever the bathroom’s architecture, a room as large as this one is unquestionably magnificent. If you have room for four large columns surrounding your bathtub, you know you live in total luxury. Luxury bathrooms are often grandiose and ornate, like in this primary bathroom. Still, they can also be minimalist with clean lines, depending on the style of the house.

The dramatic rainfall showers are a must-have for the luxury experience. This outdoor bathroom with a soaking tub enjoys ocean views and is the ultimate high-end experience. The wood wall, ceiling, and floor surrounding the large white tub make for a relaxing bath time as you relax in nature.

This dramatic rainfall shower takes place in a moody and dramatic master bathroom. The moody light grey marble around the shower area gives this bathroom a completely different feel. The recessed light in the wall adds the perfect drama.

A huge jacuzzi tub the size of a small swimming pool is the feature of this bathroom. The bathroom shows off its tile floor, wood ceiling, and stone walls, adding texture and allowing the natural elements to make this corner of the house feel like a zen retreat.

Large bathrooms have the room to put a tub right in the middle of the room, rather than pushing it to one side. This interior design features a vintage charm with the black clawfoot bathtub. The frosted glass shower has an etched pattern that gives some privacy through the glass.

A primary bathroom usually has impressive windows and lots of natural light. With the large windows, breathtaking views, and a crystal chandelier, it can be called nothing but elegant. This bathroom only has a tub without a shower area. But who needs a shower with a view like this?

Because bathrooms often don’t have panoramic windows, a fantastic view is always a luxury. Large windows are expected in both a mansion and luxury real estate. The extra price tag it adds to the house is worth getting a view like this. The sleek bathtub in this house is one you could stay in all day!

This luxury cabin has a master bath full of wood and natural materials. The massive skylight over the bathtub shows off the fantastic scenery. A bathroom with a view is a great way to bring the outdoors inside. What better way to enjoy the wintry outdoors than inside while soaking in a tub of steamy water?

What is more luxurious than bathroom features that bring nature inside? This bathroom also has a balcony to add to the spa-like feeling of this bathroom retreat. Taking a shower with the large glass door and view of the treetops will ensure you start your day with tranquility.

This gorgeous house has a primary bathroom with large glass doors instead of windows. You can walk right out of your mansion to enjoy your hot tub and hillside view. The floating vanity and black marble keep the lines clean and modern. A floating vanity also makes a bathroom feel more spacious.

A luxury bathroom often has a jaw-dropping feature wall. Marble is a high-end natural material used on the walls and floors of luxurious bathrooms. The brass vanity adds to the luxury and makes this bathroom look elegant.

A trend in luxury bathrooms is to have a feature wall of stone or other natural materials. This large bathroom has a living floor-to-ceiling feature wall that features beautiful plants. There is a walk-in open shower in this bathroom, and you are showering with the plants!

A glamorous bathroom style in the spacious design
A glamorous bathroom style looks cozy in the spacious design.

This fresh and modern luxury bathroom features a warm brown wood wall. The black accents add glamor and a moody vibe to the space, and the white freestanding bathtub adds a contrasting focal point to the bathroom and keeps it from feeling too dark. This toilet is out in the open, but it is a modern design and looks right at home in this bathroom design.

Every luxury dream bathroom will have a soaking tub. A marble ledge surrounds this large soaking tub to place your towel as you prepare for a soak in the tub. White and grey bathrooms with a white bathtub are the hallmark of traditional luxury style. A timeless bathroom is the perfect addition to a timeless house and will never go out of style or make the house look dated.

Sometimes it’s the luxury lighting and chandeliers that set the bathroom apart. This beautiful round ball chandelier looks like an upgraded disco ball right in the center of your bathroom. A large bathroom requires large-scale lighting. Typically a chandelier can be in the bathroom’s center or placed over the bathtub.

Luxury bathrooms are known for their neutral color schemes like grey and white marble and white cabinets. However, this luxury bathroom shows off its vanity with a coat of coastal blue paint. The brushed brass accessories complete the high-end look.

A classic bathroom style in a black and white color scheme
A classic bathroom style in a black and white color scheme.

Even a colorful bathroom can make a luxurious statement. The black and white tile floor with black walls adds character and charm to the bathroom space of this house. An older mansion or house will often have plenty of character. The white vanity and white doors pop in this primarily black bathroom.

The master bathroom’s frameless mirrors can make the area look larger. But when there aren’t solid walls for large mirrors, a clever trick is to hang a mirror in front of the window to make a great accent point. The mirrors still reflect the natural light and don’t block the view out of the bathroom.

This master bathroom is simple, but the mix of materials gives it that wow factor! The marble vanity combines perfectly with the black and white tile floor. Having a floating vanity in small bathrooms helps keep an open feeling. This primary bathroom is the ultimate example of combining materials. Notice the floor-to-ceiling stone wall that continues throughout the shower in this kid’s bathroom.

You would only expect the best when it comes to a penthouse in the upper west side of NYC. NYC doesn’t have the large mansions of Los Angeles, but the penthouses are just as luxurious and expensive. This dramatic view of the city is almost as beautiful as the marble floors and walls surrounding the modern soaking tub. City bathrooms are often small and cramped, but a top-floor penthouse can have a beautiful bathroom that will make any mansion jealous.

Technology doesn’t have to be regulated to just the main living area of a house. A mansion’s primary bathroom may also feature the use of technology. The unique rainforest lighting in this tub area is created by a projector that displays a light show of shapes on the ceiling above the tub.

The finest houses often have bathrooms with a sauna or steam shower built-in. Imagine not having to leave your home to visit the sauna at the gym but just walking into the bathroom of your house, and you are ready to enjoy this luxurious amenity.

A classy modern bathroom with a hole-in-the-wall fireplace
A classy modern bathroom with a fireplace hole-in-the-wall interior.

The perfect bathroom does exist! The fireplace in the bathroom is a great idea to keep the bathroom cozy in colder climates. But the fireplace will be enjoyed by everyone, no matter where you live, because of its beauty.

A magnificent bathroom with a fireplace for comfort
A magnificent bathroom with a fireplace for enhanced comfort.

A corner fireplace adds to the fantastic view in this luxury bathroom. The picture window lets you feel like you are bathing in the snow, but that fireplace looks similar to a wood-burning stove and is sure to keep your bathwater warm.

Master Bathroom

Master BathroomMaster bathrooms often get a lot of attention in interior design. A master bath can be a luxury retreat for homeowners, even in a typical family home.

You don’t have to live in a New York or Los Angeles mansion. You don’t even be one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to have bathroom features that look luxurious. The Real Housewives may have interior designers for their large houses. Still, with these inspiring pictures, you can get an idea of how to add luxury to your own house and bathroom.

If you plan a complete remodel and want to add more space to your bathroom, one idea is to convert a smaller bedroom into a bathroom. This works exceptionally well in older homes with several smaller bedrooms. Another plus of opening up walls to incorporate bedrooms is there will often be a window to incorporate into the new bathroom plan.

Because the master bath is accessed through the master bedroom, guests and other house members don’t have direct access. This privacy allows for quietly relaxing in the bathtub and taking a long shower.

The extra privacy by having the master bathroom so far away from the hustle and bustle of the center of the home makes the master bedroom and bathroom the perfect place to unwind for the house owners. Having an oversized marble tub is a great way to take advantage of this corner of the home.

The master bathroom will have separate rooms for the toilet closet in modern-day houses. If the toilet cannot be in a different space, a half-wall divider is often used to add a little privacy. A master bathroom will also have a large tub, and frequently the walk-in closet is accessed through the bathroom. What an excellent idea for closet design placement when you need a bedroom with two master closets!

Having a walk-in shower large enough for two shower heads is a luxury element that can be added to many master bathrooms. The built-in cubby for shampoo and soap helps maintain the clean lines of this modern and organic bathroom.

Master bathrooms typically have a vanity with his and her sinks over a long row of cabinets. This floating wood vanity takes up the entire wall, and the pale grey paint on the wall keeps the bathroom feeling airy in this modern home. Often the mirror will run the length of the vanity, or other will be a mirror at each sink. This oversized round mirror, large enough for both sinks, is a unique idea!

If you don’t have a luxury bathroom space, you can still create an easy focal point in your bathroom. Simply add in a brilliant color that pops against your neutral materials. The bright blue tub is a great idea for otherwise neutral bathrooms.

Master Bath

Even if you don’t live in a mansion and have an unlimited budget, you can still add some luxury details to your master bathroom. What features make a master bathroom a luxurious bathroom? If you are planning your dream bathroom, keep in mind some of the key elements that all luxury bathrooms have in common.

Luxury Decor

The decor in a bathroom is one of the main features that will easily elevate it to a level of luxury. Sinks and toilets may not be easily changed, so focus on simple things like towels and decor.

When you walk into a bathroom and are greeted with soft, high-quality towels on the towel rack, it instantly gives the impression that you are pampering yourself.

Luxury bathrooms are more than just a corner of the house. They usually have a “wow” factor or something special that makes them pop! An easy idea for any bathroom is to make the bathtub the focal point by hanging art and pictures. Adding pictures and artwork is also an easy way to change the theme and update the decor in your bathroom.

If you have the space, try adding a piece of furniture. Furniture and unique antique pieces don’t have to be reserved for the living room of the house. A tiny wood antique dresser or narrow linen cabinet next to the tub will add to the high-end look.

Don’t forget the ceiling when considering your fixtures. Chandeliers are available in all price points and styles and can instantly update the bathroom. Hang one in the center of the bathroom or hang one over the tub; it’s sure to be a striking focal point.

Oversized Mirrors are an excellent idea for a primary bathroom. These two large mirrors framed in black pop against the walls.

If you want to create the illusion of a larger space, choose oversized frameless mirrors. They will blend seamlessly into the wall since they don’t have sharp edges.

You can hang the mirror over the sink vanity or do a mirrored wall to further the illusion of a large primary bathroom. This photo illustrates the side of the glass shower being used as a mirror. It reflects the vanity and lots of light into the space. Adding an extra mirror is also a great idea if there is no window or you need more natural light on one side of the bathroom.

Quality Materials

Another feature of a luxury bathroom is the emphasis placed on quality. Materials have a significant impact on creating that luxurious bathroom feeling.

If you are renovating a bathroom, consider the solid materials that you will use. Natural stones like granite, marble, and quartz are superior materials. You will always find a high-end luxury bathroom.

Also, consider using luxury finishes on your fixtures. Upgrade to brass on your faucet and towel rack, or use the exact finish you are already using in your kitchen or other rooms in the house.

Glass Shower Enclosure

An easy way to get a luxury look in the master bathroom is to upgrade the shower. An older house will often have a tub/shower combo. Either adding glass in place of the shower curtain or replacing the tub with a walk-in shower will quickly upgrade the bathroom.

A mansion is expected to have a fantastic shower, but you can also have one in your house. Here are five more mansion bathroom pictures featuring glass showers.

A master bathroom with a glass shower in the middle
A luxurious master bathroom with a glass shower in the middle.

This mansion bathroom has an all-glass shower right in the bathroom’s center. There is little privacy in this big bathroom!

A white-toned minimalist design spacious bathroom
A white-toned minimalist design spacious bathroom interior.

This modern house has a gorgeous modern bathroom. The window is the back wall of the shower, so you feel like you are showering outside.

A large glass shower in a neutral black
A large glass shower in a neutral black color.

A mansion bathroom is expected to be big, and this oversized glass shower meets all expectations. In fact, this shower alone is the same size as many bathrooms!

A framed glass shower in the corner
A framed glass shower in the corner area space.

When you want the shower to be a focal point and stand out, choose a bold-frame bathroom like in this house. The eye-catching grid shower frame adds a fun and modern element to this mansion bathroom.

This mansion features warm woods that contrast beautifully with marble and glass. The corner shower even has a window to let lots of sunlight into the shower area.