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Brick Fence Ideas

Have you ever thought of building your own brick fence? Use brick for fencing to create a permanent structure. See if you're ready to tackle this project.

a gorgeous brick fence along a secluded path.

Building a brick fence may seem like a daunting task. A brick fence is a very substantial structure that requires a lot of accuracy when being constructed so that it can stand the test of time.  Before we dive into our project, let’s first consider how much it may cost.

As a general rule, building a brick fence will be considerably more expensive than using other types of fencing material. The increase is due to the cost of materials and specialized labor involved in masonry work. A major benefit of brick fencing is the low maintenance and longevity once completed.

Using a Contractor Brick Fence Analysis

Check out our chart below to help estimate the costs of fencing using a qualified mason contractor.

Project CostsPer Square FootAverage Price200 Square feet
Brick$2.50 – $8$5.4$1080
Motor$1.25 – $1.40$1.33$266
Concrete Footer$3 – $7$5$1000
Total: $6,846
The estimated cost of constructing 4 x 50-foot brick fencing (includes mason labor)

DIY Brick Fence Cost Analysis

Check out our chart below to help estimate costs for a DIY project.

Project CostsPer Square FootAverage Price200 Square feet
Brick$2.50 – $8$5.4$1080
Motor$1.25 – $1.40$1.33$266
Concrete Footer$3 – $7$5$1000
Total: $2,346
The estimated cost of constructing 4 x 50-foot brick fencing (not using a mason)

As you can see from our analyses building your own garden/brick fence can save you as much as 66% because of the high labor cost involved in the stonework.

Brick Fence Project Planning

I have compiled a quick overview of how to build a brick fence so that you can get an idea of what you are in for and know whether or not you want to call in the professionals.

The Necessary Tools

If you make sure that you gather all the correct tools before you even begin the task of building, then the entire process will be much easier to accomplish. The most important tools and materials that you will need to build a brick fence are as follows:

1. A square mouth shovel for digging the trench and shoveling in the concrete or mortar.

2. A wheelbarrow to possibly transport your bricks with and to mix and transport the concrete/mortar mixture.

3. An all-steel brick hammer to maneuver bricks and to cut bricks to custom sizes.

4. A broad heel steel brick trowel to apply the concrete/mortar mixture.

5. A level to make sure that you create a level line to build your fence along.

6. Concrete and/or mortar to secure the bricks and make the foundation for your brick fence.

7. String to visually establish the level line for each layer of your brick fence.

8. Wooden posts to secure the string level and to mark the desired height of your fence.

9. Measuring tape.

10. Brick jointer to indent the mortar between the bricks.

Building Your Brick Fence

Once you have accumulated all of the necessary tools for building and constructing your new brick fence, you are ready to begin the process of bringing your brick fence plans to life!

1. First, you need to make a solid foundation or footer for your fence. This foundation is made through digging a trench that is the length and width of your planned brick fence and roughly one foot wide. After you have dug the trench, fill it with concrete (making sure that it is level) and allow the footer/foundation to set up for 2-3 days.

2. Once your foundation/footer is completely dried and set up, you can begin laying the rows of brick that will make up your brick fence. Put a wooden post at either end of the section of brick fence that you plan on erecting first. Measure the heights of each row and vertically mark each row along with your wooden posts. These marks will be where you tie each end of your leveling string as you move up from row to row when you are building your brick fence.

3. Apply a layer of mortar along your foundation and begin laying your bricks (make sure to frequently check with your level and push down or add more mortar underneath the bricks as needed to make the rows level). Leave a 1/2 inch space between each brick to fill with mortar.

4. When you lay each make sure that the bricks overlap so that the gaps are covered by a full brick for each preceding layer. 5. Lastly, after you have laid every row of brick allow the mortar to set up for 45-60 minutes, then use your brick jointer to smooth and indent the mortar between the bricks.

So, with a lot of planning and careful actions during the process of building your brick fence – it is completely feasible that you could DIY this project! A brick fence is one of the most classic fence types which will surely stand the test of time and ever-changing home design trends.

Brick Fence Ideas

Brick columns with wrought iron fencing make a beautiful design.

A beautifully decorated fence with brick columns and a small wooden gate to die for.

Black iron fencing on top of a short brick pillar fence.

A large ornate brick column fence with a descending brick wall surrounded by green shrubs.

A brick and ivy combination that looks stunning with a white gate.

An ornate black iron fence with a brick column fence in stone caps.

Old-world brick mixed with bricks and stone gives a rustic yet charming scenery. We created a similar article that goes into more depth about stone fences.

A hollowed brick fence with a custom wood gate.

Short fence mixed with cedarwood brick and cobblestone.

This unique brick design can be seen along this highway spanning back and forth.

A charming brick private privacy fence mixed with a beautiful ornate wrought iron gate.