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Bathtub Dimensions and What They Mean for Your Bathroom

You definitely want a great looking bathroom and in order to get that you need to know the bathtub dimensions you want and can find.

When you’re working on your home you want everything to be ideal and that requires you to look at each room in your house and figure out how you’re going to make it exactly what you want it to be. You need to look at the furniture and you even need to look at the appliances. Each room is important. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to think of every room and that’s why your bathtub dimensions can often be overlooked, even when you’re looking at remodeling and improving your bathroom. After all, who really thinks about this extremely important appliance?

Choosing a Bathtub vs. Shower

When you’re going to start remodeling or revamping your bathroom, one of the first things you want to do is decide on a tub or shower. Some people like to have both, but some people prefer one or the other. Or maybe you need to consider bathtub dimensions and shower sizes before you can make a choice. Maybe one or the other won’t fit in your space properly. It’s going to be entirely up to you to decide what’s going to work out the best for you and how you’re going to make everything look the best.

Pros of a Standard Size Bathtub

If you’re looking at putting in a bathtub it’s important to know the features. The size of standard bathtub is important, but other benefits are also going to be important. A bathtub can make it easier for smaller children to get clean. It can also fill in a larger space because bathtub dimensions are much larger. You’ll also be able to relax in the tub more easily. What can be even a bigger benefit is that you can save money on water (if you take long showers anyway). Of course, it’s not going to always be a great thing to have a bathtub in your home.

Cons of Standard Size Bathtub

For some, the size of standard bathtub is not actually beneficial. Maybe it takes up too much space in your bathroom. If you’re not the type of person who likes to relax in a long bath, the bathtub dimensions may not balance out the interest you have. If you take shorter showers you may also spend more money on water to fill a bathtub than you would otherwise. Plus, that bath isn’t going to be as warm as a shower, if you prefer hot showers. After all, the water will start to cool off as you’re relaxing. But the biggest con from a bathtub like an alcove bathtub, is that it can cost a lot of money, and if you’re not interested in relaxing in that tub …why would you spend it?

Pros of a Standard Shower

A standard shower is going to be a great option for those that have a small amount of space in their home. If you don’t have a large bathroom you may need a small or standard size shower. If you’re more a fan of quick washing this is a great choice as well. You will have plenty of different choices to customize your shower and can even make it larger or smaller than standard if you prefer. Of course, for a lot of people there are some disadvantages to a shower in their bathroom.

Cons of a Standard Shower

When it comes to the negative aspects of a shower the biggest on is the lack of relaxation. Some people enjoy taking a shower but it’s not really a way that you can relax. Showers are generally quicker than a bath, though they don’t have to be. On the other hand they can also use more water if you like to take longer showers. They can be small for some people as well. If you’re not fond of closed in spaces a shower may not be the best option, because even a larger shower is going to be enclosed and somewhat small.

Bathtub Shapes

What may surprise you are the many shapes that your bathtub can actually be. You can choose from a standard style and size of bathtub. You can also choose different shapes to get something entirely different. After all, this is the bathtub that is going to be in your home and you want to be sure it’s good for you. Don’t just pick a bathtub that doesn’t work for you.

Square Bathtub

When it comes to bathtubs you definitely don’t think of a square, at least most likely. This is one of those bathtub dimensions that are a little less well known. A square bathtub, however, can provide more space than a standard tub. This shape takes up more space in your bathroom, but that doesn’t mean it’s something to avoid. Just make sure you know how much space you have and how large of a tub you’re going to get. Square bathtubs come in a variety of different sizes as well, after all.

Standard Bathtub

When it comes to getting a bathtub, bathtub dimensions are usually quite standard. So is the shape of the bathtub and the style that it comes in. Tubs are usually oblong in shape, with a square frame around to help them fit in a corner or against a wall. These tubs are the ones most people buy and they are the least expensive to purchase as well. You can easily find them in most hardware or home stores. That way you’ll have it quickly when you want. You don’t have to wait to get the tub in stock or anything else.

Freestanding Bathtubs

One of the newer options when it comes to bathtubs is the freestanding tub. Though long ago a freestanding tub was the most common, there was no plumbing at that time and therefore any tub was fine. Now freestanding bathtubs take more work in order to finish plumbing. They are stylish, however, and come in a range of different looks. More modern options are sleek while claw-foot tubs have also come back in style. It’s entirely up to you which options to choose.

Bathtub Sizes

When you’re looking at a bathtub it’s important to look at how large that tub is going to be. After all, you need to make sure there’s space in your bathroom. Here we’ve got the bathtub dimensions you need in order to make that choice. Whether you want a larger than average bathtub or one that’s standard, you can find them just about anywhere you go. Make sure you look at these different sizes to see what you can choose from or what you might need to special order.

Big Bathtubs

When it comes to bathtub sizes for big bathtubs it’s a little more difficult to have anything specific. A bathtub can come in any size that you want, and that’s important for many people. If you’re taller than average or a little larger or if you want something more relaxing you may want a specially made bathtub. So what do you do? Well, the best thing you can do is take a look at special order options. Most home stores and hardware stores will help you pick out just what works for you and get it in quickly. Bathtub dimensions will be entirely up to you.

Standard Bathtub Size

When it comes to tub sizes you definitely want to know what to expect in standard tub sizes. Most bathtubs are 60 inches across and 30 to 32 inches in width. This provides a decent amount of space for shorter or average persons. It’s not entirely set, however, as you can easily get larger sizes or adjust the sizes slightly. These bathtub dimensions will ensure you have the space necessary to put something in and work on improving your bathroom from there.

Standard Tub Depth

Tub sizes are important for most people because they ensure you build the bathroom in your home properly or plan things properly. Bathtub dimensions are pretty standard in most cases and that’s why standard tub depth is standard as well. What you’ll usually find is that a bathtub can be any depth. The shallowest bathtubs are usually at least 14 inches deep. The deeper ones are up to 20 inches. This ensures you can be comfortable in the bathtub but not feel like it’s too shallow or too deep for comfort.

Standard Bathtub Height

Standard bathtub height, as we mentioned, is going to be at least 14 inches. A standard tub size for this is going to be a little larger than the depth of your tub. Keep in mind that there’s a type of platform at the bottom and possibly a little bit of a lip at the top. Bathtub dimensions are going to be a few inches larger than what the depth is. Anything that is decorative at the top of your tub may mean you can’t fill it all the way up to that section, which adds height but doesn’t add depth. Also the frame has some depth to it that can’t be filled.

Bathtub Length

Finally, bathtub length is important to know. Keep in mind that the bathtub dimensions themselves are not the only part of this. Just because the part you can stretch out in is 50” that doesn’t mean the entire bathtub is only 50” long. There is a framework to the tub that will usually fit against the wall. This is the standard bathtub size and will help you plan what you’re doing as well. Bathtub dimensions include at least a few extra inches for the plumbing and everything else to be hidden beneath.

Costs Associated with Bathtubs

Costs are always going to be important when it comes to putting in anything. If you’re renovating your entire bathroom you’ll have a range of different costs involved. You want to make sure that you know what you’re spending and where the money is going to come from. With your bathtub you’ll probably be paying more money than you might think because you have the initial cost of the tub as well as costs associated with the installation, the plumbing and a whole lot more. You want to pay attention to all of those things.

Cost of Big Bathtubs

The bathtub dimensions of what you want are going to play a huge role in how much it will cost. A large bathtub could cost you upwards of $4,000 to get it entirely installed. For those who want a really luxury room and really want to enjoy yourself in the bathroom a large tub can definitely be useful for that. You may end up all the way up to $8,000 if you’re not careful or if you want even more out of it. This can also pay for more impressive tubs or higher quality materials as well.

Cost of Standard Bathtubs

The bathtub dimensions for a standard tub mean that it’s going to be less expensive to install. You likely won’t spend more than $4,000 for a standard size tub. That’s because it’s smaller and easier to install. It could depend on the material that you’re using or where in the house the tub will be going. After all, a tub in your basement will cost more than a first floor bathroom. Moving plumbing will add to cost. So make sure you consider that. Just because you’re getting a smaller tub doesn’t mean you’re going to have a much lower cost.

No matter what type of bathtub you want, it’s important to understand bathtub dimensions and how they affect you. Make sure you’re getting a great tub and always check for what you can afford. With so many different options you’re definitely going to want to try something different. Your bathroom can easily be your favorite room in the house and can become a luxury place to relax. But you’re going to need to do a little bit of research too. Make sure you don’t just jump on something you can buy at the store easily. You want something you’re going to enjoy for a long time to come.