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The Bed Size Chart You’ve Been Missing When Picking Your Bed

You definitely don't want to miss this bed size chart that's going to help you pick the ideal size bed the next time around.

Do you know type of bed you actually have? Did you really pay attention to the dimensions and all of the figures when you were looking at the bed or did you just pick something you liked? Most people really don’t pay attention to the dimensions of their bed. That’s because looking at a bed size chart just isn’t important to most. They just want something that looks big enough for them.


What is a Bed Size Chart?

So what exactly is this bed size chart then? Well, it’s a way to figure out each of the different sizes of beds and how they are different from each other. After all, there are plenty of different sizes of beds. Each one is going to give you a little bit different amount of space and that’s how you decide which one you like best. Maybe you’ve just done that by eye up until now, but knowing the most popular of the sizes and what they mean is definitely a benefit.


Twin Bed

The smallest of all the bed options (once you get out of a crib or toddler bed anyway) is the twin. For most people it’s only large enough for a single person at 39” x 75”, but some still use it for two. Generally, this bed is the size chosen for children who are growing out of their toddler bed but don’t really need a lot of extra space.


XL Twin Bed

This bed is slightly longer than a regular twin at 39” x 80” and it’s the standard in most college dorm rooms. It provides a little extra height for taller students, but it’s still small enough to fit in the rooms. This works okay for one adult or a child, but is usually too small for anyone who is larger or anyone who shares a bed.


Full Size/Double Bed

Known as either a full size or a double bed, this option is 54” x 75” so you get the same length as a twin but a little bit more width. It’s not quite ‘double’ the amount of space alongside, but it is enough for some couples. Most however, prefer to have more space than this and it’s now used primarily for one adult. It’s also the most common option for guest rooms.


Queen Bed

This has become one of the most popular sizes of beds that you’ll find anywhere. At 60” x 80”, you get a whole lot more space for two people in this one. Though some adults prefer this bed even when sleeping alone, it’s a good choice if you’re going to be sharing. It provides plenty of space for two people in most cases. Of course, some prefer to have even more space.


King Bed

The king size bed is 76” x 80” and provides nearly double the amount of width as you get in a twin bed plus the length of an XL twin. That means you’re getting a whole lot of space for anyone who wants to sleep in here. It’s great for couples or even for those who have children who like to crawl into bed still. It definitely takes up a lot of space though.


California King Bed

The largest size available, unless you decide to custom order something, the California king is starting to become more popular. It is actually narrower than a traditional king, though only be a few inches, but it is longer. At 72” x 84” this is the longest of any of the different types of beds you’ll find. That makes it great for taller people. It’s also wide enough that two can sleep comfortably here.


The Costs Involved in Your Bed Size Chart

Just like you would think, the larger the bed that you want the more money you’re going to spend on it. That’s because it takes more materials to make each of those beds. If you get a simple twin bed you could be looking at a couple hundred dollars (or even less depending on what it’s made with). If you decide to go all the way up to a California king, however, you could be spending $1,000 or more.

Of course, as with anything there are ways to cut some corners on even the larger beds. You may be able to find something a little cheaper or to get something made with different materials. If you do have something custom made however, you run the risk of having an even larger bill than buying something already made. It’s entirely up to you what you want to spend on your bed.

The most important thing is making sure you get a bed you’ll feel comfortable in. If it’s not going to be big enough you’re going to notice when you sleep. No one wants to be uncomfortable while they’re sleeping.