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Full vs Queen Size Beds: Which One Do You Need?

If you're looking for a great bed you may be asking yourself how to choose full vs queen size beds for the rooms in your house

If you’re currently looking for a new bed to put in your home then you really want to know what size you should be looking at. With so many different sizes and so many different styles even after you’ve made the decision on sizes, it can be extremely difficult to know what you’re really looking for. Of course, if you’ve decided on a small, medium or large size bed it can help your decision. That’s why knowing you’re looking at full vs queen size beds can be a benefit.

Full Size Beds

A full size bed is generally a good size for a small to moderate size child, but is usually not as comfortable for an adult. Though many adults use a full size bed, and they used to be used for two adults, this is not really as popular as it once was. Adults are no longer happy to share a small bed with another person. They want a lot more space instead. As a result, a full size bed may be acceptable as a guest bed or for a child or even for a single adult, but not more.

Queen Size Beds

Queen size beds are the new favorite when it comes to getting the amount of space that someone wants when they’re sleeping. A queen size is good for a full size adult or even two adults to sleep comfortably, though even this can be too small for some. Some couples prefer to have an even larger bed, though and opt for a king or even a California King. If you’re looking to save a little on space or you don’t need quite as much personal space then this will generally be a good option for you and your partner.

Full vs Queen Size Beds

So what about these two beds is really different? Well, the size is obviously going to be different, and by a decent amount. A full size bed is generally 54” x 74”, which equals out to approximately 4’6” x 6’2”. On the other hand, a queen size bed is approximately 60” x 80”. This means it comes out to 5’ x 6’8”. That extra 4 inches on the size and 6 inches in length may not seem like much, but it definitely can be if you’re the type who likes to sprawl out. It can be if your partner tends to sprawl out too.

Of course, it’s important to note that not all beds are going to be exactly the same size, even if they are considered the same size. Different manufacturers may make them slightly different or just in the process of manufacturing, they could be slightly different. The only thing you really know for sure is there will be at least a few inches in size difference between these two sizes of beds. That’s definitely guaranteed because otherwise, they wouldn’t be two different sizes. You’ll definitely be able to notice that difference for full vs queen size when you get it as well.

Choosing Your Bed

So how do you know which bed is going to be the right option for you? Well, you have to look at a few different factors to help you reach that decision. But it’s not going to be as complicated as you might think. Choosing a full vs queen size bed is a matter of a few questions.

  1. How Many People Use the Bed? Do you have a partner who sleeps in the bed with you? Do your children tend to climb into bed a lot? How about pets that can’t seem to stay down? All of these people (or pets) are going to influence the amount of space you need in queen vs full bed options.
  2. How Much Room Do You Need? Are you one of those people who sleeps in a little cocoon by yourself? Do you tend to sprawl out throughout the night? Does your partner sprawl out during the night? All of these things are going to tell you if you need a little larger bed or if you can get by with smaller spaces.
  3. How Much Room Do You Have? Is the room you’re going to be putting this bed in actually large enough to hold a queen size bed or is a full size bed going to be pushing it? Do you have enough space to easily get in and out of the larger bed if you want to? If you’re choosing queen vs full bed options you need to know that.
  4. How Much Can You Afford? A larger bed is going to cost more money and so are the sheets and other things that have to go on it. Can you afford the slightly higher cost that you’ll be spending consistently on that larger bed?

Just these four questions can help you make the right decision about the bed you’re getting or want to get. By considering them, you’ll be able to get each room in your house as comfortable as you want it to be while you sleep.