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16 Types of Kitchen Cabinets

There are many different types of kitchen cabinets. Consider all of these different types of kitchen cabinets before picking the perfect ones for your kitchen.

Kitchen with white cabinets that go all the way to ceiling, gray quartz countertops, cream and white tile backsplash, large windows looking out to backyard, bowl of fruit on counter

One of the most essential parts of my kitchen is my kitchen cabinets. So much so I pay attention to the types of kitchen cabinets I see when I visit other people’s houses. I always seem to find something new or unexpected. There are so many different types of cabinets, and some I would never think to put in a kitchen. Continue reading to find out more about all of the different types of kitchen cabinets. 

Types of Cabinets

There are many different types of kitchen cabinets, which makes it hard to narrow down your options. Consider all of these different types of kitchen cabinets before picking the perfect ones for your kitchen. 

Stock Cabinets

Open kitchen with white stove, oven and microwave, stainless steel refridgerator and dishwasher, linoleum floor, stock light wood cabinets

Stock cabinets are the basic cabinets that you can find at any store. They are always going to be available and may seem plain. However, they are a fast way to refresh your kitchen. These cabinets come in standard sizes with limited options for colors, finishes, and cabinet door styles. Stock cabinets provide a vast number of benefits, including that they are typically an affordable option for your kitchen. 

Semi-Custom Cabinets

Kitchen with hardwood flooring, dark, semi custom cabinets with silver hardware, lights onderneath cabinets

A semi-custom comes in more features, styles, and options than a stock cabinet. These cabinets provide you with the ability to personalize your kitchen. These cabinets are built to order and take longer to be available for installation. While these cabinets may take as long as eight weeks to get, they can come in various glazes, finishes, stains, and other special techniques. In addition, you can get additional features added to these cabinets, such as door racks, shelves that roll out, and crown molding. Although, these cabinets cannot be customized as much as a custom cabinet; they are also more affordable than a completely custom kitchen cabinet. 

Custom Cabinets

Custom rustic kitchen with tiger looking pattern cabinets, large stainless steel stove, knive block, toaster, canisters and kitchen aid mixer on the counter, gree/gray tile backsplash

Custom kitchen cabinets provide you with the most customization for your kitchen. These cabinets give you the widest variety of finishes, options, wood types, and modifications. These cabinets are designed specifically to fit in your kitchen and based on your needs. When you elect to have custom cabinets, you typically need a designer to study the space and understand your preferences. These types of kitchen cabinets are ideal if you have a unique space or style. Unfortunately, these are among the most expensive kitchen cabinet options you can find. 

Base Cabinets

Close up of gray tile floor, dark gray cabinets with round black hardware and white with black and gray granite counter

Base cabinets sit on the floor. These are the cabinets that are placed below your countertop. They are cabinets that are intended to store heavier items. This is where most homeowners place their pots and pans, and appliances. They usually contain shelving or pull out racks. They may include other features like recycling bins or waste bins. You may see base cabinets as a corner cabinet that pulls out and contains a Lazy Susan. Base cabinets may also be an open cabinet without a door. They are often pull-out cabinets or cabinet drawers. You may see base cabinets under a kitchen island and under the sink.

Wall Cabinets

Laundry room with white washer and dryer, wooden counters, shiplap and teal cabinets

Wall cabinets are those mounted to the walls in your kitchen. These are the cabinets that provide storage space above the base cabinets. These are easy to acres while standing and as you move around the room. There are a few common types of wall cabinets that are available. These include a pulldown spice rack and cabinets with racks in them. You may even find a cabinet to conceal your appliances stylishly. An exciting twist on upper cabinets is an electric lift. With a simple touch, you are able to open and close your cabinets to give you easy access. 

Tall Cabinets

Large kitchen with light colored wood cabinets, small island with gray chairs all around, black countertops, stainless steel fridge, dark brown wooden table and chair set, hardwood floor

Tall cabinets are a way to describe the storage capacity and height of the cabinets. These cabinets can be up to 96 inches tall. These are ideal as a pantry or some other utility storage. These cabinets can hold large and bulky items. Some of the common types of tall cabinets include oven and microwave cabinets. They can accommodate double ovens and warming drawers. 

Shaker Cabinets 

Close up of a gray tile floor, light gray with silver hardware cabinets, gray and wite counters

These are among the most popular style of kitchen cabinets. They have a five piece flat panel, which uses four pieces to create a frame, and then a flat center panel to complete the give piece cabinet. This cabinet is a classic and simple look that adds to a contemporary or traditional house style. However, they look great in any style kitchen design. They have a trademark looks that are characteristic of shaker style cabinets. They use a quality wood, rail frames, and a simple design. The wood typically used for these cabinets includes hickory, maple, or cherry. You can find these cabinets is a wide variety of colors and materials. These are considered a standard cabinet type and will always be in stock for a reasonable price. The recessed design of the cabinet front does require extra attention to clean out the dirt that settles in the panel. 

Louvered Cabinets

Close up of white louvered cabinets with wood counters

Louvered cabinets are an ideal way to add an exciting touch to your kitchen. These cabinets have slabs that are horizontal similar to what you will find on blinds for a window. These types of cabinets help your kitchen look bigger and give your kitchen and different type of look. This style is great for a coastal, bohemian, or Asian style home. This louvered look is great for any cabinet, whether it is base, tall, or upper cabinet. The louvered cabinets are ideal for an area that needs ventilation. These cabinets are challenging to clean, making these cabinets slightly high maintenance. These cabinets also have a higher price than other cabinets. 

Flat-Panel Cabinets

Kitchen with wood floor, gray walls, gray counters with white cabinets above and natural wood below, natural wood table with black chairs around table, console table with large tv on top

Flat-panel cabinets are also referred to as slab kitchen cabinets. As their name states, they have a flat cabinet door. These cabinets have hard lines with a minimalist design. They are a simple design and have an affordable price tag to reflect the simplicity. The kitchen cabinet doors with a flat-panel design means that it does not have a frame. These cabinets work well in both contemporary and modern kitchen styles. These cabinets with a flat panel door style are easy to maintain and clean because of their simple design. If you have a minimalist design, this is a great option. If you have another type of design, you can jazz up these cabinets with a stain, paint, or unique hardware. You can put oversized handles on the doors to give it a sense of perspective. 

Inset Cabinets

Close up of white cabinets with silver bar hardware

These cabinets are constructed from an inset door that is set in a cabinet frame. This is different from a typical cabinet door, which has the door outside of the cabinet frame. Each of the cabinet door is designed and constructed with specific and precise measurements. This is critical to ensure the wood sits in the frame properly. This allows it to close and open accurately. This cabinet style has hinges that are exposed and not concealed as with other cabinets. Inset cabinet doors sit flush with the cabinet frame to give the cabinets a clean look. These cabinets are among the most expensive cabinets you can find. Inset cabinetry have a classic styling that will last decades. These cabinets must be installed properly, or the cabinets can look messy. 

Distressed Cabinets

distressed unfinishe cabinets, microwave on counter, white walls

Distressed cabinets are a great way for you to have cabinets that have an antique touch to them. These cabinets are widely available and come with many different depots. The corners are rubbed, and other distress techniques are utilized to give the cabinets an older feel. These cabinets cost more than a traditional cabinet. 

Beadboard Cabinets

Close up of teal beadboard cabinets with silver handle hardware

Beadboard cabinets have vertical planks that have ridges or indentations, which are called beads, between the blanks. This type of cabinetry has a slightly more dynamic look. The beads help give structure to the cabinets. These cabinets are ideal for the country farmhouse or cottage style kitchen design. This is not the best design for a minimalist house. If you opt to use glass-front cabinets, you can see the vertical panels behind the glass as an interesting twist. You may see the beadboard design on items like a kitchen island. The cracks and crevices may be difficult to clean and maintain. 

Thermofoil Cabinets

Instalation of thermofoil white cabinets

Thermofoil cabinets are created from a medium-density fiberboard (MDF). These cabinets are wrapped in plastic coating and then baked in intense heat to seal them. This creates durable and affordable kitchen cabinets. These are considered a stock cabinets as they are mass-produced. However, there is an imitation wood and comes only in solid colors. Thermofoil cabinets are low maintenance, easy to care for, and resistant to moisture. However, they are not very resistant to heat. They should not be installed too close to a heat source, like an oven, because when they get too hot, the laminate comes loose from the veneer. 

Raised Panel Cabinets

Close up of a single raised panel wood cabinets

Raised-panel cabinets are the second most popular cabinet choice. They are timeless, classic, and stimulating. These cabinets are a three dimensional design that attracts everyone’s attention. The raised-panel cabinets blend in well with any design style; however, they are most likely to be found in traditional design. The middle panel of these cabinets has a slightly raised look which gives the cabinets dimension. These cabinets come in various colors and wood types. These are a more expensive option than shaker cabinets. These cabinets may be a little more challenging to keep clean because of all the lines and crevices of the cabinets.  

Glass-Front Cabinets

Kitchen with large square tile flooring, white cabinets, some with glass fronts, white tile backsplash, blue wall, large chandelier lighting above island

Glass front cabinets are also called open frame doors. These are a great option for someone that wants to display the items in their kitchen cabinets. This could be to show off plates, vases, or some other mugs. The cabinets keep your items safe but visible behind the glass. The doors provide more storage space while protecting your items and preventing them from collecting dust. Typically, this type of cabinet is intended for specific cabinets and not all of the cabinets in the kitchen. Glass front cabinets are great for shaker, inset, or raised style cabinets. They are also great for tall cabinets or wall cabinets. Sometimes, glass-front cabinets are difficult to clean as they are delicate, and dust gets in the small spaces. These cabinets are a great place for lights to be installed to give the items in the cabinet extra light. With these cabinets, you must always keep the items inside the cabinets neat and clean. In addition, you must remove the dust and the grease from the glass. These cabinets are more expensive than wood cabinets. 

Plywood Cabinets

Kitchen with blue/gray tile backsplash, light wood cabinets, brown counters, antique teapot on stove

Most cabinet box options have some amount of plywood in them. This is an engineered wood, and there is an increase of cabinets being made completely from plywood. They are typically finished with a clear coat that allows the grain to show through. These cabinets are durable and strong. Plywood cabinets resist humidity and fluctuations in temperature. This style goes well with most house designs, including minimalist and bohemian. In addition, these cabinets go well with simple designs, backsplash, and countertops. Plywood is made of affordable material, but the higher the quality of the plywood means that it will be more sturdy and durable.