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24 Bathroom Decorating Ideas (Pictures)

Decorating your bathrooms can be difficult. Check out our pictures of beautiful custom bathrooms. Get tips and ideas for your bathroom project.


The bathroom is an extremely unique place in your home in the sense that has one function: usage.
The bathroom is not a place you visit in, the place that family convenes; it is a place that you shower, brush your teeth, etc. The function is following the form beautifully and you’re (generally) happy with your plumbing. Now what? Now, you decorate. Decorating bathrooms might seem like a nearly trivial task, especially considering the size of the room compared to others. But did you know that, over the course of your lifetime, you spend about 1.5 years in the bathroom? Regardless of the obvious utilitarian space your bathroom is, why not invest some time in this precious, personal, sacred space and make it something truly unique to you?

An Accent Wall

When I wanted to remodel my bedroom, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it. I’ve always said that a fresh coat of paint revives a room like no other, but painting the entire room may not be the solution. Painting your bathroom a neutral color, such as a French gray or a seafoam green, gives a lovely, tranquil feeling.

On the wall opposing the mirror in your bathroom, however, choose a bolder color, such as a bright red or sunny orange, so you’ll get double the effect. The mirror will reflect that bright color, which will almost seem like you’ve put a brightly-colored art piece on your bathroom wall above your sink. Invigorating the space of your bathroom may be just the little something you need to get your day started right.

Identify Your Home’s Theme and Stick with It

As always, themes tie houses together into a consistent voice. While it can be considered tacky if you have your theme be too apparent in your living spaces, bathrooms are a place that one can have a little more creative liberty.

If your living room has a subtle Spanish influence, why not be a little more brazen in the bathroom, the smaller space, with some aged bronze or iron-effect towel racks? Something as small as the decorative towels or the bath mat can really set your bathroom apart from any other.

Does your home have a beach house/coastal theme? Take this into the bathroom with soft greens or coral pinks, with a decorative starfish on a shelf here, a white wicker basket full of toiletries there.

If you have a more BoHo theme for your home, dress up your bathroom with a sexy red and place a few tasteful gold accents here and there with the wastebasket, the toothbrush holder, etc. You’d be surprised how much fun you can have in such a small space.

A New Mirror

Decorating bathrooms can be expensive. You don’t want to get all new plumbing just for the sake of getting new plumbing, especially if you’re on a budget.

A smaller, less expensive way to instantly change up the space is to change out the mirror. Framed mirrors instantly add a splash of color and give a bit of life to a normally utilitarian space, and you can find them for as cheap as $10 at the local thrift store. Making the choice on a new mirror, say a gold-dusted rococo-style or a strong, black frame with clean lines, will instantly give your entire bathroom a facelift. You’ll notice it every day; you look in the bathroom mirror daily, don’t you?