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20 Gorgeous Farmhouse Fence Ideas For Your Home 

Learn more about farmhouse alternative fences to apply for your home that meets your interests, in addition to home improvement and aesthetic ideas.

Farmhouse with white fence along the highway.

One of the best ways to give your house some extra style and improve its curb appeal is to install a fence. It can be a big decision because many types and styles of fences are available. However, some fence styles are more popular and appealing. A farmhouse fence can increase your resale value and allow you to enjoy your house a little more. 

A fence can provide maximum amounts of privacy and security for your home and give you a defined perimeter. While there are some common farmhouse fence styles, it includes any type of style and material. This guide provides some of the best farmhouse privacy fence ideas for you to consider. This guide should help make your decision a little easy once you know all of the options available to you. 

Gorgeous Farmhouse Fence Ideas For Your Home

When considering a fence for your home, you can contain the entire perimeter, the backyard, the front yard, or just a portion of it. When considering these modern farmhouse fence ideas, it is helpful if you know where you would like to place your fence. 

1) Aluminum Fence

An aluminum fence is a great option when you are looking for a farmhouse fence that looks nice but requires little to no maintenance. It does not need to be painted and it will not rust. They are easy to clean with a monthly wash with the hose. You can find them in many colors to match the exterior of your farmhouse. Most aluminum fences are square tubes with a rail at the top and bottom. You can find aluminum fences in many designs, so it is functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

2) Bamboo Fence

A bamboo fence is a great modern farmhouse fence option. It is often considered an alternative fencing type, but it has been used around the world because it is affordable. The look of bamboo fencing varies based on the size, color, and shape of the bamboo reeds. This fence provides privacy and has a unique look. 

3) Board on Board Fence 

A board on board fence has a pattern of vertical pickets that overlap. Every other board of this type of fence is attached to the opposite side of the fence rail. This allows a gap in the fence, but there are no gaps between the boards. This is a unique and beautiful-looking fence that provides a large amount of privacy for your farmhouse. This fence is also referred to as a shadow box fence.  

4) Cedar Fence

When considering a wood farmhouse style fence, cedar is the most popular type of wood available. Cedar is a lightweight wood that is easy to stain and durable. Cedar wood is accessible, and you can find it in many locations, including a home goods store or a local mill. Most often you will find cedar fences with a 4×4 post and cap. In addition, you can add a touch of style to your cedar fence with latticework or panels.


5) Chain Link Fence

A popular and common fence choice for a farmhouse is the chain link fence. It is affordable, durable, and lasts a long time. Some homeowners do not like the look of a chain link fence, but it is practical. It creates a barrier around the entire perimeter or any section you select of your home. In addition, you can upgrade your chain link fence from the traditional look to a black chain link. This gives your fence a nicer and less industrial look. 

6) Chain Link Fence Slats

Slats or fence covers are two great options when you are looking for ways to upgrade your chain link fence. For example, you may want the durability and longevity of a chain link fence but are not thrilled with the look. You can improve the look of your chain link fence with these extra parts.  

7) Composite Fence

A composite fence is a combination of real wood and plastic. These are usually recycled materials. This gives you an authentic and natural-looking fence due to the wood. However, the plastic provides strength and durability to make a composite fence last longer than many other options. You can find composite fences in different textures, colors, sizes, and shapes. 

8) Deer Fence

A deer fence is an animal fence that is intended to contain deer. This type of fence will keep the deer safe and keep people safe from the deer. A deer fence has a protective barrier that often meshes or is made from several other types of materials. Common material for deer fencing includes PVC, metal, plastic mesh, and galvanized steel. One benefit to a deer fence is the posts can be placed far apart from each other. Therefore, it is important for the mesh to be tight between the posts. 

9) Garden Fence 

You can place a garden fence anywhere you want in your back or front yard. Some homeowners consider this option to be the best yard fence. These types of fences are usually shorter and do not provide as much security and privacy. They are used more for aesthetics and to keep small animals out. You can consider an old farm or English garden fence for your home to give it an extra touch of comfort. These fences usually have round posts. Most often, you will find a garden fence in white, but it may also be stained brown.  

10) Iron Fence 

An iron fence is always an option. When thinking about iron fences, they can be one or two types. They are either cast iron or wrought iron. Iron is a strong material and can resist almost all types of damage. It will not warp or rot. However, it is possible that the iron fence might corrode. 

11) Lattice Fence

A lattice fence is a wood fence that has 90 degree intersections. The intersections create angles to give the fence a decorative look. These fences are ideal for privacy. There are no open spaces in the fence due to the latticework. There are many options to help give your lattice fencing a farmhouse look. You can allow flowers to grow through the lattice or give it a rustic look. You can add lattice to the top or bottom of your wood fence. It does not have to be the entire fence. 

12) Metal Fence

While a metal fence is a great option when looking for a farmhouse privacy fence, you should know a metal fence is more expensive than other options. Metal fences are a category all to themselves. These types of fences include steel, aluminum, and mixed metals. Steel fences are the strongest and provide the maximum amount of security. Aluminum is able to withstand more extreme weather, which could be important depending on where you live. 

13) Modern Wood Fence

Wood has been used as a common fencing material for a long time, and some may feel that it looks dated. However, there are some modern wood fence options for those that love wood fences but want a more modern look. You may have to think outside of the typical wood fence box to create a modern wood fence. For example, you can use small wood planks that are horizontal and painted a dark color

14) Picket Fence

Most of the picket fences you see have pickets made from cedar. You can add a touch of design to your picket fence with lattice or arbor. Typically, you will find picket fences in white. More modern picket fences have 4×4 posts and end caps. You can also find them in vinyl instead of wood. This provides a more durable option for a picket fence. A white picket fence is a common design option.

15) Post and Rail Fence

A post and rail fence has perpendicular posts that are driven into the ground. There are two or more horizontal rails between the posts. These rails sit in holes that are part of the posts. This is a rustic style fence that is most often seen on horse farms or around pastures. Post and rail fencing is ideal for ground that is not level. You do not have to worry about leveling it out to install this type of fence. This type of fence is great when you have a large area to contain because it is easy to install and affordable. When this type of fencing is used for a horse farm, it is essential that it is strong and tall. The standard size fence is most likely too short as the horses can jump over it. 

16) Split Rail Fences

A split rail fence got its name because the rails are created by splitting logs. This is a common type of fence in areas where there is a large amount of timber. Little to no tools or nails are used to install this type of fence. A split rail fence has three or four rows of horizontal posts. These posts are supported by a vertical beam that is placed every couple of feet. The beams may be as close as one foot apart, but they are often a little further apart. 

You can find split rail fences in vinyl or wood, but wood is more affordable. Vinyl needs much less maintenance and lasts longer. Regardless of the materials, you select, the fence post and rails are open so that you can see out of your enclosed area. People passing by can also look in. This may not be the best farm fence option for you if you want privacy. This fencing is common on older properties. 

17) Steel Fence

If you are looking for a powerfully strong and durable fence, then a steel fence may be the right option for you. They are heavy and resist the most severe weather, including strong winds. When the steel used for your fence is powder coated and galvanized, it resists corrosion and rust. A steel fence requires little to no maintenance making it an easy fence to own. There are many different styles and variations of a steel fences to allow you to choose your design. This is a great fence you can add to your farmhouse style home. 

18) Stockade Fence

A stockade fence is one that has wood boards that are installed tightly together, so there is no gap or space between them. Most often, the top of the boards of a stockade fence is pointed. These have been used historically for livestock or by the military to keep out unwanted individuals. These boards are easy to find at most home goods stores. While in many stockade fences, the boards are uniform and the same, they do not have to be. There are instances where the boards are not in alignment. 

There are different materials that can be used for a stockade fence. They include spruce, which is a more affordable option. Spruce is also pressure treated, so it works well to repel pests from dining on the wood. Cedar is wood that has a natural bug repellent. It does not warp as often. While it is not rotproof, it does resist rot to help it last much longer than other options. There are some pressure-treated wood options. One of them is spruce, and another one is pine. These are among the most affordable options and they are treated to prevent termites from damaging the wood and ultimately, your fence. This type of farm fence is a great way to add extra security.

19) Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fencing is another option for a farmhouse fence. This is a manufactured material that is easy to obtain. Vinyl is a plastic-based material that is made mainly from PVC. It is low maintenance and affordable. It does not splinter and cracks like many kinds of wood can. It comes in various styles, colors, and sizes. You can choose a privacy fence that is tall and keeps everyone out. You can also choose a smaller fence that is not as private and allows people to see in, and you can see out. It can be easy to clean; however, it can be stained by mold or mildew. 

20) Wire Fence

A wire fence is one of the most common types of fence options. It can be installed in a variety of locations, from a ranch, zoo, or residential location. A wire fence is ideal when you want to create a boundary in a specific area. This is a great way to protect your property from intruders and keep your pets safe. There are many types of wire fencing from which you can choose to give you the most flexibility. This is commonly called chicken wire and can keep out unwanted critters.