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Foyer Decorating Ideas


First impressions are usually very important. Most people actually form opinions and make judgements based on what they first encounter. The entryway to your house summarily represents what the rest of the house looks like. It should therefore be well designed, from the furniture, accessories and even to the lighting, everything should be impeccable to give a good first impression to your guests.

Wonderful designs can help you send the right message to those who visit your home and it would definitely make them want to come inside and see what the rest of the house looks like. After all, a beautiful home is very inviting. These are some of the design ideas that you can use to make the entryway to your house look classy and elegant.

Unless you have a very big entryway, foyer furnishings do not need to be very elaborate. Remember that you still need to have enough space for people to comfortably come into the house. Functional and stylish chests and cabinets are ideal for storing keys, scarves and gloves and the tops can be used to display art. Entryway tables are good for storing phones and are also ideal for flower vases. You can choose to go with the traditional, classic, minimalist, rustic, antique or modern furniture designs depending on the theme you are trying to create. Foyer benches can help bring personality into the design while still providing a convenient spot for putting on and taking off shoes. Coat racks are mandatory for entryways so that outwears can be kept neat and organized.

You can make the entryway more relaxed and peaceful by using indoor ceiling lights or pendant lights. To create a more dazzling and elegant style, foyer chandeliers are the best alternative. One tier or four tier crystal chandeliers provide extra lighting in the entryway and spark life into it. The lighting should as well match the general design theme of the house. You can mix up your lighting with extra finishing touches such as door bells to further enhance the theme. Table lights that have an artistic design help bring color and a personal style to the foyer design.

The foyer color theme is very important. You can employ color progression by starting with a darker color theme and then brightening up as you move into the rest of the house. If the entrance is small, deep and strong colors can be used to define the space. Colors like linen white can also be ideal when you are unsure of what color scheme to use. It’s airy and light but not stark white. Warm saturated colors are also suitable if the entryway is short and there isn’t much natural light. Sometimes wallpapers are also used to create character and accessorize the decor. A Roman mirror that picks up color can provide a focal point in the entryway and harmonize the whole design.

Rugs in the entryway can be used to “pull down” the view of guests so that they don’t notice how high the ceiling is. Choose a rug with patterns because a plain one will not serve the purpose.

Use these design ideas to create a good first impression in your home. You can always improvise and add your personal style into the design.

Foyer in luxury home with wood staircase

Foyer and staricase in suburban new construction home

Foyer with curved staircase in new construction home




Curved stairway leading down into foyer in luxury home