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Barndominium with Basement (Barndo Basement Guide)

Find out more about the barndominiums with basements and everything you need to know.

Barndominium basement in light blue color walls.

A Barndominium, a combination of a barn and a condominium, transforms a pole barn or actual barn into a beautiful home. What was once reserved for storage and stables are now popular living spaces. Why? They are less expensive than building traditional homes, and they are faster to build. Barndos, as they are referred to, may or may not have a full or partial, or walk-out basement. Older structures probably don’t have a basement foundation underneath the ground floor of the structure, but some do. New homeowners love the convenience, and faster turnaround time that a barndo offers. This process allows them to design their own home complete with a master bedroom, multiple bedrooms, spacious kitchen, game room, garage, and other customized spaces from the ground up. There are even creative and convenient barndominium floor plans with walkout basement features.

How Much Does A Barndominium with Basement Cost

There are many factors to consider when deciding the cost of a barndominium with a basement. Factors like whether it is a brand-new construction or a renovation of an existing structure. In most regions, the basement can either go underneath the ground or be built next to it depending on how and where the property is situated.

If you are looking to add a basement to your barndo, two important benefits are more living space and more storage space. It simply depends on what your needs are and where your barndo is located. Keep in mind that adding a basement with extra square footage is an investment and will cost more money than simply building or renovating the structure. You might consider purchasing a convenient barndominium design kit that has blueprints and other helpful tools.

This article will take a look at the barndominium trend, what it is all about, and compare a barndominium with basement costs, as well as other things associated with constructing one. There will also be photographs of the exterior and interior of barndos for inspiration. First, let’s take a look at what a barndominium is and the different types of basements to consider. 

1. What is a Barndominium?

Barndominium with stone, brick, and wood façade
Barndominium design with stone, brick, and wood façade.

Since this is a newer term in home living, a definition is helpful. A barndominium, as mentioned above, is a combination of a barn-style building, or an actual barn that is transformed into a luxury living area like a condominium. Farmers and ranchers commonly use the additional space in a barn as temporary living space when needed or convenient storage space. Today, barndominiums have launched a whole new generation of transforming traditionally functional structures into vacation homes, rental spaces, and fabulous upscale homes. 

2. What are the Advantages of Adding a Basement to A Barndominium?

A stylish kitchen with necessary amenities
A stylish kitchen decor with all the necessary amenities.

Adding or building a basement to a barn can be challenging, but in the long run, offer more living and storage opportunities. This could include a convenient laundry room, bedroom, bathroom, family room, and a garage. Building a barndominium with a basement creates a second floor and could actually double your living space.

The floor plans for these open areas that create extra space are amazing. It totally depends on the homeowner’s lifestyle, needs, and preferences. The ideas are endless. The barndo basement could take a slab foundation and with the right floor plan and materials could add additional rooms complete with a walkout basement door to access an outdoor patio. This is much different than building a traditional house in a neighborhood or subdivision.

Other advantages include more protection from severe weather than wood or steel frames. Since barndo design basements are under the ground they are much cooler than other floors in the home. Many barndos will include innovative windows, spray insulation, state-of-the-art plumbing, and solid concrete floors designed for energy efficiency, all added bonuses.

3. What are the Disadvantages of Adding a Basement to a Barndominium?

Barndominium built in a contemporary design
Barndominium is being built in a contemporary design.

There are some issues to consider before you commit to adding a basement to your barndo. There are additional costs. For example, a simple cement slab foundation ranges at approximately $4 per square foot. On the other hand, a full basement that covers the entire length of the barndo could cost between $10 to $25 per square foot. Committing to a basement is also a time investment.

While a cement slab takes a day or two to pour, dry, and prepare, digging and constructing an entire basement could take weeks to complete. A total ground floor basement could require architectural and engineering updates that are also costly. This includes your local building codes. Keep in mind there could be building material restrictions and other special requirements. Lastly, adding a basement could increase your risk of water damage. If the basement is below the water table or near a body of water, it could flood after a heavy rainstorm.

Take a look at basement options before adding a basement to a new barndominium. Barndominiums with basements are usually built under the ground, with cement slab foundations, and steel walls. Barndominium floor plans and barndominium kits are available to help you plan step by step.

4. What are The Types of Barndominiums With Basements?

A basement with a thick stone wall
A basement barndominium with a thick stone wall.

Barndominium With Full Basement

A full basement that goes over the entire first floor is constructed first. The barndominium is built over the basement. There are usually extra costs involved in a barndominium with a full basement. This investment will provide more space for the house.

Barndominium With Partial Basement

Partial basements are great for two-story barndominiums . This is much easier to include in the floor plan of a barndominium that already exists. You can either live on both floors of the structure or use the partial basement for a spare bedroom, laundry room, or additional storage.

Barndominium With Walkout Basement

Barndos that are located on a hill or sloped land might be perfect for a walkout basement. There are barndominium floor plans that include walkout basement blueprints and recommended materials. For example, a walk out basement could feature a door tall enough for you to walk out onto your property. This adds an extension to your living space and a convenient way to access and enjoy the outdoors.

Barndominium With Crawl Space In Lieu of A Basement

An option that doesn’t provide any living space, but will offer some storage area is a crawl space underneath the living structure. Similar to a partial basement, a crawl space will have a concrete slab for the barndominium’s frame to go around. A crawl space, as the name alludes to, is not very tall and only big enough for someone to “crawl” into. This is not suitable for or large enough for additional living space. It will most likely not be heated or cooled.

5. How Do You Build A Barndominium

A dining room in a vintage design with a wooden accent post frame
A dining room in a vintage design with a wooden accent post frame for partitions.

There are many ways to build a barndominium. This is the part that is more exciting than building an ordinary house. The traditional way is to transform an old existing barn into a living space. This is an exciting adventure for homeowners who already live on a farm or recently purchased property that has an existing barn.

Barns usually have dirt floors, and solid structures and can be a bit on the dirty side from years of farm use. If the roof construction shows signs of wear and tear or if you can see daylight through the cracks, obviously a new roof and some structural work must be completed. If this is the case, a concrete floor will have to be poured to begin as a ground-level solid foundation.

Once this is completed, you can move forward with the plumbing, electrical, insulation, and interior designs. Finally, the landscaping and outdoor areas like a deck, pool, and patio can be completed.

There are also barndominium kits on the market that provide blueprints for constructing your new barndominium floor plan from scratch. If you are moving forward with building a barndo or renovating one, keep your budget at the top of the list. Just as building a traditional house, most barndominiums with or without basements can become costly. But in the long run, the extra living space will be well worth the investment, especially for a growing family.

6. What are Important Things To Consider Before Building A Barndominium?

A modern kitchen with an exposed wood
A modern kitchen with an exposed wood beam ceiling.

Planning and hiring a professional construction team is key

  • Decide on A Budget and Secure Financing: First and foremost create a budget and seek financing for your new barndo before starting. Consider every single cost that is involved from beginning to end. This includes every detail right down to the slab foundation. A professional contractor who is familiar with barndominium design can assist you.
  • Get Proper Permits: Proper building permits are required by many municipalities before any new build or renovation can begin. Usually, you will have to pay for different permits for different projects. This also includes requirements for water and sewer, plumbing, wiring, insulation, electrical, and other utilities. Add these permit costs to your budget.
  • Hire An Experienced Contractor: A professional contractor is a key to a successful outcome. They should be experts in renovations and have experience with steel frames, metal walls, materials, basements, and concrete foundations. They can assist you in budgeting, proper timeline process, and answer questions. Details like these are crucial to having a safe and comfortable barndo living environment.

How Do You Decide What Style of Barndominium is Perfect For You

Questions to Answer Before Committing to Barndominium floor plans

Now that you know you are going to commit to a new barndo, and your budget is set, you need to decide what style is for you. It should reflect your lifestyle, your property, and your surroundings as well as the size of your family or who will be residing there.

Do you want rustic, contemporary, eclectic, transitional, or traditional? Do you need a garage? It’s important to take into consideration whether this is a renovation or a new build. This will narrow down the field and allow you to focus on your future barndo’s structure and overall look.

What Do Barndominiums Look Like? Here are beautiful Examples

Photos to give you the inspiration to start your own barndominium journey

Transforming your own barndominium with a full or partial basement can be an exciting and rewarding process. Take a look at the following examples that offer floor plans with extra living space, suggested building materials ideas, and beautiful interior decor.

1. Eclectic and Formal Barndominium

This beautifully decorated barndo, features an elegance like no other. The high ceilings, extraordinary interior decor, and ample living space set the scene for a luxurious home. The floor plan is perfect for barndominium with partial basement foundations.

2. Beautiful Staircase For A 2 Story Barndominium with Basement

This barndo floor plan features a gorgeous, customized staircase that leads to the finished basement creating a cozy and extremely livable space complete with more room, and sectioned-off spaces including an ample living room and convenient kitchen.

3. Stunning Stonework Beautifully Blends In With Basement

From the outside of this beautiful barndominium, stunning stonework is used to blend the partial basement into the facade. The uneven property features a slope, a perfect example of an added-on feature with visual appeal.

4. Barndominium Basement Fits Perfectly Into Sloped Landscaping While Masking Concrete

A red barndominium in the middle of a field
A stunning red barndominium in the middle of a field.

An old barn is transformed into a beautiful barndominium with a basement. Large rock features add personality while masking the functional concrete.

5. Beginning States of Transforming Old Into New

A view of the outdoors from the barn
A view of the outdoors from inside the barn.

Here, a view from the inside out is the basic beginning process of imagining and designing a barndo living space. The process begins with recording everything you want and hiring the proper contractors to help you make your dream a reality.

6. Old Barn Converted Into Beautiful Living Space Video

A barndominium living area that integrates wonderfully.
A gorgeous barndominium living area that integrates wonderfully.

Seeing is believing. This old barn is transformed into a luxurious and comfortable barndo that perfectly keeps the original structure’s personality with an added modern touch. This could be a partial basement with doors that open out into the outdoor space.

7. Luxury Masterbedroom Maintains barn-inspired decor beautifully

Basement space with stone walls and wood floors
Basement space with beautiful stone walls and wood floors.

Here, a full basement is renovated into a luxury living space with hardwood floors, entertainment space, and cozy surroundings. Special modern touches like contemporary furniture lighting and technology bring everything up to date.

8. Rustic Decor Transforms This Barndo Basement Into Intimate Sleeping Quarters

An antique basement with wooden and metal accents
An antique basement with wooden and metal accents.

A smaller barn basement easily creates an intimate sleeping space while maintaining the personality of the original structure’s design. This could be space for visitors, a mother-in-law suite, or a rental opportunity.

Transforming a Barndominium Takes Time

Consider building a barndominium with a basement in phases

Transforming a barn with a basement into the home you’ve always dreamed of takes planning and guidance. Depending on the size of your project, it could feel overwhelming. This process could be completed quickly or over time by breaking down the project into multiple phases. For example, for a 2 story barndominium with basement phase one could include the roof and basement foundation, concrete walls, and barndominium floors. The next phase could include the rooms that are essential for living like the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and living room.

Finally, the next final phases could include square footage for additional bedrooms, laundry rooms, game rooms, and outdoor living areas. It is totally up to you how you want to move forward with your project. Consulting an expert contractor and architectural team to create barndominium floor plans could assist in this process. This will be advantageous in the long run.

Keeping your budget on track will be key in your journey to the perfect barndominium. We are here to help you secure the financing you need.